Them and Rock Lee too


Lee being a clone of Gai would have very boring movesets as we have seen most from Gai already. Neji however has a ton of potential.


I don't think so because I feel like sometimes they specifically don't give things to Lee so even if he would get them or his own version it's possible they would be exactly that his own version.


They went out of their way to have as little action as possible for Shino


It's so annoying. He was my favorite character and felt like an afterthought after the Chunin exams.






Ten Ten and Shino are so underated and deserved better same with Rock Lee and Neji


The same could be said for pretty much everyone not named Naruto or Sasuke


Imagine if She imbues chakra nature to her weapons or she uses the shadow clone shuriken jutsu


That's what I'm saying! Chakra spears would be INTENSE.


Yeah... But sadly she is a woman


I don’t know why you are downvoted, kishimoto only knows how to correctly write “strong punchy healer” girl characters


Even then I would say that he only wrote one of the two correctly.


> *But sadly she is a woman* Who *are* you *really?* [Madara?](https://youtu.be/O2-_5kR9Spg?t=90)


I want to increase the number of fodder villains that way each of the Konoha 11 members can get more spotlight. They should've done it like in One Piece and Fairy Tail and Bleach where each arc is a new organization with 25 members, instead of one developed villain group. 15 years and 700 chapters isn't that much. Naruto could've easily gone on for 500 more Not /s


After a really long hiatus or a break, sure. Like a Part-III or something.


Looking at Maki from JJK makes it even sadder to see what could've/should've been done with Tenten


I’m waiting for boruto tented to pull out the Glock 19


gra ta ta


Ninja art: Run their sh!t


As someone who enjoys range fighters, I like Tenten's fighting style. She keeps a respectable distance with her opponents but still kicks ass.


Maki from JJK has Panda and Megumi carry her weapons for her. Tenten has a surplus of ninja tools in those scrolls of hers and she can summon them at any time yet Maki has shown more impressive handling of combat tools, while being limited to the ones she has in hand. In a series about ninja Tenten should have shined bright because NINJA tools were her specialty. I guess it shows that ninjutsu is the superior tool. Her exam match with Temari made that very clear lol.


Except not really. Temari was one of the absolute worst possible matchups for her. That doesn’t mean “Jutsu > weapons”. It just means “Temari’s jutsu > Tenten’s current technique” Honestly, Tenten could have defeated the vast majority of opponents in the Chunin exams. Only the upper echelon of fighters (Gaara, Lee, Neji) and her literal perfect counter were beyond her capabilities. Anyone without powerful defensive options or speed blitz capabilities would have been toast, and that makes up the majority of the opponents.


You have a point there. Temari would have mopped the floor with most of the genin participating in the exams anyway. It would have been interesting to see how Tenten would have used her weapon scrolls against other genin and actually win but the road she took stopped with Temari as the dead end which is unfortunate. The point I was trying to make about "ninjutsu > ninja tools" was just necessarily about Temari beating her. I felt that it was a good example to use though. Tenten's weapon arts were completely overpowered by Temari's Wind Style, and I felt that it gave off an image that aided the idea I was conveying. Rather it's about how it's about how tools became less and less relevant or needed as stronger and stronger foes were introduced in the series. And what makes these foes so strong is the ninjutsu they use. Initially the series placed heavy emphasis on ninja tools and an equal amount of emphasis on ninjutsu and taijutsu (via Rock Lee). Like the Fuuma Shuriken. Afterwards it was mainly about what jutsu the enemy is using and what should they do about it. It's understandable, though. So it's not a complaint. But nonetheless it's true that ninja tools became more and more useless as the series progressed. To the point that Tenten's only relevance at the end of the series was using the tools of the Sage of the Six Paths, which are big fat gluttons for chakra.


Which is ironic because he said that Tenten was his favorite to draw


I always assumed that was just bait or copium to calm Tenten fans.


Eh, who knows.


Tenten was never relevant in the story though. She got dogged in the Chunin Exams (her fight wasn’t even shown) and the next time she was seen was when Team Gai was heading to Konoha during the Pain Arc. Tenten was somewhat active in the war arc to a certain point in the far background, but never was a noticeable character while I was reading lol.


I've been working on a fanfic (I'll probably never actually write it) in which a bunch of lesser used characters fight some pretty serious opponents. Basically the current idea is a man from a land east of the ones we know travels to the lands of Naruto and experiments on various Shinobi. These Shinobi form of a group of eight individuals that essentially place the entire leaf village in a kind of barrier combined with a genjutsu and the barrier siphons all the chakra from the people inside of it. A bunch of characters are outside this barrier and fight this group. Ten Ten has a battle with a person who has a couple abilities, primarily the ability to generate weapons out of chakra. He can also grow limbs which can extend. I thought he would be a great match up for her as he would have a unique form of taijutsu as well as being a weapons specialist like her. Idk I think it's neat. Tenten has so much potential. The characters who get fights are basically all the Konoha kids (including Sai), and Gaara, Kankuro, Temari. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke aren't involved. Kakashi also gets a fight.


This is sorta how I feel about Sakura. From what I remember she was a genjutsu-type, imagine she ACTUALLY learned and mastered genjutsu and how much more badass of a character she would've became. But the story mostly focused on Naruto and Sasuke too much that none of the side characters got to be as badass as they could've been.


I loved Tenten as well but I don't know how to improve her Weapons besides just giving her better ones and maybe something else. She could summon 10K-1Million weapons abut if they all useless it doesn't matter. Honestly I think one of the better concepts is looking at the 6 Paths Tools and the Kusanagi blade and maybe her character would be finding weapons all across the world and gathering them and finding the best way to use them with her style.


Imagine how good she would be is Gai actually taught her anything.