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Being a Super Teen Ain’t Easy: New Supergirl Mini-Series Explores Origins

Art for new Supergirl mini-series

A new Supergirl mini-series comic will be released December 28th, 2016, from Ignatz and Eisner Award-winning (for coming-of-age graphic novel This One Summer) writer Mariko Tamaki. Likely because of the success of the Supergirl television series, the four-issue series (set outside the regular continuity) will retell Kara Zor-El’s origin story, re-exploring her earliest days on Earth.

Plot Details for Supergirl: Being Super

“Supergirl: Being Super” attempts to capture the essence of what it means to be a 16-year-old girl, as well as a superhero. Cover art for new Supergirl mini-series "Supergirl: Being Super"As Tamaki jokingly stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “There’s something about taking a weekend in someone’s life and just focusing on what happens in that time. Although obviously, if you’re writing about superheroes, then about ten times more things can happen than would if you’re a regular kid living in Toronto, Canada.

(Just ten, though. No more, no less. Ten shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be ten. Eleven shalt thou not count, neither count thou nine, excepting that thou then proceed to ten. Twelve is right out.)

Panel for new Supergirl mini-series "Supergirl: Being Super"Tamaki hopes to breathe new life into a character she believes never got enough attention. The series’ art will be done by Eisner Award-nominee Joelle Jones, co-creator of the fan-favorite Lady Killer and Helheim series. DC landed Jones as an artist primarily because of the respect and adoration she has for living-legend Tamaki.

Due to their goal of creating the series as a gateway to comics for new fans of the Supergirl television and the like, Jones and Tamaki both recognize the exciting amount of free-range they were allotted in regards to the plot. However, they have decided not to over-simplify or pander only to new comic book readers with the new Supergirl mini-series, and to remain true to the feel and quality of the original comics. As Jones puts it, “I want to work on something that excites people and create something that people want to read.

Featured Images: DC Comics

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