I think the website says it's uncommon but it happened to me and seems to happen to lots of guys here. I'd definitely expect it and embrace it as part of recovery! Just annoying to wash the sheets every time >:(


Thanks for the advice - damnn gonna be wierd af first time lol


Was weird af, already had those when i changed from daily to twice a week


protip, wear underpants or pajamas to bed and you just need to wash them instead.


Why wash the sheets? We don't wash them every time my wife and I have sex. She sleeps in the wet patch and it's dry by morning.


Delete my eyes




Chage your name from dust to musty… because I must say, that’s the mustiest shit I’ve ever heard


That’s disgusting


wtf sir.




man what


Moldy fucking sheets


I normally don't have time to pull out of my wife before I've fallen asleep, so it remains plugged in there for the night


9 more days until a year


Are you people serious, who washes their sheets every time they have sex?


Normal people


Five times a week?


Fair point but get a towel or something if y’all do it that much


I got it on around day 20 something and day 50 something and idk why it not on 3rd month or maybe i just forgot when did it happen


Had you ever had one before that, and congratulations on getting to 90 days my friend


Yea before i do it so daily so it didnt happen but when i go on no fap streak like >20 days then it happen to me. At first i was discourage and return to the normal habit daily again but this time I want to change for the better! You guys can do it too thanks you !


It happened to me like maybe 3-4 times in almost 3 months.


Also just realied i totally butchered the title of this post 😂🤦 everyone*


I probably will happen at one time, but it's not that scary. Just think of it as something your body does naturally, like breathing heavily as your run. Some people have it often and some people never have it, I've had two in my NoFap career and the only annoying thing is the I personally can't go back to sleep.


When you say some people never, is this the case even if they are abstinent for like a year?


I'm not 100% sure, but I would guess that some people never get it even with NoFap. We're all different and everyone has different experiences, while some get alot of pimples some probably doesn't even get single. A friend of mine hasn't had it, however he does PMO.


It happens to me whenever I hit 30 to 40 days. I just take it as the body trying to push me towards a relapse or going out hunting 😅


I have never in my life got a wet dream but i have had sexual dreams but never ejaculated from them. Some people just don’t get wet dreams


Same here


I usually get one every two weeks of abstaining. But I don't know if I'll get them so often during this streak; I feel stressed and this is killing my urges.


They are normal, healthy biological events... but unpredictable!


It took 2 days and was leaps and bounds better than beating my shmeat bruh


Happends to me all the time. Not sure how to stop it.


You can stop it by ejaculating from either masturbating or sex.


wow big brain


You wanted to know how to stop. There's your answer. You could also try tying your dick into a knot. That will stop anything coming out /s


I did not say I wanted to know how to stop.


glutes especially gluteus minimus is the culprit here. Years of PMO has rendered our muscles weak and weak muscles become tight. This tightness creates tension in pelvic region which in turn gives rise to sexual dreams or dreamless emissions. If gluteus minimus is weak chances are hip flexors will be weak/tight ( a weak muscle is a tight muscle) too. So it becomes imperative to train this muscle if we want to do away with this curse that is nocturnal emission. Some may find that stretching a tight muscle gives them desired result or makes it worse or no result. So I would recommend strengthening and then stretching only if problem doesn't go away. Exercises I would recommend are :- ( lower the serial number , higher the priority) Reverse clamshell with weights( resistance band or leg weights). Clamshell with resistance band. Any hip flexor strengthening excercise. Glute bridges. Core strengthening ( planks maybe)


I see some women comments here , are they have wet dreams also?


I honestly thought I was weird for never having one. All my friends would laugh about an experience they had and I could never relate. Probably cause I found porn at 11… was overstimulated before even fully beginning puberty smh. Back when I found Nofap in 2016, I was about 22yrs old. Took almost a year to legitimately get to 30 days. A true 30 days of no PMO, MO, Edging, or looking at booty pics/videos on Instagram. It’s was so difficult. And also embarrassing to realize how difficult it was for me. Anyway, when I reached the 30+ days being an absolute saint, monk mode, I actually had my first wet dream around 24 years old. Felt like I lost my virginity really late 😂 I was already sexual active at that point but you know what I mean analogously. I couldn’t believe my friends during middle school were beginning to have wet dreams, and I never had ONE until way late puberty, at 24. It was a revolutionary experience. A lot of emotions. It was proof that Nofap really does work. It was clear that I was severely desensitized, and had been for a long time. Made me sad to think about all the girls I liked but never did anything about during high school just because I didn’t have the natural “go get ‘em” motivation, naturally, because I was organically stimulated and driven by the libido I should have had. In retrospect, I thought I had a huge libido and just desired “freaks” to turn me on. But low and behold, I was just dopaminergically empty and not aroused the way I should have been naturally. I’m probably ranting at this point, but I’ve now gained the momentum to share some tips with you. You don’t have to read it, but hopefully someone will, because this is 7 years of trial-and-error information that you’re not going to get anywhere else. When you go for your solid, honest attempt at sobriety: •No, seeing a naked picture or a couple seconds of a sex clip is not a full relapse. If it was an accident, it was an accident. Don’t be hard on yourself. You have to look at this with a realistic perspective: Does an alcoholic lose all of their sober progress having a taste of a drink? No. It’s such a minuscule amount, that it won’t cause any neurochemical withdrawal symptoms. Although, the illusion of being able to moderate their consumption typically destroys them in the long run. Us addicts have a deeply-rooted psychological affinity towards our vices, and we are not strong enough to just “dip our toes” in things that used to sabotage our priorities in life. It’s not impossible, but the statistics don’t lie, and most ppl fall back into their bad habits once they believe they “can control themselves”. Moral of the story, don’t give up, because you “peeked” at something, or masturbated without porn, had a wet dream, whatever it is, just keep persisting. You will notice you’re in the wrong when you see something you shouldn’t have, peeked at specific content, or were triggered by some sort of specific stimulus. When you do, you’ll get a huge, very obvious physical rush of anxiety/excitement. THAT physical response should be your indicator. Whatever it was, it literally triggered you, and you will have an extremely hard time convincing yourself that you don’t need it. 99/100 you’re going to give in because the sensation is convincing and powerful. The good news is, the day you have the willpower to tell that demon, no, you will gain confidence and self-esteem, more and more with each consecutive success. It takes time. You can’t fully grasp multiplication without first learning addition and subtraction. You’ll build your analogous foundational skills of “addition and subtraction” skills through lots of failures, and intentional self-analysis. You need to learn who you are and how you operate. After you get the blueprints, then you have at least an outline to work with a tangible strategy. The last thing I’m going to say, is that your recovery time will be dependent on how severe your addiction was/is and how badly desensitized you are/were, but more importantly, how disciplined you are with consistency. If you lower the consumption rate of your vice, you will recover. It’s going to be an overall net positive to your recovery. BUT, be careful, remember those physical sensations of excitement/anxiety I was telling you that you’ll experience when being triggered? Stay away from those as much as possible (obviously) but if those sensations do occur, recognize that that is literally your receptors receiving an overwhelming amount of dopamine at that moment, re-saturating your receptors. THAT occurrence(s), is what is going to significantly hinder your recovery. Peeking at stuff for a duration long enough to light up that physically noticeable dopamine rush is doing nothing but reminding your brain that that content/substance is a priority. You don’t want your brain to recognize these things as priorities, because they’re not. Over time, if you’re on the right track, you’ll notice your body does not physically/chemically react with such intensity to the content as much as it used to. You’ll obviously not be able to prove that, unless you’re purposely taking a glance, but I am telling you this ahead of time because I’ve failed thousands of times and learned this over the last 7 years. As those triggers become less and less intense, you’ll start to notice that things that usually didn’t excite you, are beginning to. Little tiny glimmers of joy and drive to live life like a normal person again will surface intermittently. Don’t be discouraged by the amount of time it takes, and the ups and downs. You’ll go through phases of depression because you can’t feel joy in anything. That’s because your brain literally hasn’t associated very much dopamine with normal things, again, yet. But it will come, and when life starts to look colorful again. Your personality will grow in a positive way, your attitude and demeanor will strengthen, and your self-esteem and confidence will simultaneously grow as well. It’s a night and day difference, but it’s up to you to be strong and pay attention to the things I just told you. Otherwise the recovery will take so long that you’ll constantly give up and never believe it’s worth it. Take my word, please. I wish you nothing but the best, and please, share this with others when you see it for yourself. We need honest testimonies in this community, and to trust those that have recovered correctly.


Thanks all for the advice, seems as though it's very random (e.g. happens for some people, some not / after a long period)


I’m on day 98 and haven’t had one. The last one I had was way back in army basic training and that’s only like 9 weeks. Weird that one happened after that shorter span and not this longer one 🤷🏽‍♂️


Wow, I am impressed


Yooo dude!! This happened to me 3 days back and it messed up my day because I taught I relapsed but I didn't "It's your body doing its work you can't control it" so that's not relapsing. To be honest I'm happy that happened because since 3 days ago I'm very very focused if I see a beautiful girl I say "Fuck her rats say" and move on with my life . Im GOKU ( kaioken x1000 ) right now, and I'm not going back lads because the benefits and love I'm getting from people both male / female is unbelievable.... I have big GOALS TO HIT IN 2023 so I have be spraying myself, no matter she very beautiful I will PASS dude!! She can FUCK OFF. Sorry for swearing dude but keep improving yourself, your worst enemy is YOU. Don't count days, Make the Days Count .... Let's GOOOOO!!!!


Pee before going to bed and don't drink too much water before going to sleep


I’m scared of a wet dream. I’ll be embarrassed if my parents see the bedsheet. I’ve never had a wet dream. I fap my way out just to evade it.


Stupid reason to fap. Why be embarrased? Both your father and mother have had them...and your teachers too


Your body will use exces semen as nutrition, and will only keep the amount you can,meaning wet dreams are not because of you not fapping for some time.It just happens randomly


depends , my friends never get wet dreams while I sometimes get 3 in a single night


If you don't meditate it will happen pretty often, meditation helped me, now it rarely happens, the majority of times i am able to wake up before the climax in the dream


Depends , i still haven't gotten one.


i had a wet dream yesterday, trying no fap one more time, but i don't remember anything wet




I'm pretty sure it's differs from person to person


I normally start getting them a week to two weeks in. Think what you wear to bed can play a pretty big part in it though.


How so?


Tighter clothing in bed, I used to wear boxers that were a little more fitted. Baggy clothes/nothing is better because when you feel aroused in the night you won't get that friction.


Never had one either, until I took the no fap challenge. They come every so often. Not anymore now that I'm happily married. I think I had 3 over a two year period.


I don't know about everyone, but week 2/3 is when they start reoccurring for me. Rather embarrassingly, my last wet dream was of scrolling a p*rn subreddit. So they aren't necessarily good.




I have sex/naked dreams a lot but I never cummed yet


Yes. Ejaculation is a physiological process, because sperm is continuously produced in the seminal ducts. Nightly emissions happened to me after maybe 2 weeks. My longest streak is 6 months of no masturbation but now I do it very often for prostate health. I try to minimize porn exposure for mental health


I essentially did but not full-on. It's completely normal if you do.


during the first 30 days yeah, but then it disappears


It differs from person to person. Some people may never have one and some people they happen frequently. For me it occurs when I have haven't ejaculated for 1-2 weeks. My last one actually occurred Tuesday morning. They are very pleasant imo. A zero effort PMO without P and M 🤤🤤🤤. Although they're sometimes a bit strange as far as dreams go.


Damn, I just had a wet dream last night, or early this morning, I guess. Yesterday, it was getting harder, but now I feel like I can go much longer with my 26-days streak.




Eventually happens, for most people it's after over than 1 month of nofap, but depends on your hormones etc.


It's a good thing you need to renew your sperms, and you are doing it without mausturbation


Cant say to expect it but for me it happened at Day 31 and ,45 of a 79 Days Streak so dont be suprised it can happen!


I got around 3 in the space of 6 days one time. Normally one every 5 days though. I wake up during emission.


As of right now I'm 34, and I'm on a 67 day streak. I have experienced zero wet dreams. Meanwhile, when I was a teenager, before I started fapping, I would experience a wet dream at least once a week. I guess that the older you get, the less you experience wet dreams.


Hell, there was one point recently it was every night for me. And I've been clean for a while so it was just more annoying than anything.


Happened to me 🙋


Wet dreams are a good sign, disposing of old semen naturally


May or may not happen. I went 90+ days nothing happened, but the second streak going 40+ days it ended up happening and i had no idea until i got up and felt my shorts. Don’t remember nothing at all mo dream nothing just jizzed pants smh


I think it’s “common” here because everyone who has one says they had one.


It always happens to me when reaching one month, it's pretty common for you're body to "recycle" is juice. Its coming out one way or another and if I do no fap while getting no sex it is bound to happen, sperm dies eventually and the body replaces it with new sperm.


Yeah they snuck up on me around the month mark.




Never had a wet dream. I have woken up a bit wet but I cannot positively say I came. I had wet dreams way before I even knew to masturbate. And they weren't sex dreams. They were just weird. Like, imagine 6 yr old me escaping the island Tom Hanks was in in Castaway on a surfboard, cutting my thigh on the coal and waking up wet. Lol


I’m on day 122 of no fap and semen retention and have not had one.


It depends man. Some of the guys have it around 15-20 days and on the other hand some don't have a wet dream even after 40-50 days. It depends man. And it's not a bad thing.


by the 8th or 9th day, that's when the urges are the strongest. it's part of our manly biology. if you can't get it out for like a week and a half, your body will find a way. don't worry, wet dreaming is not a relapse.


I’ve only gotten two my whole life and it was because I had been edging literally all week prior. If I don’t peek or edge you should be fine.


currently at 2 months, i think ive had 4? takes longer for the first one and then they come more regularly for me


Not really, depends how much you used to indulge unconsciously and how much you currently fantasize/lust


If you sleep on your sides it’s harder to get on. Try not to sleep on ur back or stomach as it puts more pressure down there, making it easier to happen.


Maybe that's also why I've never really experienced it - im a side sleeper haha


I wonder what's the correlation between frequent wet dreams on No fap vs infrequent/none. As days on Nofap so will your chances of nocturnal remmision commencing and reoccurring. It all revolves around your subconscious and environment. I find that would get them once every 3-5 weeks. I've learned my lesson


Sleeping naked made me not wet dream anymore


i had them every few days then less and less starting from the second week during previous streaks this one though, nothing. not even morning wood :(


Yeah , I got wet dreams so I slept in my dream .


I get like 1-2 each month


Yes. My first one was at age 22 when I had a 100+ streak going


I have not. But I have gone pee and then had some semen overflow after morning wood or after a hard workout of my pelvic floor muscles after yoga. No orgasm or anything. It's a little uncomfortable because I was flaccid, but some semen came out. It's been 32 days for me. And I typically I jerked off 2 times a day. So, my friend who is a RN told me it's just overflow from not releasing.


I stopped PMO awhile ago but every time I experience a wet dream, I get confused, scared and guilty because I thought all that hard work was for nothing, is it healthy for our bodies to do that unlike actual relapses?