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Michael Bay, The Rogue Initiative Teaming Up For Virtual Reality

Post apocalyptic landscape - Michael Bay and The Rogue Initiative Team Up for Virtual Reality

Director Michael Bay and The Rogue Initiative Want To Explode Your Virtual Reality World

Virtual reality has taken the world by the storm, as more and more games are being made for headsets such as Oculus Rift, which enables the user to experience video games and videos on a much deeper level. And now, famous (some might even say IN-famous) director Michael Bay, whose works include Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Transformers, Bad Boys, The Rock and more, is arriving on the scene.

According to a press release from The Rogue Initiativea media production studio specializing in cinematic, interactive virtual reality and beyond” that was established earlier this year, they are partnering with Bay on different projects, primarily in the field of video gaming, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see him help out with some film projects as well.

Here’s what The Rogue Initiative’s CEO and co-founder Pete Blumel had to say about collaborating with the director:

I’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Mr. Bay and couldn’t be more excited to work with him and truly leverage his unique vision and incredible depth of experience to this amazing new medium. We’re all absolutely thrilled to be working with such a cinematic powerhouse in the field of action entertainment.”

Michael Bay also expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’ve known Pete for a long time, and he’s put together a great team. I’m excited about building new visual worlds for this innovative medium with them.”

Cathy Twigg, co-founder and Chief Production Officer of The Rogue Initiative, said:

We take a comprehensive approach in producing our IP for the entertainment landscape, specializing in film, television and interactive experiences with a focus on virtual reality. This enables The Rogue Initiative to align with our partners in expanding our IP to various other platforms and media. We’ll be bringing this approach to the properties we co-create with Mr. Bay as well.

Bay’s official job title with the Rogue Initiative is “Strategic Advisor,” though the press release sheds some additional light on his role: “he will direct and The Rogue Initiative will produce and develop original content in cinematic-style VR.” No official projects have been announced yet, but here are a couple of released pieces of concept art for Bay’s work.

Concept artwork for Rogue Initiative Micahel Bay prject Concept artwork for Rogue Initiative Micahel Bay prject

Bay’s reputation is definitely one of bombast and overkill (Bay-SPLOSION), but that style may be particularly well suited to a VR environment. And though other filmmakers have been dismissive of current VR technology (James Cameron), if Bay’s work catches on, he may become merely the first big-time film director to start working in this new arena.

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    Im waiting for someone to get the idea of opening a multi acre park that people go to with their VR head sets and suits which recieve live streaming and GPS to create a real environment of game play that hundreds of people can interact with while simultaneously playing separate games but still seeing each other and facilities as depicted in whatever game play was chosen. Like 5 people playing a old west shoot out while another group plays in world war one, maybe a science fiction theme for another. And where a cowboy might see a saloon it also appears as a spaceport to the scifi gamer and an amunitions depot in WW1.

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