Our Writers

Paul Stewart - 2 posts

My name is Paul and I am a freelance writer from Glasgow, Scotland. I have been working online for around 4 years and while I genuinely enjoy writing about whatever a client requests, I'd love to concentrate more on writing about the things I love. Along with music and my family, my main love in life is films and as a child of the 80's I had great appreciation for all things sci-fi including Star Wars, Transformers and Back to The Future in my early years; and X-Files, Terminator, Robocop, the Aliens films and Blade Runner when I was older. After my wife and I finish watching House MD, we intend on working through Orphan Black and when I have more free time I intend to build on some of the interesting ideas I have running around in my head into short stories. So, watch this space!

John Royal - 2 posts

John grew up in the biggest city in North Carolina, looking into books. When he discovered comics, he started looking up: up is where the heroes make their stories. John spends most of his time making up stories of his own, high-flying and otherwise, in NC's third largest city. There are less skyscrapers there, but still sometimes you can spot a flying something neither bird nor plane.

Jennifer Povey - 2 posts

Jennifer R. Povey is in her early forties, and lives in Northern Virginia with her husband. She writes a variety of speculative fiction, whilst following current affairs and occasionally indulging in horse riding and role playing games. She has sold fiction to a number of markets including Analog, and written RPG supplements, some of which are available from Occult Moon Publishing. Her first novel, Transpecial, was published by Musa Publishing in April, 2013. Her most recent release is the apocalyptic science fiction novella trilogy "The Silent Years." She is working on an ongoing urban fantasy serial that can be found at http://makingfate.jenniferrpovey.com/.

Kevin Boyle - 2 posts

Kevin is a journalism graduate, an annoying Fannibal, and X-Files obsessive. He writes about TV, movies, music, and anything even tangentially related to Doctor Who. He can usually be found head-first into the new Stephen King novel or irritating his cat.

Christina Calgaro - 1 post

Christina is an Australian sci-fi nerd and film addict, currently living and working in London. She is a speculative fiction enthusiast, loves alternative culture and hopes to someday publish her own dystopian novel - if she can ever stop watching television and finish one!

Camille Hayward - 1 post

Camille Hayward is a long time fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy. With an active imagination and a pension for writing it down, she continues to contribute to and ingest as much sci-fi material as possible. She credits her active and colorful imagination to a life mainly spent outdoors, behind a fantastical book, or enjoying an interesting story.

Rachel Kolman - 1 post

Rachel Kolman is a fan of many things. Her current favorites are Star Wars, Super Mario, and Harry Potter. Yes, she can beat you at Mario Kart. Rachel studied writing at the University of Central Florida and has written for The Inquisitr, Bustle, and Cosmopolitan. She's currently working on her first short story collection. When not immersed in fandom, Rachel teaches Literature at Valencia College in Orlando, FL. Check out her blog at rachelkolman.wordpress.com

John Eastmen - 1 post

I live in Sothern California, I've married with a 7-month-old daughter. I enjoy the beach, guitar and MMA. I enjoy a good crime drama and my favorite sci-fi book is Prey

Grace Manalili - 1 post

Grace Florencia Manalili has been working as a freelance writer since 2008. She provides her services independently and through the online employment platform, Upwork.com where she has been named one of its Top Rated Writers. Some of her articles have been published on EzineArticles.com. She provides ghost writing, proofreading and editing services. She is also a sci-fi movie and TV show fan. Her favorites are Star Wars and Star Trek movies as well as the X-Files and Star Trek Voyager series.

Vanessa Benoit - 1 post

Vanessa is a new up-and-coming author who enjoys freelancing for ghost writing, blog-writing on various subjects, and reviewing games. She loves SciFi and considers the gaming series of Mass Effect to be the most enthralling of all SciFi worlds and plots. She plans to start on her first novel in the year 2016. Check out her artists page here: https://www.facebook.com/BenoitGallery33