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Writer Joe Hill and IDW Comics Working on Locke and Key TV Series

Image from Locke and Key comic - Writer Joe Hill Work on Locke and Key TV Series

Joe Hill and IDW Dedicated To a Locke and Key TV Series

The popular comic book series Locke and Key, written by Joe Hill (you may know his father, famed horror author Stephen King) is finally getting its own show. There have been two previous attempts at adapting the comics into both a feature from Dimension Films and a Locke and Key TV series, both of which failed. The TV series, backed by Dreamworks and with heavyweights Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Steven Spielberg on board as executive producers, even had a pilot made in 2011 with Fox, which was very well-received at Comic-Con, but Fox decided to pass on the proposed series. And for 5 years, it’s been radio silence. But now, Joe Hill, in collaboration with the indie comic giant IDW Publishing, will be taking control of the adaptation and is writing the pilot and serving as executive producer.

Hill had this to say about the comic:

“I love this story. The seven years I spent working on Locke & Key was the happiest creative experience of my life and there still isn’t a day when I don’t think about those characters and miss visiting with them. The six books of the series are very like six seasons of a cable TV series and so it feels only natural to bring that world to the little screen and to see if we can’t scare the pants off viewers everywhere.”

The Locke house in the Locke and Key comic

Joe Hill and artist Gabe Rodriguez produced and released 37 issues of the comic (collected into six books), which follows the Locke family, who live in a mansion called Keyhouse. The house, however, is actually a portal to another dimension. The family holds the keys to many of the house’s secrets, and throughout the comic, they reveal many of its mysteries.

While there is still no cable channel associated with this new Locke and Key TV series adaptation yet, we can only hope it will be one of the good ones, and that they’ll do this amazing series justice.

Images: IDW Comics

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