Doubtful, though it rings a faint bell. If it is, it's probably from an interview, or from *Carnets.* It could also be a bastardization of the conversation between Rieux and Tarrou, just before they go swimming, in *The Plague*: > "In short," said Tarrou, "what interests me is finding out how to become a saint." > "But you don't believe in God." > "Exactly! Can you be a saint without God – that's the only concrete question I know these days." > ... > "Perhaps," the doctor replied, "but, you know, I feel more solidarity with the vanquished than with the saints. I don't have a taste, I don't think, for heroism and sainthood. What interests me is being human." > "Yes, we're searching for the same thing, but I'm less ambitious." Another translation has rendered "being human" as "to be a man."


"We have Camus at home"


I feel that one.


Doesn’t sound like it but trying googlin g it