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NBC Gets Spaced Out With New Sci-Fi Workplace Comedy Pilot

The Spaced Out TV Series Is The Latest From Undateable Duo Adam Sztykiel and Bill Lawrence

Yesterday, NBC committed to the pilot for a new sci-fi mystery series based on Ben H. Winters novel The Last Policeman. But, according to Deadline, that wasn’t their only sci-fi themed pilot pickup. They also won the bid for another highly competitive project, giving a pilot commitment to the Spaced Out TV series.

The sci-fi comedy series is the latest effort from creator Adam Sztykiel and executive producer Bill Lawrence, whose previous series, Undateable, (also an NBC show) was cancelled earlier this year after three seasons.

What is the Spaced Out TV Series About?

Right now, very few details are available regarding Spaced Out. The basic pitch is that it’s a workplace comedy, set in the world of commercial space travel. And in addition to executive producing alongside Lawrence, Sztykiel will also be writing for the show. And, well, that’s about it. Like I said, not a lot of details so far. But, there are a couple of reasons I’m interested in this show.

Reasons to be Interested in the Spaced Out TV Series

Reason number one: Bill Lawrence. I haven’t seen Undateable, but I hear that it’s not without some charms. However, what I have seen are Scrubs and Spin City, both of which I consider to be on the “all-time” sitcom list. So, if Bill Lawrence is involved, I’m at least interested.

Reason number two: Sci-Fi Comedy. I love a good sci-fi comedy series. Red Dwarf? Yes, please. Futurama? Classic. Rick and Morty? Season 3 can’t get here soon enough. So if there’s a chance to add some more sci-fi comedy into the mix, I’m interested.

Hopefully, more details on the Spaced Out TV series will be coming along soon.

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