the porn is a huge factor


This Its hard for many people to masturbate without visual stimulation or not masturbate and watch porn at all


I mean I get what He's saying I'm new on NoFap because I have problems getting hard without porn and it effected my relationship. But starting NoFap I also realised that my listlessness got stronger and I'm very unmotivated to do anything. I still think NoFap is the only solution to my problem but getting there is hard.


I had a problem with that as well. Just stopping porn really helped me to be honest. I just tried to fill my time with other things and before you know it your morning wood is back and the T is flowing. You truly feel like a man then.


True I feel the same or sometimes even worse than I did when I was still actively masturbating


I think that’s what most in this sub overlook, it’s less about m, more about pm


Porn should be gone. But what about masturbation and how much the loss of semen affects the body?


Semen retention isn't a thing. Every time I've ever gone long term without masturbating, I have wet dreams. Sperm have a use by date, and the body has to get rid of them. Otherwise, the genetic material can get degradation. So your testes are permanently making more sperm and your body will automatically ejaculate to get rid of the old sperm to maintain quality in case of actual reproduction. Honestly it's better than watching porn and masturbating imo. I can't speak for everyone but they're very vivid dreams and it feels more real than watching and yanking the chain ever does.


Seamen retention has literally zero scientific studies to support any physical benefits from it.


So can i fap using my imagination? Strictly no porn.


Yes u can, but not too frequently


I don’t recommend it myself because there’s a chance to getting back to p


Yeah true that


They themselves mentioned they use masturbation as a means of relieving stress. So they are using masturbation as a coping mechanism. It leads to a cycle of stress->relief->stress which never ends. They are training their mind to skip stress, not handle stress. They will never learn to handle stress when life becomes more tougher like in times of financial crisis where even masturbation won't get you out of situation. What will get them out of situation is their ability to handle and compose themselves in tough times, not succumb to them.




Happy cake day!


Happy cake day comrade


Exactly dude, I used porn as a stress and anxiety coping mechanism and only recently did I realize it doesn’t even do that, it literally just delays those feelings. You have to learn to deal with stress first. And there are ways to do it. My therapist taught me to think of stress as a bucket and you have to gradually drain it. One of the best ways to do that is to set small goals that contribute to accomplishing your big goals.


the stress indian kids face compared to the western kids is overburdening. They know how to handle stress well, not extreme level of stress and abuse that would make a western kid get on depression meds which let’s be honest, many Indians do not believe in.


Well we can't compare the burdens tbh,I'm an indian too but we should find a good escape like going to the gym, eating healthy, connecting with god and listening to good music


For sure. I think fitness culture is taking shape in india nowadays. Lots of people going to gym both males and females


I am Indian myself too and have been facing heavy stress and used to masturbate every night before sleep to relax my mind. But it was worse for me because the next morning when I woke up, my mind would not be able to focus and I kept procastinating tasks. My outlook on girls changed too which was very unhealthy. After stopping masturbation and watching porn, I am able to focus more on tasks and do deep work which help me reduce my stress. So the teenager complaining on the subreddit is just making excuses without putting in effort and analysing the results.




Dude masterbation is okay masterbating to pron is not okay.


What's the difference?


Dude c masterbation is a natural process. Pre historical humans were also doing it. And it's good for your health also. U get to know what arouses u during sex and get to know abt your body. But it becomes a bad habit when u jack of to some porn it messes with ur reward system. There will be imbalance in ur dopamine release in brain eventually ull get addicted to it. It's like there is a huge difference between ur faping with ur gf vs u faping to porn. This subreddit is all about quitting porn addiction. U cannot stop masterbation. It's essential to us. But the way u masterbate matters. That's it. (Pardon me my vocabulary is not tht good)


Just because there's evidence pre-history humans did something sometimes, doesn't inherently mean it's good. They also raped and killed each other.


Everyone needs to read this. Just because it’s “natural” because even animals do it doesn’t mean you should. You’re comparing animals who have it programmed into their brains to get turned on and have their sex drive increased at certain times of the year to humans with complex brains and just as complex emotional systems.


You’re correct that a thing cannot be called good simply because it’s natural. However, if a activity is natural that means humans have most likely been doing it for thousands of years and our evolutionary biology has adapted to that behavior and it might be less harmful to your mental health. For example, it’s extremely uncommon to find a person who spends all day masturbating without porn. This is because such a person would have been filtered out of the gene pool thousands if not millions of years ago. However, many men can easily waste an entire day masturbating with porn because easily accessible porn usage is a relatively recent invention human biology is not adapted to.


Thanks and yes, humans most likely have been masturbating for a long time but if our evolutionary biology adapted to that behaviour to make it less harmful would most likely mean our brains evolving to get less dopamine from masturbation and considering how many people today are struggling with an addiction to masturbation, with or without porn, and getting depression from masturbating, etc., that simply isn’t the case.


This! People really want to justify what ever they already are intending to do, and they can, but that rarely ( if ever) translates into none-contradictory, logically consistent thinking.


Pre historically humans also killed other humans.


Yes if it’s not in excess it’s “fine”, but by no means does it mean that masturbation even if in moderation is natural


Masturbation is NOT naturally induced, there’s nothing natural about it. You ejaculate to create.


thats not ture ever tho i dont do it caz it makes me feel like shit masturbation has been around for 1000s of years its normal lots of animals do it not saying u should but isnt nearly as bad as porn is


The ''normal'' or ''natural'' argument is always funny to me. The norm is fucked up. Accept it. However, if masturbating without porn works for you, more power to you. Just stop trying to convince people you have found the true and only way. To each their own. I have personally observed that retaining makes me a stronger man and the porn was never the issue for me. This is a simple discipline/self-experiment of will, not a f\*cking religion.


There is nothing “natural” about masturbation


If masterbation is harder to quit and more addictive to me than porn, would you say that that is okay?


Dude anything in excess is bad no. So yea excess masterbation is also bad


Yes, though i doubt that even masterbation without porn is easy to control. Though if you manage that then your statement is correct.




Why u using “they” ? Its obv a guy


by they he meant indian teens or teens in general....don't go bringing your fuking pronouns bs everywhere


This is what I call a real lack of discipline.




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Don't worry He'll know when he performs sex in real life when his dick gets limp and loses erection


Bold of you to assume he'll get any action XD






Scared this gonna happen to me. I say today’s day 0 for me.


Ironic how he uses Andrew Tate yet even Andrew Tate himself said men shouldn't masturbate


Where did he say that quote him send link


I have no idea of the benefits are real or placebo or maybe just non-existent. All I know is that I am going to quit this addiction.


Addictions are never good, even if masturbation is alright (in moderation) an addiction is never ok.


i think it differs for people personally i did nofap fot a week streak during nnn and got increased productivity and better sleep






I'm sure this is some woke idiot from india( i am indian too)..i am sure this guy did nothing productive,he should go to the gym,eat healthy, connect to god and focus on himself


Hey bro i get ur point. altho the thing is i m preparing for NEET and alr have lot of backlog so all i do is study i cant make time for the gym and for my hobbies. If i get a urge i sometimes do pushup but u cant rlly tackle the urge aLlday and distract ur mind cus u got to concentrate on studies. Its very different from reading a book actually cus u can build interest in a book but when you have to mug up the NCERT its so hard ( especially i hate doing physics and forcefully doing it and constantly having the urge is difficult for me) to even concentrate and be productive. I still do it less frequently but i wanted solutions and nobody seems to haVe an answer as to how am i supposed to resist the urges while i cant waste 1-2 hours of my day and obv some hours do get wasted due to productivity issues.


That 1-2 hours or more/or any time that you spend in the gym are never wasted, they're the most productive hours of your day,with physical benefits with good diet and supplements if you take you'll also see improvement in productivity specially if you're also studying....start working out you will be able to study more..this happens with me i get more productive i have my college exam at 2:30PM tomorrow..but I'll still go to the gym at 6AM and also my cut begins from tomorrow.....and specially i have heard people say if you're like studying hard, working out at the gym, lifting weights helps...the time at gym will increase your overall productivity...and yes i understand what are you saying dude....good luck


I am also preparing for NEET idk no fap helps me enough to concentrate.


I also asked for solutions on this 2 times but nobody answers or even replies


literally what is even your question though you’re just rambling


I literally asked what should i do. And told abt my condition so u can give me a better solution its not rambling. I m alr following no fap


What should you do about what? Do you want advice about studying, being a NEET, wasting time, nofap, or productivity issues? I read your post like 3 times and still can’t make head or tail of it. First you said you’re a NEET but you’re also studying physics…? I see there’s a part of your post that seems to be asking a question but I really don’t get what it’s supposed to be. This is an unintelligible rant.


If studying for NEET is making you stressful and you think you are forcing yourself to do it , Do you think you should even go ahead with the exam? I mean maybe your natural talents lie somewhere else? Have you ever considered that?


sad part is our very own culture from ancient times have talked abt "brahmacharya" ik this subreddit is not for that, but still...we are forgetting the roots of our good side :((


Those times were different,altho they were hard but the amt of stress levels in today's gen and in a country like India. Its very hard when u cant even make time to distract urself or do the so called good habits like reading and going to the gym trust me i would love to do that but i dont have much time for it


Tbh; I think you only realise how beneficial nofap is once you hit rock bottom, the average person is wayy to addicted to leave it and therefore anxious and stressed without it, like a nicotine addict without a cigarette. It was only till I cried to myself and started this journey and had the best month of my life (in terms of self confidence and a drive to improve my life), and that was simply because I reached a point where I hated what porn was doing to me


Tbh I don't really fucking care if it's placebo or it's real, it actually makes me feel better


at the end of the day that is all that matters


Rest all is BS but the third last paragraph in bold is true for Indians. They don't have a concept of dating over there.


there is the western concept for dating but its for bachelors in tier 1 cities , not for the underage teens lol , teenage love is just unaccepted in our society at large. it's not until you go to collage when you are free to do as you please , by that time you have probably developed a addiction


Yeah bro agreed when i was 17 there was no way to release semen other than masturbation cause sex before 18 is rape. And we sometimes do need to release semen


I get it. Gets hard sometimes. But porn is something that's never acceptable.


Yes it's true i am trying to quit it too


Mutthal raja


"We are indians. We have to deal with exam stress, career stress and all." So exam and career stress is something only experienced by Indians? This dude 💀💀💀


yes majorly! you've heard of NEET exam? nearly 1.8 million students appear for it and only 25000 gets the admission in a college same with engineering exam JEE Advanced which is 2nd toughest exam which a class 12th student can give. Plus the civil services exam UPSC for which 20 million students appear only for 5000 or 6000 seats. Ones which pursue another stream or course they don't have any job as you know India is not so good with unemployment rate. I've seen [B.Tech](https://B.Tech) engineers working any random job just for 15000 rupees (185$) a month. So yes, stress levels are high among Indians and it is true too that we don't get sex easily only in some high class metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai.


Dude, everyone in the whole world has or had career and exam stress. That's not an excuse to PMO. There are competitive exams EVERYWHERE in the world, not just India. Also, PMO is one of the worst coping mechanism. It's like alcohol or drugs. The problem doesn't disappear because someone gets intoxicated or does PMO. It just gets forgotten for a little time and the problem still remains. Got exam anxiety? Study harder! You want sex? Get married. There's over one billion of people living India from Goa in the west to Assam in the east, how did they come to being? From some Matrix lab? Seriously.


Indians actually do suffer more academically, it’s been proven if you take a look online but yeah PMO is definitely not the way for this, if you notice yourself using PMO as a way to rid stress then you know that you’re in an unhealthy state rn cause that’s your coping mechanism. Coping can be good but should be minimised and stress management should instead be implemented.


Yup true bro as an Indian I agree, but I don't think using that as an excuse to watch porn is a good thing.




I did some research on Heroin and here's my summary. A few months back I came by r/Sober and they told me about many benefits... I myself I am a 13-year heroin user I tried it. After 1 week I was shaking, I stayed all day at home looking at my heroin pile... I had huge stress and anxiety, at day 15 I couldnt sleep since my body didn't get heroin hit and it was still addicted to it, I didn't see any major benefits and I couldn't remove my stress... This is crap, heroin destroys stress and helps me to sleep, this is crap, people say drugs are bad but these people want to destroy us... they don't want us to enjoy doing drugs and release stress... :(


I am able to focus on my studies and self improvement much better when I'm not constantly set ablaze by my carnal desire. I'm also an Indian so this is 100% nonsense


The dude felt withdraw symptoms. That's it. He was so addicted to the point his brain got messed up(withdraw) from stoppjng


Poor child, been so addicted to pmo and justifies it.


I stopped reading when he quoted Tate. Of course your life is not magically gonna change to the better just from not fapping. It is about reallocating the energy used for fapping and using it to better ones habits, routines and attitude.


Small things lead to bigger things if you can't get your hand away from your meat then don't expect to be better at other things


Yeah he said a bit correct.... We Indians can't have sex with people like other countries 😂...... Most places have tradition and things to do with. Remaining thing: If it doesn't work for u....give it some time. It takes months to recover if u are super addict.You dont loose anything if u try . I am an Indian and i can say this is shit and he is not that good of a thinker about masturbation and what it does,all he thinks is removing stress.


Masturbating in itself isn’t that harmfull, but the porn. There might not be a reason to not quit masturbation if you can do it moderately, but its very hard for some people, because its a form of instant gratification


Yea the limitless amount of pornograpic material, which feeds our brain desire for novelty which increases our dopamine level. Masturbation hasn't this constant novelty, so it doesn't fuck up your dopamine levels.


It’s also not a hyperstimulus. Porn goes hand in hand with stimulating your senses of touch, sight, and hearing. So you’re overloading your brain. Also a lot of people watch multiple videos a sesh so doing that for years is gonna do a number on ya.


that sub is filled with entitled buffoons like the creamy layer of our society one which has not faced any problems or are unconnected with reality , you can equate them to those participating in social justice movements in the west like those who threw sauce on that Van goh paintings . so take them with a pinch of salt , they don't do research , they overdose on copeium and that's that.


Let's put it this way... The research is stupid... I myself have done research on porn and masturbation and lots for almost 3-4 years ... And still after that I have joined the nofap movement.. And yes.. I am an Indian... I too have lot of stress and exams ... But using fapping as a coping mechanism.. nah .. I am better without it.. No fap is not forced on you... It's your choice ... At the end of the day you decide your own actions and this the results ... You don't wanna do nofap.. no problem.. But if you have a problem ( or if you just feel like) and want to participate in nofap... Welcome to the guild .




Personally I think M should be avoided simply because the best way to succeed at nofap is to just not think about porn/sex or learn to suppress the urges, that’s what builds discipline. If you allow urself to masterbate you’ll soon find it not being stimulating enough and go back to porn “one last time”. Always that one fucking last time but it never is, but to each their own




Sperm is only used for, creating life only. You only ejaculate, when you're having sex, to create a baby. You're just finding an excuse to masturebate. You're not supposed to masturbate & waste it. Do the research, use common sense.




Having wet Dreams is an unconscious act, so that is bound to happen. Like I said, "sperm is only used for, creating life only." Just because "males have an infinite amount of sperm, which keeps making reproducing itself, doesn't mean you waste it. It's "common sense, that sperm is only used, for creating life". So use your common sense, do proper research & don't let your "cognitive dissonance " get in the way of that. Plus you're basically saying teens should keep masturbating. You need to do proper research around hormones & not make excuses to masturbate. Self control, discipline & all the good qualities are important, if you don't have those, than you're an animal, that has no control over thyself.




It is common sense! What don't you comprehend? Literally that is what, you're saying. You're saying," it okay to masturbate, its not necessarily a bad thing etc". Someone trying to beat an addiction, shouldn't even listen to you, saying " one last one, it's alright", which is not alright. Sperm is only used for, creating life only. You need common sense & should spend more time, doing proper research. Stop letting your "cognitive dissonance " get in the way, stop absorbing Misinformation. No one isn't insulting anyone, you see it has such because you're triggered.


Of course the OP is an Andrew Tate fanboy 💀


The fact that he uses masturbation as an escape from stress shows it all. Mating in nature is not meant for escaping from stress.


The dude is quoting Tate. I would not take anything seriously.


Happy cake day!


I wanna beat the stupidity out of this motherfucker who made that post


Tldr nofap doesn’t do shit it just sorts out your porn addiction, the addiction can have adverse effects on your life though


Like many things in life, not fapping is only one factor of the solution. Working out, learning to manage stress, learning to control emotions, cope with pain and just investing in yourself also need to be taken into account to accomplish your goals IMO.


here's the thing if you search and look hard enough , you can even find genocide to be a good thing that's how internet is , and it's basically how people 'research' ... they don't ... they keep looking until they see what they want to hear now granted , masturbation may have some positive effects as it is a humane thing which should maintain regularity ... but since porn and masturbation has a bad effect on me and my usage of time , I will try to stay away as much as I can ... idc what internet says about it


lmao kinda ironic coming from a person with only a 3 day streak , but don't let my bad performance uproot what I said ... choose for yourselves what you want to do in a particular thing where there are many opinions


Even if it is just placebo affect ima still do it🤷🏾 fapling to porn is for loosers


my personal take on this as an Indian is as follows: We Indians do have to cope with exam stress cuz our parents have very high expectations of us, almost every kid's parent wants them to be an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer here. So the stress part is real. But fapping to release that stress doesn't feel right to me. As a person who's suffered from MO addiction for the past seven years I can guarantee you that if you don't know abt the bad side, it doesn't hurt you as much. Having supportive parents helped cuz they've discouraged me abt this since the beginning(yes they know about it). But it was only after discovering nofap that I seriously took to overcoming this addiction. Honestly it hasn't made a hell-and-heaven difference here, and ig it's partly because the addiction hasn't affected me in all the negatives(yet). I believe everybody on this subreddit has the same addiction, but the mechanics and the wiring of the brain behind each and every one of them is unique, and that's what one has to figure out and rewire for the better. I'm working on nofap so that I don't become like some people on this subreddit, no offense intended. ​ that's it ig


Same can be said about nicotine and alcohol addiction. They relieve stress and can make you feel good for a period. Doesn't mean they're good. It means you're addicted and you should consider bettering yourself. Stop porn, and focus on real life. He mentions Andrew tate, Andrew is a genius no doubt. He knows how to make money and he's aggressive about it. But should you take advices from that man? No. You should listen to everyone, think critically, research yourself. And then conclude.


I’m not against masturbation, I’m against the dependency and addiction to Pornography. It’s incredibly destructive. If this guy is telling people to watch porn, I’m convinced he’s a troll.


When he mentioned tate that's it I stop reading


"wE ArE InDiaNs" Indians invented the concept of Brahmacharya (celibacy).


it has ben 2 weeks since i joined no fap and now i can do 2 sets of 30 pushups easily (i couldn't even do 10 before)


The post only mentioned masturbation. I didnt see porn mentioned anywhere. Nofap is mostly about not watching porn and overcoming the addiction of watching porn and masturbating. Second point is the post used masturbation as a coping mechanism to stress. There are plenty of other coping mechanisms to stress like excersise, meditating etc. My conclusion: just because 1 guy uses masturbation as a stress release and it works (like we already knew), has nothing to do with the fact that watching porn and/or having a porn addiction has a bad effect on someones life.


He's stressed for his mental health. Nofap should pursue you to fight harder when you have urges, so it pushes you trough "reproduction". It makes you a more competitive male. But, if he says he's stressed is because he already has low mental health, which destroyes motivation and so his nofap benefits. This is just my theory


They are stupid kids. Rich spoiled (or pretending to be). Kids like this will ruin our country, instead of studying and playing or enjoying something real they just bullshit on a sub showing off


It's true that nofap will not give you super powers. Nor will it solve all the problems in your life. I see a lot of people post on here seeming to think if they stop fapping that women will instantly be falling over each other to date them. This is a fantasy. But stopping fapping is still a very important step in becoming a better version of yourself. Being addicted or enslaved to anything is horrible, whether it's PMO, drugs, alcohol, eating junk food, video games, whatever. Nofap is about taking control of your life. Seems this guy misunderstood that. Additionally, he was probably feeling stressed because his body was experiencing some withdrawal. If he could have stuck with it longer I think he would have felt differently.


R/indianteenagers and R/teenagers and any other teen shit are complete bullshit don't forget teens are still kids and don't know shit about world, they just cry over their failure and try to justify their failure instead of accepting it


Man, imma be 100p, he aint no representative of avg Indian teen, not by a long shot.


Comments of some addicted weak peasant.


Yk you can literally feel how deeply addicted to porn this kid is. They are in a deep pile of shit to say the least. Hope they recover from this soon enough


I have done NoFap for 3 months a year ago and I can assure you that NoFap is not pseudosciene.


It's not really about NoFap itself. It's about the things you will do *because* of NoFap. He probably just sat around and did nothin'


Thats the absolute truth I could be on a 100+ streak doing just nofap or a 7+ day streak which includes eating healthy and other healthy habits and I know which one I feel better on


It is a teen post. So it does not mean anything.


This is a small nonsense teen post, 🔥 now watch this video the most successful peoples on the planet tell you to not fap Successful peoples like elon musk, nikola tesla, Socrates, aristotle... on Youtube on ''your greates version'' channel 🔥 The video title's ''famous peoples who did semen retention'' You're welcome


This guy is very,very dumb. Actual sex with a partner (preferably female-male intimate act) increases both sexes hormones,it has the same benefits for same sex intimate act i haven't found a study to confirm. I wish to calm LGBTQ here as well ;) Not that i believe that masturbation is bad, heck ive tried it myself,it relives stress but it doesn't last long. I believe that sex is truly beneficial. This guy is on drugs. lol


Nofap isn’t about masturbation, masturbation is a valid way of using testosterone (especially in teenagers when hormones are off the charts) but again, in moderation. The real reason for Nofap is the porn addiction. Watching porn really affects your brain to process stuff differently. I remember during my ‘prime porn’ days, I used to be disgusting, never could I really see a woman as a woman. I genuinely would just think about porn whenever I saw a woman that looked somewhat pretty or in skimpy clothing because back then I used to watch porn pretty much nonstop. Trust me, not watching porn has definitely helped me, I still masturbate but not often and now, I’m porn free and it feels good. Addictions always feel good to get rid of but starting the process of ridding it is the hardest part.


It doesn't matter if there are benefits or not, though it is nice. Ask yourself, do I want to be a slave to myself and pixels on a screen? Or do I want this addiction to flee from me? Think of yourself now, and think of yourself in 10 years from now, imagine how many hours of your life you would have lost to this uskess addiction.


So N=1? Not very scientific And as other have stated: the time spent with porn needs to be replaced with a healthier activity. I’d be unable to concentrate too if I replaced my own time with starting at a wall wishing I was watching porn


Everyone's journey is going to be unique and I appreciate hearing the perspective of everyone. Having said that, I'll leave it to the scientists to tell me what pseudoscience is. In the same way that I don't call a dentist to fix my plumbing, I'm not going to ask a teenager for their opinion on neuroscience.


Indian culture is probably the first to identify the benefits of Nofap it's sad to see the teenager having this viewpoint, I hope it is not the top post of the month on that sub.


I don't know how exactly he managed the no f-p, but it is fair to assume that this doesn't work for at least some people. Remember, that point of this sub is mostly to just try the no f-p out - it works for me, works for several others on this sub, didn't work for him specifically - and that's fine.


Seems like they failed to get to root of what’s really causing all of their stress and saw pmo as a means of escape rather than trying to improve what’s going on around them in reality


How many of you even believe that this kid did 30days?


To all the ones saying sex in India isn’t possible I’d counter argue I’ve been in India and you can get your pure Indian kinda girl to spend sensual time with you just have to treat and step it up right most of my observation of young guys was that they get excited with a girl more like a pre teen boy in a growing man’s body and if you notice the men with professionals are full of arrogance and girls are afraid in general to spend intimacy until they wedding is because of the shame/blackmail guys in India do of a girl after she believes in him or something so my conclusion is it’s a cultural issues and yes girls are willingly intimate with select few more, like in most cases when I worked for over 2.5yrs all over Indian cities I’ve dated there Indian girls from strict Hindu background all three initiated intimacy and as I do after breakup I let them go their way and no one goes after either dating is possible it’s just a social stigma in many countries even applicable in Middle East, be a true gentle men and have a life of secrecy doesn’t matter what part of the world girls will want to spend time and share themselves with you


The guy is not addicted to PMO. He does it twice a week as a coping mechanism. Meaning if he is not stressed he abstains. This sub is meant to help PMO addicts like me recover, I can testify to the benefits of abstaining and semen retention. I dis agree with the post because it is not okay to discredit other peoples beliefs. 👇


There’s a reason why case studies are at the bottom of the pyramid. Just one case doesn’t prove anything. There’s tons of research linking porn usage to dopamine levels and addiction. Plus so many of us feel better after not fapping hence we stick to it. If it didn’t work why would anyone bother doing?


It varies per person though, some people benefit from fap and some have negative effects


I mean it is unfair to weigh all of your expectations on nofap benefits, especially if you are going through other things. I think they do not see the benefits because they set their expectations too high and thought nofap practice is the magic cure to depression.


Guys read my comment under this post!!


NoFap is mostly bullsh*t, it's a tool for quitting porn. Masterbation & sex are natural, however porn is not. Dopamine retention is more important than semen retention. If you don't masterbate or have sex, semen will find it's way out eventually anyway. Besides, if you don't frequently ejaculate your body will produce too much cortisol.


I think this person is lest than 18 years old,and that at that age, they won't see the negative effects of pmo. I only started to realize after 18, now I'm 23. It also has to do with a rebellious teenage mindset. Also, it could be propaganda from the 'enemy'


Maybe masturbation is not problematic for them yet. I guess in the NoFap community we more or less realised that masturbation is becoming/has become a problematic habit and it has to go. It may not be problematic for them, doesn't mean the whole thing is pseudoscience. Also, if i may point out, they say that they have done research and declare NoFap is a pseudoscience based on ANECDOTAL evidence, the weakest form of scientific evidence.


When you use no fap as a means of escape , then stop fapping , ofc your gonna get stressed and anxious. Similar to how withdrawals are like to people hooked on crack. He needed a little more time and to distract his stressed mind with more productive activities like gym e.t.c.


I personally believe that it depends on person to person. For some, nofap might do wonders, for some it might not. I am doing nofap because its difficult to do. Other people might have different beliefs, and different results from nofap. I had a 200 day streak (I relapsed recently), and nofap improved my focus, and I had a more calm mind. For some people, it might not work that way.


There are benefits but he is right about one thing . When I try to study i always get the urge and it keeps on distracting and to mitigate the urge i start doing exercises , showers etc which ultimately hampers my study schedule but apart from that nofap has lots of benefits like boosting confidence , quitting the porn etc .


What else can we expect from teenagers, completyle bullshit.


Firstly, my assumption is that the person lost no fap and is bitching about "nofap". Just because it didn't work for you it doesn't mean it doesn't work for others. Secondly, most of the people here started no fap because they wanted to stop but couldn't. The person here likes masturbating and is in defense of it. In denial basically, teenagers know nothing to rebel(Although I am one) . Anyways, Kings don't lose your confidence to this. Stay strong, you're not alone👑.


He is coping hard. I have asian and indian friends that can relate to his exam and s*x story but they manage


Withdrawl symptoms


I agree with them


As an Indian, I will say we as teenagers are highly stressed, and depressed from society, family, and life it's all write this exam that exam, go to a good university, get a good job marry Like it's very hard to be an individual in India we don't have part-time jobs to learn can't go out alone can't learn anything that interests us. still, I don't think fapping is a good thing but as a teenager in India sometimes it's your only way out for you


He's 17. He's on right track. Eventually as he grows & gets to a point in his life where he realizes his loss, he will look back & cringe just as we all do.


I feel like many people on this subreddit stress more about doing nofap than they should. Its okay to let go sometimes, its natural dont stress it as long as you dont watch fucked up porn multiple times a day.


I mean of course a change of habit is going to temporarily effect you and reduce productivity


This must be akid trying this for the first time. It'll age well unlike him


I think ist’s a very long period of time, longer than a month until you start to really see more benefits my tactic is masturbating 1 or 2 times a month to release some of the built up stuff but without any porn. I’ve been doing it 3-5 times a day just about one year ago. But you don’t feel like shit afterwards and are well better in having real sex because there are no unrealistic expectations and you make your own experiences which is way more healthy and fun.


They don't have sex (according to them) but its mainly due to religous and cultural reasons.... of course your going to need to masutrbate to get the urges out... in OP's opinion..basically is no other way of achieving sexual pleasure..it sounds like a blackpill/ incel mindset. I'm just sayi g how I interpreted it.


This type of post pushes some one who's on the edge of no fap to get back into the pm cycle. F this guy. The matrix sent him 🤣🤣🤣


the fact of masturbation be necessary for stress escape most of time accompanied by pornography always says what harmful this is


I disagree with it because when we masturbae we flood our brain with dopamine and when we do it for next time we don't get satisfied with what we did last time we need more this time to satisfy ourselves when we don't do it our brain freaks out for it because we can't get that much dopamine from other activities and that's why we feel depressed and this is the time many people fail to stick to commitment of not masturbating but trust me guys if we get out of this cycle we start to enjoy other activities in day to day life


Initially quitting PMO will be difficult. Quitting any bad habit/addiction is difficult. Withdrawal makes me hella angry, to the point that it gets me into arguments with my family, only to repeat the cycle again. Yesterday, I got so mad, (inpart due to mood issues i already have) i got a either a concussion or a more minor but still incredibly painful head injury from self harm, and now im still recovering, and my mom still wont talk to me, and everyone is mad at me. is it worth it. Yes. PMO isn't natural.


At the end of the day it’s one’s own mental strength and focus in life


Our ancestors used to do a lot of work than us and also got stressed, there was no porn at their times to \*release their stress\*. I dont understand how kids these days have a average peak of more than 7-8h screentime dont get enough sleep, waste their time on social and then get stressed about real things. They watch porn to end their stress but it makes them feel more shallow. Pls have some meaningful time spent on urself, make some real connections and enjoy the process of life. Everything else is bullshit. Its all in the mind.


It's literally the opposite


Masturbate in moderation without pornography. It’s like having a cookie. Good to have one or two a day, but don’t eat them excessively.


We'll see what they all say once they get PIED.


He was having withdrawal effects. Thats why the minimum recomended duration is 90 days.


Getting addicted to masturbating is still addiction, proven to have extremely harmful effects.


day 30 isn't enough to see "major benefits" for everyone. I think he entered nofap expecting that it was BS, and if you make Nofap the only change in your life, ofc you aren't going to see as much results.


Meditarion is your answer


These people never really took nofap seriously, either hormone deficiency or sth else. How does it make sense that even when i didnt change anything, my skin went really clean and changed to much smoother and vibrant tone. Plus attraction experiences that doesnt make sense and to much frequent extent while on being high streak. Brainfog dissappearing more as i go higher on the streak and countless other things..


This guy is none of our business !! Let him Fxck his own life !! It's okay if that retard stays retarded !!


It might sound racist, but I was reading entirely with indian accent


I think he is talking about faping only, presonally i think also that faping without porn is somehow acceptable but porn is the main villain.


I don’t get the “We are Indians” part. As an Indian, nofap makes sense


This bro has an addiction, It's not his fault, I've seen people who wants to stop consuming alcohol or smoke cigarettes, but they even can't stay 1 week without it.


Look, it doesn't matter what the world thinks, it's us we've experienced it, we know how powerful nofap really is.


Well I guess he's got no choice because it's suicide or masterbation. So I guess it's a better choice


Bro don’t know how to re direct his sexual energy


Don't know what you was expecting...Quora has already been flooded for years with Indians claiming Masturbation is "healthy". 🤣🤣🤣


Crazy porn and materislist addict


For the benefits thing, there was a quote I saw once on here that summarises it Nofap doesn't let you into heaven, it lets you leave hell. ​ The expectation of everything being solved once you stop masturbation/porn is simply false. There's effort involved in doing other stuff and helping yourself get to a better place in life