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UPDATE: Everyone Involved With Logan Says ‘No Deadpool’

Image from the second Logan trailer

The Logan movie claws its way onto the big screen on March 3rd, 2017.

The second Logan trailer has arrived, and well, there’s a lot to take in. First up, while we’ve all known that Dafne Keen’s character was X-23 for a while now, it’s still a bit startling to see her dual claws come out, especially on someone so young. And though they don’t show her foot claws, I wouldn’t be surprised if either they’re holding those back for the movie, or they did away with that concept for the movie, because, well, it’s kinda lame. (One of my co-workers is saying that “Fox loves that kind of thing. There’s no way she doesn’t have the foot claws.“)

And while the trailer looks pretty interesting, and Mangold appears to have a handle on the action, there is one minor misstep. I don’t like that they’re introducing X-Men comics into the movie. It’s a Deadpool-esque move, and it doesn’t feel right for Wolverine. Now, this is all out of context, so maybe there’s a good reason. Anyway, I’ll shut up, and let’s get to the trailer.

Also, Dafne Keen? She’s definitely got some menace to her. It’ll be interesting to see what arc they have planned for her young X-23 character.

UPDATE 1-02-17: Everyone Involved With Logan Says ‘No Deadpool’

Over the holiday break, The Wrap reported that they had sources telling them that Deadpool was going to make an appearance in the upcoming Logan movie. Shortly after that, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, Logan star High Jackman, and Logan director James Mangold took to Twitter to very definitively state that this was not the case. Mangold also took the opportunity to fire a few shots off at The Wrap, using the hashtag ‘FakeNews.’

So, yeah. Not happening. And, because the above wasn’t apparently definitive enough, Mangold had to continue responding to questions about whether it was true or not. This one’s my favorite response:

Maybe Mangold needs to issue a denial from a box, sitting on rocks, by some docks, with a clock that only tocks, ringed by executives from Fox.

Amidst the back and forth was also a confirmation from Mangold that Marco Beltrami was composing the score for Logan, which is great news. Beltrami’s previous work with Mangold on both The Wolverine and 3:10 to Yuma was fantastic, and Logan is definitely a great opportunity for Beltrami to flex his musical muscles. (Seriously, my copy of Beltrami’s score to 3:10 has a place of honor in my movie score collection. Great music to write to.)

Also, just before this all happened, Hugh Jackman shared another movie poster for Logan, sporting a very clean, and very cool look.

After enjoying the Cash-infused Logan trailer (a couple of times…) on the big screen in front of ‘Rogue One,’ this is definitely one we’re looking forward to.

Update 10-20-16: The First Logan Trailer Has Dropped

The first official Logan trailer is here, and Professor X looks super old! However, I was surprised to see how normal Logan looked; based on the poster featuring Old Man Logan’s arm and claws, I thought he would look a lot older. If I saw him in public, I’d guess he’s in his 50’s. Considering that he is exponentially older than that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (according to X-Men Origins: Wolverine), he looks pretty good, despite the intense scarring on his back. Scars on Wolverine you ask? I know it’s weird, given his near-indestructibility in the rest of the X-Men films and spinoffs, but as Logan ages in the comics, his healing ability tapers as well, leaving him with scars and other effects of lasting damage.

Who was the little girl?

The Logan trailer also offered us a good look at Logan’s little female accomplice, who is now confirmed as X-23, a young female clone of Wolverine made with his DNA after he escaped the Weapon X project run by General Stryker (the bad military guy from previous X-Men films). In the trailer, Logan interacts with X-23 in a familial sort of way, illustrating that maybe he accepts her as a daughter, and dutifully trains her to use her abilities. As one of the last mutants born, due to the mysteriously declining mutant birth rate, X-23 could play a large role in the MCU, either saving or damning the future of mutant-human relations.

Who’s the Bandanna Man?

Another fun surprise in the Logan trailer was seeing the bandanna’d hat-wearing man in the desert, nearly confirming a larger role for Stephen Merchant’s Caliban. James Mangold tweeted a photo of Merchant in Caliban makeup a few days back, and at the same time, Merchant Instagrammed another picture in the Caliban makeup wearing the bandanna and hat getup seen throughout the comics, and now, he’s in the latest Logan trailer. Briefly seen in X-Men: Apocalypse, Caliban looks distinctly more “normal” than in the comics, despite his albinism.

How I spent my summer

A photo posted by Stephen Merchant (@stephenmerchant) on

In the comic universe, Caliban was a somewhat deformed albino mutant with incredibly large, almost glowing yellow eyes. His own father, disturbed by his appearance, named him after the character from Shakespeares’ The Tempest, in which he is the son of a witch and the devil, is described as a “freckled whelp,” a monstrous “strange fish” not “honoured with human shape,” giving the audience a preeeetty clear idea of how Caliban’s father felt in the comics.

Caliban, throughout the comics, switches back and forth between a hero and a villain, and though it appears as though he may be a bad guy in Logan (because in Apocalypse, Caliban is used by the antagonist to hunt down mutants), he may experience a change of heart. I’m personally hoping for a little more dramatic action in the possibly last Wolverine film, and I think a fickle character such as Caliban could bring some humanity to the plot.

Logan will be released on March 3rd, 2017, so hopefully we’ll get some more trailers between now and then! What’s your opinion on X-23? Caliban? Comment below!

Everything you’ve always wanted from a Wolverine movie may finally be coming into reality. The producer of the upcoming Wolverine 3, Simon Kinberg, has revealed in an interview with Collider that the movie has begun filming, along with some other new information regarding the upcoming Wolverine movie, which will be Hugh Jackman’s final movie as the titular superhero. First off, yes, the best new piece of news regarding Wolverine 3 is that it will indeed be rated R, meaning that we’ll (hopefully) finally get to see Wolverine cut loose [Click here to read more…]

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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