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All the Must See Comic Con 2016 Trailers In One Place

Image from the Doctor Strange movie trailer - All the Must See Comic Con 2016 Trailers in One Place

And Yeah, There Are a Lot of Must See Comic Con 2016 Trailers

I hate it when something like Comic Con hits, and a whole bunch of trailers hit, and you have to try and bounce around between fifty different sites to see them all. So, in an effort to help you out, we’re gathering all the must see Comic Con 2016 trailers here. We’ll try to link to the official releases when possible, and the highest quality ones if there isn’t an official release. (Because Let’s be honest, sifting through fan-made trailers, reaction trailers and more in an attempt to see the actual thing is also annoying.) Also, no site-specific trailers with weird settings and stuttering playback. Just good old YouTube. I may throw in a little commentary from time to time, but I’ll keep it light and let the trailers do the talking. Let’s start with the movie trailers.

Comic Con 2016 Trailers – Movies

Justice League Footage

OK, so, this isn’t an official trailer, and in an expanded piece, we covered why that’s good. But enough talk from me, let’s let everyone’s favorite brooding Bat-obsessed vigilante hero take over.

The Second Doctor Strange Trailer

WOW, WOW, WOW. I mean, a lot of times, the second trailer just sort of reveals a few small extra bits, but doesn’t depart much from the first one. Not the case with the second Doctor Strange trailer. This looks absolutely epic. Inception, eat your heart out!

First Wonder Woman Trailer

Lasso of Truth? Check. Deflecting mortars with her shield? Check. Slicing up the baddies with her sword that is powerful enough to cut Superman? Check. Well OK, this is looking interesting.

First Trailer for Kong: Skull Island

OK, let’s take a break from Superheroes for a moment, and take a first look at the upcoming Kong: Skull Island. (Wait, isn’t that Loki and Nick Fury? What are they doing here?)

Hmm. Not totally sure how I feel about this one. Solid cast, great look, fun trailer, but the potential for much silliness.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 First Trailer

OK, so for the moment, this is just a placeholder. The trailer, which has debuted, isn’t online yet. But we can’t wait to share it with everyone. Also, if you hadn’t heard, Kurt Russell is Star Lord’s father. And as we all know, adding Kurt Russell is a proven method for improving movies. Also, Sylvester Stallone will be in the movie as well.


Comic Con 2016 Trailers – TV Shows

OK. Now, let’s take a look at some of the different TV shows that got new, first, or expanded trailers.

Netflix Luke Cage Teaser

We’ve been looking forward to the Luke Cage Netflix series for a while now. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker announced the first teaser for Luke Cage with a timely statement. “When I think about what’s going on in the world right now, the world is ready for a bulletproof black man.” Which he definitely is, judging from the number of bullets thrown at him in this teaser. Best moment, though? Luke Cage folding the car door around the one thug.

Netflix Iron Fist First Look Teaser

Daredevil’s coming back for Season 3, Jessica Jones is on the way with Season 2, we just saw the first teaser for Luke Cage, so what about the last defender, Iron Fist?  Well, Netflix has you covered there as well, with a brief first look:

Netflix The Defenders Teaser

Speaking of, Netflix also had a teaser ready for The Defenders, though the emphasis is very heavy on “tease” for this one.

Star Trek Discovery Teaser

We also talked a little more about this here, but take a look at the new USS Discovery, the flagship for Bryan Fuller’s new Star Trek series, dropping in January next year.

American Gods First Look Trailer

Speaking of Fuller, check out the first look trailer for American Gods, finally giving us a sense of the style in motion, after months of news and stills.

Can I just say, I’m really looking forward to this one? I guess I can.

Agents of Shield Season 4 Trailer

OK, this one’s also a bit of a tease, but it does reveal that Ghost Rider (hopefully one that’s a little less Nick Cage-ish) will indeed be joining the show in Season 4, something that’s been hinted at for a while now.

FX First Trailer for Legion

Legion is actually a series I’ve been pretty interested in seeing since they first released details a while back, and based on this first trailer, I’m definitely going to have to catch it. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait as long, as the trailer also lets us know it’s coming in early 2017.

Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

So, this doesn’t really give us more of an idea who Negan offed at the end of Season 6 (though as previously mentioned, we’ll find out in Season 7’s premiere). But it does reveal Ezekiel and his pet tiger.

Best moment in the trailer?  The tiger, of course! But a close second was that shot of the walkers rising from the sand. Looks like season 7 of The Walking Dead is going to be pretty epic.

Sherlock – Series 4

Looks like Doctor Strange isn’t the only Cumberbatch we’re getting at Comic-Con. Series 4 or Sherlock is coming, and we’ve got an intriguing teaser for that as well.

Gotta say, the roughest moment comes from Mrs. Hudson.

The Flash Season 3 Trailer

Also, not the only Barry Allen / Flash footage we’re getting. Flash Season 3 in on the way in October, and it looks, well, more or less like more Flah. “Kid Flash,” that is, along with “Dr Alchemy,” the new heavy.

The Arrow Season 5 First Look Trailer

Where there’s the Flash, there’s also the Arrow, and five seasons in, things are definitely not getting any easier for Oliver Queen.

The Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer

And if that’s not enough CW / DC Goodness, how about a Season 2 trailer for Legends of Tomorrow.  Look’s like they’ll be going up against that old WW2 standy, Nazis, with Captain Fire Gun even doing a variation on Indiana Jones’ famous line from Last Crusade.

The Expanse Season 2 Trailer

Acclaimed sci-fi series The Expanse is back for a second season, and this too-brief Comic-Con preview teases some intriguing developments.

Blame – Netflix Original Movie Trailer

So, I hadn’t heard much about this upcoming original anime movie from Netflix, but the trailer looks pretty interesting. Sci-fi and anime generally go together pretty well, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one:

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Trailer

And, finally, we have a trailer for the Final Fantasy XV movie, Kingsglaive. As always, it has an appropriately cinematic feel, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more.

So, there you go. Lots of amazing movies and TV headed our way this and next year.  Now that you’re all caught up on the Comic Con 2016 trailers, what are you most excited for?

Featured Image: Marvel Comics / Disney

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