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You Can Help Build Better Online Spaceship Battles

Spaceships battling in the Lazarus video game, a roguelike MMO

Roguelike games are definitely not the most popular games. Many people find it hard to invest in something when permanent (video-game) death is on the line. Restarting over and over from scratch can be a frustrating experience. And yet, sometimes, it can be strangely addicting. I personally keep returning to Pixel Dungeon, though I regularly swear it off and delete from my phone. I haven’t had a chance to try out FTL: Faster Than Light yet, but it’s gained a pretty strong following of fans, and is generally well-liked. Well, it looks like we’ve got another roguelike space battle game on the way, courtesy of Spilt Milk Studios,┬ácalled Lazarus. And they’re asking for your help to make the game better.

Details for the Lazarus Video Game

OK. So, first off, what do we know about Lazarus? Well, not much at this point. Spilt Milk describes it as “a top-down action-oriented sci-fi twist on Groundhog Day where thousands of players survive together in a huge persistent real time world, where dogfights, foraging for resources, and exploring exciting new tech combine into a tumultuous ‘MMO Roguelike’ that turns back in on itself every week like some kind of ultra-futuristic Ouroboros.

They don’t clarify, for example, whether the roguelike element applies to individual players, or (and this is kind of what’s implied) if they mean that it’s going to apply to everyone on a weekly basis, when they hit some kind of galactic reset button.

Lazarus Video Game Beta

So, how can they use your help? Well, on August 12th, the game launches its first public beta test. And they’re looking for you to “join thousands of players on a single server and help us shape the game!” So if MMO space battles with a roguelike element are your cup of space-tea, then head on over to their website, and sign up.

Spacecraft in the Lazarus video game

And if anyone signs up for the Lazarus video game beta, let us know what you think!

Featured Image: Spilt Milk Studios

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