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UPDATE: Netflix Casts Penny Robinson for New Lost In Space Series

Spaceship traveling through deep space - Netflix Lost in Space series

Netflix Lost in Space Series Will Arrive in 2018

Deadline’s reporting that the role of Penny Robinson has now been cast, with the role going to actress Mina Sundwall. As far as I understand, this is the last of the primary roles from the original series, barring casting someone as the mo-cap artist and/or voice artist for the role of the robot. (Is Andy Serkis free?) And, of course, Netflix may be adding some new characters as well that they haven’t yet revealed.

UPDATE 12-14-16: Netflix Continues Rounding Out Their Cast for Lost In Space

Deadline is reporting that the role of Don West in the upcoming Netflix Lost in Space series has been cast. Ignacio Serricchio (who spent time on both Ghost Whisperer and Bones) will be taking on the role, which was originated by actor Mark Goddard in the original 60’s series.

In the original series, Major West was a rough-around-the-edges military charmer, the pilot of the lost Jupiter 2 spacecraft, who also smuggled luxury goods on the sides. With the casting of Serricchio, most of the primary roles from the original series have been cast, with the exception of the robot and Penny Robinson. It’s unknown at this point how Netflix will handle the robot (motion capture and CG seems the most likely), so we might see one person cast in the role (ala Andy Serkis in the Apes movies) or we might see a couple of people cast in the role (if they decide to split the mo-cap and voice duties.) Also, there could be a few new characters Netflix adds to their reboot, so there’s likely to be more actors joining the cast.

With the series set to arrive in 2018, I imagine we won’t be seeing a trailer until sometime in early-mid 2017 at the soonest.

UPDATE 12-1-16: Netflix Has Cast The Nefarious Dr. Smith for Lost In Space

I’m not quite sure how this one slipped by me, but Deadline has revealed that the Netflix Lost in Space series has gained their Dr. Smith. And, in an unexpected move, they’ve reversed the gender and cast Parker Posey in the role. Posey’s actually a pretty brilliant choice for the role, and I’m starting to become more and more interested in where they’ll be taking the series.

UPDATE 9-28-16 Molly Parker Signs on to Get Lost in Space

Molly Parker, most recognized recently as Jackie Sharp in Netflix House of Cards, has signed on to the streaming giant’s Lost in Space reboot to play the role of Maureen Robinson, the lead female role opposite Toby Stephens.

Update 9-20-16 Toby Stephens Trades Pirate Ships For Spaceships With Lost in Space

Back at the end of June, Netflix announced that they were rebooting the classic sci-fi series Lost in Space. And now, the cast is starting to come together. Taylor Russell was recently cast as Judy Robinson, the oldest daughter in the family, and now, according to Deadline, she is being joined by Maxwell Jenkins, who will be playing the youngest member of the family, Will Robinson, and Toby Stephens, who will be playing the father and expedition commander, astrophysicist John Robinson. Stephens is currently finishing up work on Black Sails (which is ending after four seasons), the pirate themed Starz series where he plays the primary role of Captain Flint.

More Details on the Netflix Lost in Space Series

The new series, much like the original, will focus on the Robinson family, who set out on a deep space journey but end up stranded light years from their original destination. A strange new alien environment won’t be the only new challenge, though, as they’ll also be facing their own personal demons.

So far, Netflix hasn’t revealed how closely the reboot / reimagining of the series will follow the original series. In the original, the Robinson’s are on a five and a half year journey to a new planet, where they’ll establish a colony. Their mission, however, is sabotaged by an enemy agent, Dr. Zachary Smith, who is unable to make it off the ship after the sabotage and is “lost in space” along with the family. Will it still be a colonization mission? Will Dr. Smith still be in the mix?

And does anyone remember that they made a Lost in Space movie in the late 90’s? No? Good. Though, if they wanted to keep the Dr. Smith character, and bring back Gary Oldman for the role in the Netflix Lost in Space series, I’d be OK with that.

Original Post: 6-30-16: Danger Over, Will Robinson! Netflix Reboots Lost in Space

There’s been talk of rebooting the classic 60’s sci-fi tv show Lost in Space for a while now, something that probably wasn’t helped by the messy 1998 movie version. But finally, Netflix is stepping up to the plate, and they’ve announced a 10-episode first season order for a Lost in Space reboot. Here’s how Netflix is describing the show

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