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I forgot to lock while showering once, so when I came out and was about to put some clothes on my brother walked in on me. He clksed his eyes, walked backwards and closed the door. We do not talk about it.


My good sir, Twas when I was changing my clothes


My girlfriend walked in on me banging her husband


One time when I was getting out of the shower, someone opened the door, but I kicked it shut and they didn’t see anything. Close call.


Literally wiping my butt, I just looked up wide eyed and open mouthed.


My dad walked in my room while my high school gf was giving me a bj. I was laying on the head while she was under the sheets with her full body covered by the blanket. When my dad walked in he started talking to me for about 15 minutes so my girlfriend had to lay there hidden with my dick in her mouth.