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UPDATE: The New Rogue One Trailer is Up, and It’s The Best One Yet

Image from the Rogue One trailer

Sunshine, piña colada’s and … the Empire? Scarif isn’t the island paradise it appears to be on new Rogue One poster.

Darth Vader is back, baby! Tomorrow morning (October 13th 2016 for those existing on alternate timelines) Gareth Edwards, director of Rogue One, will release the third and possibly final new trailer for the movie before its December 16th 2016 release. And to sate our Star Wars craving ‘til then, Edwards released the newest, and possibly most epic poster for the movie yet.

What’s on the poster?

The poster is taken up mainly by the Death Star against a cloudy blue sky, with the main characters superimposed over it in a somewhat translucent design. The leading lady Jyn Erso stares off into the distance, her green eyes determined and focused. Through her cheek the electrical lines and lights of the Death Star shine through. Barely visible behind her, Darth Vader’s mask emerges from the shadows on the space station.

The new Rogue One poster

The new Rogue One poster

Below them, the rest of the good guys (and Orson Krennic???) are arranged in a computerized reimagining of the classic, collage-esque style of Drew Struzan (creator of the posters for the original trilogy). Below the clouds covering the characters, AT-AT walkers and Storm Troopers wade through water off the coast of a tropical looking Scarif, surrounded by a fleet of X-Wings and TIE fighters. (If it wasn’t loaded with bad guys, I’d totally vacation there.)

When can we see the new trailer?

This massively detailed poster has a lighter overall feel than many Star Wars posters of the past, and hopefully represents a serious Rebel victory. We may find out more in the trailer dropping tomorrow morning, so check back for more Rogue One sneak peeks and info! It will be airing exclusively on 10/13 during Good Morning America on ABC, but it will probably be online in less than 12 parsecs!

Until then, you can fire up your nerd engines by re-watching the other two trailers!

December 16th can’t come quick enough!

Featured Images: Lucasfilm / Disney

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