it's a trap! mentioning anything here means you give at least a single fuck about that thing lol


youtuber drama


Why we broke up (GONE EMOTIONAL)






Now a word about our sponsor for today's video: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.


Thanks for the summary guys, now I can skip watching the video!










I'm gonna have to stop you right there sir






Reading this in bed and nearly woke my wife as I laughed out loud.


.......we get it you have a wife..... (*just being sarcastic dw*)


It's just a prank, bruh!


Or reaction videos. Asmongold reacts to some random bullshit - 550k views.


I have watched an awful lot of youtube in the last 10 years of not having a job but I still utterly fail to get the appeal of reaction videos. Why the hell do these channels exist/succeed?


It's simple. There's joy in re-experiencing a piece of content with someone else, even if you've already seen it before. It's alnost like you are experiencing it again for the first time but through somebody else instead, if that makes sense. Its the same reason why a lot of people enjoy watching movies/shows together. It heightens the experience. Plus, not everyone can meet up in real life to watch things together all the time. Online videos is ease of access. In addition, sometimes you are entertained more through the reaction of the person you are watching than the actual video. That adds another layer to reaction vids that goes beyond the original content.


This, and also it's cool to see experts reacting to something in their areas of expertise, but that is new to them (voice coaches or composers discovering my favorite songs, for instance).


A lot of people are socially isolated (either by COVID, shyness, or being introverts) and don't have many people to share their experiences with. So sometimes a reaction video to something they experenced as well is a way for them to get some kind of socialization without actuially socializing. So if I couldn't get out and talk to anyone but I was DYING to talk about, say, the finale of The Mandalorian. I can watch a reaction video and get a similar feeling of shared experience with another fan. Others I assume are looking for a validation feedback loop to make them feel better about the things they like.


Part of it is the validation of finding someone to you echo your opinion on that band you like or the game you like, to be sure. But also it's fun to watch a classical composer or an opera singer listen to iron maiden, or crazy train, and actually appreciate it for what it is. https://youtu.be/T8fDvFpBrcA. Go to 9:55 and watch through her analysis of the solo. I've gone back to it multiple times.


I think there's a difference between a reaction and an analysis where someone gives their expert opinion or shares their in-depth knowledge on something after experiencing it. Most reaction videos are just of someone making faces and saying "wow"


I couldn't even name enough YouTube "Celebrities" to raise five fingers.


Ironically, although I dislike the actual drama, learning about it afterwards is kinda fun


When you can binge on all the drama in one go instead of receiving little breadcrumbs of drama over a spread out period of time


Award shows




I'm not that interested in watching a bunch of rich (and generally out of touch) people pat each other and themselves on the back.






I can't see him as anything other than an abused husband these days. Did you see that Red Table whatever where he and Jada are talking about her affair? The man is holding back tears while she's prattling on about her "journey" and "entanglement" with absolutely *zero* remorse or apology for hurting him. I'm sure Will isn't a saint either, but that was just cold.




I find the whole thing pretty fascinating in a perverse way, and honestly that's the closest I've come to giving a shit about the Smiths in a long time. I have a _bit_ of a soft spot for Will cos he was in a lot of my favourite stuff growing up, but tbh even he's been kind of annoying to me for a while. But I sympathise with the guy over this bullshit she's put him through.


Awards show rarely give accurate rewards too. Out of the main awards (EGOT), only the Oscars is decently telling of what’s best in the industry, and it’s still heavily biased towards works with lots of money and connections. Grammys are an absolute joke. Best New Artist is especially awful because half the artists aren’t even new. I have no idea how Glass Animals was nominated this year when they’ve had a hit in 2013 bigger than anything Japanese Breakfast or Arlo Parks had


Buying pyramid scheme trash from highschool friends who message me saying “HEY GIRLLL🤗👏🏻👌🏻💄🥰😍🤩❤️❤️💞💕 ……” I. Don’t. Want. To. Buy. Your. Shit. 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I give ZERO fucks about how great and life changing you pretend it is 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️


But don't you want to be a boss bitch, girlfriend?


Got suckered into an essential oil presentation given by my old coworker and my new HR exec, so I had to go and pretend to care. After their huge pitch, they brought out some device with a hand indentation and usb connection to the computer. Supposedly it could sense all the electrical pulses from your hand and tell you which essential oils you needed. As other girls got their 5 oil regiments, I figured my McDonalds eating ass would need the whole kit and caboodle. Nope! Even their system was like “pretty good, maybe a bit of patchouli.” I found it quite funny even their made up device could tell I wasn’t gonna buy a damn thing.


Omg they have a device.


It was WILD. I just kept thinking “This is exactly how Scientology starts….”


This shit is like 1 step above begging for money on the street IMO


I rather give my money to real honesz beggars


Had a girl come to THE MENS DORMS last semester going door to door at 10pm on a Tuesday asking all the guys if they wanted to buy Mary Kay. To noones surprise, nobody bought her shitty makeup. If I'm going to buy makeup I'll go to ulta and get stuff for a better price and quality. Idk wtf she was thinking. None of the straight guys are going to buy her makeup, and the 3 queer guys in the entire building all knew that MK is trash.




Best answer for sure. Especially reality TV and Facebook, total garbage existence, but also award shows like the Oscar's.


Other people's definitions of what success or happiness is Influencers Famous people


Beat me to it. My wife was telling me about how her friends with careers make her feel bad for being a stay at home mom (which she says she loves and finds fulfilling) and I told her that allowing other people to define success for you is just adult peer pressure. These are the same people who bragged about how much alcohol they drank in college years. Only you can define what a successful life is for you Edit. In a lower comment I replied that my wife had a successful career in radio but was disillusioned with the workplace drama etc. shortly after we were married she wanted to quit her job because it was s becoming bad for her mental health. A year later we had children. She is my best friend and We have teenage children and have been married 20 years next month. She is a wonderful partner and my life would be a mess without her organization. We have 2 teenage children and one will be leaving for college soon. It was financially difficult at first but I was young and have done well in my career since then. She is having “what’s next “ feelings about the children going to college and her harder driven friends are not very comforting. She has been spending time on charitable efforts lately


Not only success but also fun. Having fun for some people is going to the club and popping 100$ bottles while smoking hookah all night but for others it might be gardening , reading a book or surfing.


>Other people's definitions of what success or happiness is Except for maybe your SO's. That seems important for a relationship


Anything that has to do with “celebrities”. Idgaf.


sucks this forum has to have multiple celebrity topics per day. "WHICH CELEBRITY DO YOU HATE THAT EVERYONE LOVES?" "WHICH CELEBRITY DO YOU THINK IS AN ASSHOLE OFF CAMERA?" like I dunno, I've never met these people and even if I did it'd be at a convention where I'll have like a 30 second interaction and cant judge how they are in a multitude of settings.


I told my girlfriend that I had no celebrity crushes and she found that unbelievable. I just don't really care enough to have one. Some are attractive, yeah, but I don't fantasise about being with one.


Celebrity gossip. I could not care any less about what these people do in their day-to-day lives.


WE JUST STALKED ZENDAYA AND TOM HOLLAND ALL OVER LA AND SAW THEM KISS ON THE CHEEK!! All those kinds of articles pop up in my recommendations, and it's always really annoying to see them


or the breaking stories about how a female celebrity wore a bikini on the beach...the celebrity obsession is getting out of hand


Getting? Shiiiitt fam, it’s BEEN out of hand! Lol


Always has been


Like the rabid obsession people have with the royal family? I had an ex break up with me because I said I wasn't interested in the gossip surrounding them.


Sounds like you dodged a bullet


I did, turns out she feeds on drama, when the pandemic sort of put an end to social interaction and thus the drama she craved, she would start spoofing phone numbers to text me (it got frustrating blocking all the numbers) in order to pick a fight. It's why she followed the royal family so closely, loads of drama to feed off of there. Last time she tried texting me I finally replied, with a link to the youtube channel drama alert. I think it worked.


Wow she has serious mental health issues I reckon


I was gonna say celebrities in general haha


Social media Influencers or their opinions. Zero fucks is an understatement.


Negative fucks even


You take their fucks? Teach me, sensei!


They care about my opinion of them more than I care about their opinion on anything Negative fucks given. An infinite ratio in my favor




[Trevor Jacob recently crashed his small plane for youtube views.](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/20/us/trevor-jacob-youtube-plane-crash.html) Subsequently lost his pilot's license from the FAA due to that same incident. this sums up my distaste with social media.... these folks would figuratively cut off their own heads to feed their own body.


He should have been fined and given prison term to deter anyone else from doing something like that.


It's an addiction to attention, the worst addiction there is. It forces those addicted to commodify and consume *themselves* and to them, everyone around them is nothing but an enabler for their addiction. It's a scary one to be addicted to because the very act of seeking help for it is feeding it. I have zero data to back this but I believe that much like narcissism, an addiction to attention is incurable. You just die and worry about posting something with a good filter before you go.


I spent some time in Bali and got to see first hand how those 'whipping my hair in the sea' videos are made, I'll tell you now, not one of them were happy. One couple spent 2 hours filming , the poor guy looked so fed up, then straight back to their room to upload their 'beach day'. Such a great place to drink a beer and watch embaressing 'influencers' pretend to be happy, the mushrooms where great too


I recently spent a week in the maldives....the boyfriends of Instagram all looked so fed up. Hotel even offered a photographer on staff for 400 bucks a day and to manage your Instagram feed while you were there. They also offered private dining on the beach for 300 per person. The tables were about 10ft from the main dining area but people stumped up to get that insta shot of their holiday


That is both sad for humanity and a *brilliant* business model.


I follow the "influencers in the wild" Instagram and some of those show the aftermath of the videos and how their faces just drop and resume being miserable the second they're not being recorded. It's astonishing and should be studied by psychologists or something.


>Should be studied by psychologists It probably is already but if it isn't, it will be. Social media is still too new of a phenomenon to fully understand the impact it has had and continues to have on human psychology.


My brother is an “influencer” and it’s royally fucked my relationship with him. His entire social media presence is laughably fake that it physically makes me cringe when I see it, and I had to hide his profile from showing on my feed because it hurts to look at. He shows off all the lavish parties and trips he goes on, as well as flaunting clothes, hot models he hangs out with, and constant personal entrepreneurial “success” stories of his. In reality, he is 33, unemployed, living with our parents—rent free—flipping thrift store toys and clothing for quadrupole their value as his primary income. All the parties and models he hangs out with are paid for by his Girlfriend, who is actually a successful IG model and makes six figures, while my brother is heavily in debt. He recently paid off a portion of his debt by selling his own car to take our mothers car, who is battling brain cancer and can’t drive. It’s honestly a shit show, and I wouldn’t be speaking so poorly of him if he wasn’t a complete narcissistic psychopath that verbally abuses my parents when they don’t give him money. It’s a disgusting lifestyle being praised by people who don’t know him. Edit: As shitty as he is, he is still family. Hope all could understand why I prefer to not give out his or his gf’s IG.


Dude, from what you've said, I *hate* your brother. I will gladly go kick him in the nuts. As long as I can film it for TikTok, of course.


I find this subject interesting for just understanding the influence they actually have on certain demographics. It is crazy to me how the mind works and be influenced by somebody that a person doesn’t even know. Not to mention that the influence is coming from a party that in most situations has no training in the subject at all and yet are a trusted resource! Insane!


I like the notion that someone who is very introspective, educated, well spoken, philosophical, and evocative can become an influencer, even against their own wishes. Unfortunately the antithesis of that statement is what actually happens…


Yeah, seeing someone who rose to prominence through attention whoring with nothing credible or valuable to add to society...with tons of people hanging on their every word. Should be a red flag, but people don't get it.


Social media influencers. The only fuck I give is the one I use to say I don't give a fuck.


people famous for being famous without any obvious talent.


Celebrities period. After the Will Smith stuff Jim Carrey said “Yeah. We are not the cool kids anymore.” Exactly right. Also, Billie Eilish said that it surprised her when she went to the Met Gala and realized that every famous person is just some rando who happens to be famous and they’re not that special.


The internet and social media has made this really interesting situation where someone can be extremely famous while people outside of their bubble having *zero* clue they exist It's always been like that in a way, but it's a different level now I'd say


like Kardashians?


Famous for… being the family of the lawyer of a famous double-murderer.


Personal friend more than lawyer, but he was on the defense team.


Right, renewed his license and joined the team so he couldn't be compelled to testify. No issues there.


Yeah and his wife was friends with Nichole and him being on the defense is why they got divorced.


So essentially its OJ's fault we have the Jenner kids.


There's a meme going around that blames the Buffalo Bills for everything. REMINDER: The Buffalo Bills barely lost a game in 1970 by missing on a bad pass for a touchdown. The loss allowed them to get the pick in the draft, where they took O.J. Simpson. O.J. lived in Buffalo where he met his wife Nicole and then allegedly killed her. He then hired Robert Kardashian to be his lawyer. They won the case, making the Kardashian's somewhat famous. Then Kim drops the sex tape and becomes famous. So basically the 1970 Buffalo Bills are the reason we have to deal with the Kardashian's today, because if they would have won that one game, they wouldn't have had the pick they took O.J. with, so he would have never met Nicole, and thus never had the chance to kill her, preventing the entire Kardashian family from ever being even a sliver of a subject in modern culture.


Oh no no no, lest we forget, she was famous for having a sex video leaked. Same with Paris Hilton. Their fathers' notoriety were a side note.


Fun fact, one of Kim's (or Khloe's, I don't remember too well, nor do I care) husband's went to my high school, and a teacher I had senior year got to meet her at the wedding. Apparently she was incapable of holding conversations that weren't directly about her, and he could see the gears turning in her head whenever one such conversation came up, like she couldn't understand the words coming out of people's mouths if she wasn't the focus. Very scary, yet very fascinating Edit: wow, I was not expecting to get 1k fake internet points in a single day by talking about the Kardashians, but here we are.


"What do you think of the current situation in Ukraine?" "I'm actually not from Ukraine" "Uh, I wasn't asking about you" "Me? Well let me tell you all about me...."


Me Kraine? No, me Khloe.




I'm friends with a guy that actually went to HS with Kim, it was a fancy prep school here in LA (same HS that Brett Easton Ellis went to, and based Less Than Zero on.). He said Kim was just an ordinary skinny teenager, nothing at all special about her.


Celebrities in general.




I'm mostly the same way. There's a handful of of celebrities I follow outside of their known work and that's usually because it pertains to an interest of mine. For instance, T-Pain is a huge car enthusiast and a part of the drifting community, Keanu Reeves races motorcycles and owns his own custom bike company. Patrick Dempsey races in GT spec cars and at Le Mans... So... I guess it's just celebrities in the car community. lol \*edited\* Editing to add in Henry Cavill, King of the Nerds and occasional custom PC builder.


"Henry Cavill is just like us!", the nerds cried. They did not consider that he could actually afford graphics cards.


Reality tv.


The only reality shows I like are the cooking ones.


isn't that more of a contest show though? Wouldn't say they're the same




You mean No Fucking Thankyous? Count me in


Nice Fucking Tamagotchis? I’ve got a bunch!


Not a fucking Taco!


I'm more into [NFTs](https://img.ifunny.co/images/84dda11d0cbd37bc397ca0bcab91319a7574f82fec4177bdd341e08df7aa35ec_1.webp)


Was scared to click. Glad I did.


Thank you for your sacrifice.


Crypto and NFT enthusiasts remind me of those middle aged ladies who are neck deep in MLM's and are desperate to make a sale.


I used to work in event production at the height of LuLaRoe and boy let me tell you h-what: the Venn diagram of middle aged women who are into MLMs and their sons and husbands that are into crypto is practically a circle. It’s the same crowd of “work ethic, network and want it more than everyone else and you can be a BILLIONAIRE!” that are always working for some weird marketing firm for a staffing firm that does placements for temporary digital media account reps for like Cricket mobile.


Crypto in general. Every time my brother starts yapping about them like he's gonna be a billionaire in a few hours, days max , I feel like i wanna stab him.


Listening to thse people is akin to listen to gamblers coming back from Vegas. They always win, they are all smarter tahn everybody else, and we are all stupid for not playing along.


Its Vegas, except at the end of the day, you can't just cash your chips in at the house, you have to sell them to another person walking in the front door.


MLMs for bros


Gender reveal parties.


I’m ok with ones involving cake because it’s cake with friends. But extravagant ones leading to fires are ridiculous.


Don’t forget all the ones that dump literal garbage everywhere so they can get a video of them reacting to colourful confetti, streamers, balloons etc etc.


I agree. Every single one of them could have been a group text.


Why send a group text when you can burn a forest down? /s


Burning down a forest is the new group text.




Whatever this fucking ad is trying to sell me.


Whatever two consenting adults decide to do in the privacy of their own home.


Why stop at two?


Because I wasn't invited


Zero fucks for you


Not even a little fuck? As a treat?


just the tip


sword duels?


Drama Tv shows where the whole premise is who’s hooking up with who.


Yep my roommates girlfriend loves those shows and it’s actually mind numbing trying to watch it, these people are only on a show because they’re attractive


What about the one where fiancees test how strong their relationship is by daring each other to cheat with 5 other couples, and then getting mad at their partners when they do fuck around?


The Kardashians. Just anything in relation to them




Just about the only time I hear about them at all these days is when I open one of these threads ("What do you just don't care about"/"What have you had enough of"/"What do you wish would go away forever") because one of the highly-upvoted replies is going to be about them.


People who don't care about them do a horrendously shitty job of not caring about them. All this talking about how much you don't care about them is just making them more famous. It's like trying to put out a fire by tossing fire wood on it.


Right? I was hoping for answers people actually don't care about, like corkboards or U-bolts or something


Work. I hate talking about it, hearing about it, I hate being at work.


Where's your team spirit? We're a FAMILY here


The reddest of flags is when a business says that.


Or a cult..I mean a “community”






I can tolerate it in a just for fun kind of way, when people start talking like it's serious and base their whole personality around it, judging others by it. I don't want to talk to them anymore.


^ this guy giving off pessimistic capricorn energy


It's just cause mercury is in retrograde. He gets a pass.


ugh, that such a fucking Pisces thing to say. PS. Is it true what people have been saying about you and Boots?


I'm currently taking astronomy in college, my fun fact about astrology is that the zodiac signs that we assign to certain dates are actually way off. The stars have shifted in the 1600 years since the zodiac signs were established. I.e. the Zodiac sign you thought you were born under is likely incorrect. https://www.space.com/4477-astrological-sign.html


I remember astrology believers freaking out online about this some years back because it meant the sign they identified with wasn't actually their sign. It was hilarious.


Bold of you to think they wouldn’t just fabricate a reason to justify it on the spot like they do with everything else


And then when they realize their “new” sign is just as relevant to them as their old one they’ll view that as proof of astrology’s accuracy. Not that they’re purposely vague and open-ended…


It’s baffling to me how so many astrologists don’t seem to realize that every sign’s major traits are exactly the same except just phrased differently and that they apply to nearly every human being. I’ve always been fascinated by mythology, and I find the ideas and lore behind astrology interesting. It’s when people take it super seriously that I’m out.


Its like snake oil tonics from the 1890s. Do you suffer from wet-tongue, occasional tiredness, situational hunger after long bouts of not eating, thirst, sporadic malaise, are you still sleepy when you wake up sometimes?


Reality TV.


Oh boy let me tell you about [kid nation](https://youtu.be/3E23H-nnNkM), this was the pinnacle of reality TV. Basically they took a bunch of kids (7-17) put them in a "ghost town" (think cowboys) and told them to survive. Obviously they had challenges and drama... but when they won challenges they could pick between luxury items or necessities (big screen TV or outhouses - spoiler: they actually made the right decision.) The real kicker was the setup and lack of oversight. They bused in everyone, except 4 kids who flew in on a helicopter and gave those 4 leadership positions to obvious results. There was tribalism, vandalism, fighting, and lots of crying. Sounds like everything was going great. Until the tried to wash dishes... magically they cleaned everything themselves with bleach and ended up drinking some of the bleach left over in "clean" cups and dishes. So many that the kids had to fo to the hospital and the show (to everyones surprise...) was canceled. Was it good? No. Did it have value? No. But was it actually least mildly entertaining? Also no.


YouTube premium. No matter how many times they ask, I’m not interested. They should know this by now.


I love not seeing ads. Coming from the advertisement world I rather stub my toe than see another ad. Edit: I know you can use ad-blockers but I try to be a honest person and pay for the services I use. That way I can also contribute to the creators getting their share.




I feel like I passed the assignment. I said football. I don’t detest it, I don’t care about it. If others are talking about it I will politely listen or wander away if it’s gonna be a football powwow. It’s this thing other people get really into.


700 top comments saying “celebrities!” Everyone has to prove how much they REALLY DON’T CARE about celebrities when it’s obvious that they actually feel extreme contempt for them (especially the kardashians lol)


It's literally just the "I'm not like other girls" thing


Anyone's diet.


The metaverse


I really hate the meta verse bullshit. I really like VR gaming and I think it’s an underexplored medium, but now since ~~Meta~~ have been so adamant on linking VR with their lame ass metaverse bullshit, I see more VR hesitancy than ever. It’s actively harming interest in VR games and I really hate it for that, alongside my general distaste for the actual “metaverse” itself.


I honestly don’t even understand what it is


That’s the thing- it isn’t really much of anything. It’s a sort of virtual reality space, but the corporate leadership forgot to actually create a product before monetising it to shit, so it’s now purely a dodgy investment thing, rather than something anyone uses for a human reason


I think it's if Habbo Hotel was an MLM.


shoes like bro i don't care if your shoes cost 69k. I dont want do be in massive debt because of a shoe i know will get dirty


Beauty Pageants or Competitions that involve basically opinion related not factual or scientific scoring systems. How is "Miss Universe" and "Miss America" and all of those a thing? It's usually run by people who look like: [The Judges](https://images.wsj.net/im-495796?width=860&height=573) and have no business judging people based on anything remotely "beauty". ​ ​ The ones I do give a fuck about are child ones: Like why is this shit legal? Why are parents allowed to dole up their kids in 30 gallons of make up, put them in skin tight clothing, and have them dance infront of crinkly ass old people: BASICALLY for cash and prizes?


Reminds me of the Netflix series Insatiable and how a sex tape of underage teens was being used as leverage between a lawyer and his rival. (Edit to clarify: Being used as leverage by threatening to distribute it to ruin a pageant contestant’s reputation, not as leverage to have someone arrested for creating or sharing child pornography, that topic never even comes up.) That’s technically child porn and a lawyer is threatening to distribute it as leverage to win a child pageant. How the fuck did that script get green lit, and how is nobody criticizing them for it?!


What was the colour of the dress when celebrity X stepped out of a restaurant?! There are more important news items to focus on.


Crystals. The ones that are supposed to “boost your mood” or “bring success”.


See, I actually REALLY LIKE crystals! I don't think they have any sort of effect on your life or health, they just look frickin cool! Stupid people have driven up the price with their bullshit!




Yeah I’ve been collecting them and tarot card sets lol But I’m just all like “I just think they’re neat!”


The art on a lot of Tarot sets is genuinely gorgeous! If people can collect stamps, or trading cards, then collecting Tarot decks is no different.


I have what my family calls “Crow Brain” and I collect crystals and regular rocks and maybe a fun looking piece of driftwood or seaglass or bone. It’s fun to look up the woohoo definitions people place on crystals but honestly they’re just shiny, so I have to have them lol. My nephew will be 2 in July and he’s turning out to be the same way. Can’t wait to go rock hunting with him!


Geology on the other hand is amazing, rocks are super interesting. The only effect they have on me is I get excited.


Circuses and monkeys that are not mine and don't affect me. I don't have any bandwidth to manage things that other people are responsible for managing. This is especially difficult when I am with my mother who wants me to manage things that don't matter in the least to anything we are doing or will do.


So many topics. I really can't be fucked to mention them all though.


Famous people and other people's sexual orientation.


Agree with this. As long as it's safe and consensual, I give a fuck what two adults do in their home.


The Fast and the Furious franchise


This guy is not part of La Familia.




I care so little i don't even know 🤔


I don't know... since I give zero fucks about it.


Celebrities and who they are divorcing, slapping or sleeping with.


Culture wars… It boils down to “look at this person you’ve never heard of saying something stupid” followed up with whether or not it is indicative of half the population


Sex, I'm a virgin and have given out zero fucks




News about the Royal Family. “Which ones Harry again?”, drives my poor mother demented.


Elon musk and Twitter


All these super hero franchises. It feels like 75% of new movies are DC or Marvel. Not my jam.


I even like a lot of the movies they make but I’m inherently weirded out by the mass numbers they’re producing. Like, chill please


People's newborn children. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯