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Orson Scott Card’s New Sci-Fi Series Extinct Picked Up For 10 Episodes

Explorers on an alien world

Noted science fiction author Orson Scott Card and recent collaborator and author Aaron Johnston’s new sci-fi series Extinct has been picked up by Utah-based BYUtv for a 10 episode order. The series, currently shooting, is the network’s second original scripted offering and is expected to premiere in 2017.

Synopsis for Sci-Fi Series Extinct

The series is set 400 years after the human race has gone extinct, and follows a small band of humans who have been revived / brought back into existence by a mysterious alien civilization. According to the aliens, their purpose is to restore the human species. However, as is often the case with this sort of thing, the revived band of humans discover that there’s much more at play, including “new dangers, hidden agendas, and powerful secrets“, all of which challenge the alien’s claim and “threaten to annihilate the human race all over again.

Cast and Crew for Sci-Fi Series Extinct
Image from upcoming sci-fi series Extinct

Image: BYUtv

Card, most well known for Ender’s Game (and frequently revisiting the Ender’s Game universe), and Johnston, a novelist and comic book author who’s recently collaborated with Card on several projects set in the Ender’s Game universe, co-created the series, while Johnston wrote the pilot. Actor Chad Michael Collins, best known for his work in the direct to video “Sniper” movie series, will headline the cast and Ryan Little (Saints and Soldiers) will be directing the pilot episode.

We are pleased to debut a sci-fi thriller created exclusively for BYUtv by one of the most awarded and bestselling authors – Orson Scott Card,” said BTUtv’s Managing Director Derek Marquis.

Collins describes the series as having elements of science fiction shows like Stargate, mixed with the survival aspect of The Walking Dead, but told in a “very audience and family-friendly style.”

So, no zombies eating people’s faces off, or terrifying survivalist group leaders beating people to death with a barbed-wire bat they’ve lovingly named. Check.

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