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John Scalzi Discusses New Novel, ‘The Collapsing Empire’

cover of the collapsing empire by john scalzi

Superstar Sci-Fi Author John Scalzi Lands Mega-Deal with Tor, Blogs About Upcoming Novel The Collapsing Empire, Coming Out March 21, 2017

John Scalzi, one of the most successful sci-fi authors of this generation, finalized a massive $3.4 million dollar book deal with Tor Publishing in 2015, which will include a total of 10 novels over the course of 13 years, the first of which is The Collapsing Empire. Not only that, three of his books are currently being adapted for television, including Redshirts by FX, Old Man’s War by SyFy, and Lock In by Legedary TV.

Man, any aspiring authors out there are probably clutching their chest in shock. Scalzi won the freakin’ lottery when it comes to writing, and even more importantly, getting paid to write stuff he loves. So far, the madman has written almost 20 books and has won even more awards since he started publishing fiction novels in 2005.

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…FX is behind this Star Trek-inspired sci-fi comedy, by John Scalzi (also behind Old Mans War), which follows young ensign on the starship the Intrepid, as he slowly realizes that the red shirts (low-rank crew members) are being picked off, one by one, and he may be next. FX acquired the rights back in 2014, [Read More]

And it’s only getting more exciting for Scalzi fans! Tor Books just revealed that Scalzi’s next novel, The Collapsing Empire, will be out on March 21, 2017, and is available for pre-order now.

According to Scalzi, from his blog “Whatever,”

It’s a new universe, not in any universe I’ve previously written. It’s meant to be the first book in a possible series, but I will, as is my usual practice, write it to be enjoyed as a standalone.

Plot Information for The Collapsing Empire

cover of the collapsing empire by john scalzi

The cover of The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi. Cover art by talented Halo artist, Nicolas Bouvier.

Once humanity discovers The Flow, an extra-dimensional field only accessible from certain points in space-time, we unlock the secrets to faster than light travel, allowing us to transport to other places in the universe. Despite the consequential spreading-out of humanity across space, the Interdependency, an empire that believes no one human colony can survive without the other, is created to control humanity.

Suddenly, it’s discovered that The Flow changes course, making whole worlds inaccessible to the rest of the Interdependency, and the interstellar empire finds itself on the brink of collapse. It’s up to three people, a scientist, a starship captain, and the Empress of the Interdependency to attempt to save humanity and maintain their way of life.

Hungry for Scalzi? Check out his most popular books: Old Man’s War (full series here), Redshirts, & Lock In.

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