Our Writers

Milan Cukic - 93 posts

22 years old, MIlan Cukic is a student of the English language and literature. He is a fan of creative writing, a comic book enthusiast, and considers himself to be a Ultra Star Wars/Elder Scrolls nerd.

Marija Catic - 79 posts

A student of the English language and literature, a Whovian at heart. Obsessed with video games (particularly the Mass Effect and the Dragon Age trilogies), SciFi shows, and movies. Does a lot of creative writing, both for the university and pleasure. Check out her Tumbler: http://greenleafable.tumblr.com/

Alex Carchidi - 29 posts

I'm a lifelong sci-fi enthusiast and former immunologist living in Boston, MA. My main sci-fi interests are cyberpunk, political dystopia, and utopian space opera. Works which depict speculative but plausible realities are among my favorites. I especially enjoy Iain Banks' the Culture series because of its realistic modeling of a post-scarcity and post-technological progress society.

Ryan Turpin - 19 posts

Ryan lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife and son. His ears become awkwardly enlarged at the mention of cryonics, time travel, or telepathy, and his favorite way to quash self-loathing is with a friendly reminder of just how unbelievably tiny we are in this vast universe.

Alex Saez - 19 posts

Alex Saez is freelance writer with over six years of experience in the field. Although a veteran of the written word, he's also a veteran of many conflicts ranging from the vast battlefields of the real-time strategy genre to the open war zones in and above the clouds. Armed with his gaming laptop, decent joystick, and amazingly average mouse, he's best known for his ability to demolish, shoot down and blitz through even the stickiest situations. Of course, even he goes down sometimes - and takes plenty of others with him. Today, he uses his vast passion for pixelated mayhem to enlighten fellow sci-fi lovers about games, movies, and shows.

Andrew Knighton - 11 posts

Andrew Knighton is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk stories. He lives in Yorkshire with his cat, his computer, and many unread books. You can find articles and stories from him at http://andrewknighton.com/, and he’s on Twitter as @gibbondemon.

Kyle McManus - 10 posts

Kyle McManus is a writer, gamer, and lifelong sci-fi fan. His favourite films include Blade Runner, The Terminator, Aliens, Twelve Monkeys, Return of the Jedi, and Super 8. He spends a lot of time thinking about Star Wars and believes you should too.

Jeni Rogers - 3 posts

Jeni is a lifelong dreamer, problem solver, and lover of words and laughter. As a stay at home mom and freelance writer, she gets to do all these things daily. She avidly enjoys sci-fi movies and TV shows, and loves to imagine all the innovation the future societies have in store. Jeni is currently building her own freelance writing business with the hopes it shows her son no dream is too big to actualize in the future.

Sam Cook - 2 posts

Samuel Cook is a freelance writer and former English teacher from Virginia. He enjoys all forms of nerdom, be it video games, anime or obscure science fiction. He enjoys a good book, reading voraciously through most forms of science fiction. In particular, he loves military sci-fi.

Katie Holland - 2 posts

Katie Holland is an aspiring Science Fiction and Horror author living in Greensboro, NC. Coming from a world of art and writing, she loves games with a solid story and killer world building. She is currently working on a cyber-zombie novel called Sleep State while trying to navigate real life as a real adult, and coming to terms with never being an astronaut.