Our Writers

Sam Cook - 2 posts

Samuel Cook is a freelance writer and former English teacher from Virginia. He enjoys all forms of nerdom, be it video games, anime or obscure science fiction. He enjoys a good book, reading voraciously through most forms of science fiction. In particular, he loves military sci-fi.

Katie Holland - 2 posts

Katie Holland is an aspiring Science Fiction and Horror author living in Greensboro, NC. Coming from a world of art and writing, she loves games with a solid story and killer world building. She is currently working on a cyber-zombie novel called Sleep State while trying to navigate real life as a real adult, and coming to terms with never being an astronaut.

Paul Stewart - 2 posts

My name is Paul and I am a freelance writer from Glasgow, Scotland. I have been working online for around 4 years and while I genuinely enjoy writing about whatever a client requests, I'd love to concentrate more on writing about the things I love. Along with music and my family, my main love in life is films and as a child of the 80's I had great appreciation for all things sci-fi including Star Wars, Transformers and Back to The Future in my early years; and X-Files, Terminator, Robocop, the Aliens films and Blade Runner when I was older. After my wife and I finish watching House MD, we intend on working through Orphan Black and when I have more free time I intend to build on some of the interesting ideas I have running around in my head into short stories. So, watch this space!

John Royal - 2 posts

John grew up in the biggest city in North Carolina, looking into books. When he discovered comics, he started looking up: up is where the heroes make their stories. John spends most of his time making up stories of his own, high-flying and otherwise, in NC's third largest city. There are less skyscrapers there, but still sometimes you can spot a flying something neither bird nor plane.

Thomas Short - 1 post

Thomas Short is a freelance writer and blogger. His writing often covers culture, music, arts and entertainment. He earned his bachelor's degree from Gonzaga University in 2015.

Chris Dodson - 1 post

Christopher Dodson is a freelance writer and music critic from Kingsport, TN. His interests include science, philosophy, politics, and genre fiction (especially SF, horror and crime fiction). His favorite writers include Shirley Jackson, Joyce Carol Oates, Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Watts, and Ursula K. Le Guin. When he's not engaged in esoteric scribbling, he spends his spare time cat herding, watching far too much television, and patiently awaiting the heat death of the universe. He can sometimes be found haunting the dark corners of social media at http://www.facebook.com/christopher.dodson.9085

Denise Loubert - 1 post

Deni Loubert is an award-winning comic book publisher, co-founder of the ground-breaking Aardvark-Vanaheim with ex-husband Dave Sim and founder of the indie comic book company Renegade Press. Her later work included line editor for WaRP Graphics, Vice President of Comic Books for Full Moon Entertainment and developer of a line of Star Trek comics for Paramount Pictures. She was awarded the Inkpot Award for her contributions to the industry in 1987 and inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2010.

Morris Stuttard - 1 post

Morris writes. Dex, the cyberpunk game? He wrote on that. The Neanderthal RPG, State of Extinction? He's writing all of that. The two part action sci fi novel, Recurso, which is going to blow everyone's minds? You can bet he's writing that. Aaand the GameDev blog over at thelabstudios.net? He's on a break from writing that. Pick up his trail here: @muser777.

Amber Boehm - 1 post

When she's not dreaming up advertising strategy for her day job, Amber can be found watching Farscape, Fringe and Jupiter Ascending and dreaming of saving the world... or at the very least publishing a sci-fi novel to entertain it.

Christina Calgaro - 1 post

Christina is an Australian sci-fi nerd and film addict, currently living and working in London. She is a speculative fiction enthusiast, loves alternative culture and hopes to someday publish her own dystopian novel - if she can ever stop watching television and finish one!