It’s caused horrible anxiety and sadness for me. Have had several people tell me that the brain/gut connection is very strong so it makes sense.


To a debilitating point? Cause that’s where I’m at had to quit my job over it


Gastritis made my anxiety a lot worse, also because of that my whole face is covered in small pimples and i have never had any pimples on my face. Our whole body is connected. It takes time to heal! But you have to remember that you need to stay calm and win over your brain. I hope you feel better soon!


Definitely. I also have a heart condition that's quite painful on top of bad gastritis that I developed from the heart meds (which I can't stop taking). It's horrible as my gastritis gets worse :(


Yup. I feel like im existing and not living and that makes me mad.


Yes. It’s fuels my GAD and whole experience triggers terrible PTSD…


Yes. Hurting and feeling bad will get to your mood. But, also, I've found some meds make it so much worse. I've got one stomach med I take (not for gastritis but for gastroparesis) that makes me extremely anxious, depressed, and paranoid (life sucks, my bf hates me, no one loves me and everyone would be better off w/out me level stuff). The more often I take it the worse it gets. Luckily, I've figured out I can take it as needed and if not more than once a week, it doesn't get bad.