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Justice League vs Teen Titans Is Ready For Your Viewing Pleasure

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What Do You Think of Justice League vs Teen Titans?

A few days ago Warner Home Videos and DC Comics latest addition to the animated world, Justice League vs Teen Titans, was released. A panel regarding the film was held at the recent Wondercon, so let’s take a look at what the cast and the producers had to say about this seemingly unfair Clash of the Titans (and the Justice League). Some spoilers may follow.

The basic plot of Justice League vs Teen Titans that can be seen from the trailer shows that the Justice League has gone wild due to Trigon’s evil magic, and the only team that can stop them are the Teen Titans. Unlike previous versions of the team, Dick Grayson is no longer the leader of the squad since he has his Nightwing duties, and his place is taken by Damian Wayne, the DC Animated Universe Robin. The movie eventually becomes a team-up between the two squads and deals with Raven’s origin story, though it focuses on the Titans more than it does on the Justice League. Fans of the old TT series can rejoice, since the Titans’ behavior was modeled after the old series, not the new goofy and occasionally hilarious series found on Cartoon Network. The producer James Tucker added that it was about time that the Titans were taken seriously, and not just as a team of sidekicks. A part of the movie will also deal with Damian’s relationship with Bruce, with the actors saying that in previous films, Damian was learning how to be good, now it’s time to learn how to trust others. The movie features all fan favorite characters such as Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, and of course the entire Justice League.

As with other DCAU movies, this one was released direct-to-video, and has been up for digital download since the 29th of March, and will be followed by DVD and Blu-ray releases on April 12th online and in nearby retailers nationwide.

Image: DC Comics

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