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James Cameron is Returning to the Robot That Launched His Career

Image from the original Terminator - James Cameron set to return with a new Terminator movie

A new Terminator movie from the man who launched the whole dang franchise? Count us in!

Deadline is reporting that James Cameron may be returning to the franchise that launched his career if certain Terminator related rights issues can be worked out. Cameron will, however, be in the producer’s chair this time, with Deadpool’s Tim Miller being eyed for the director’s chair. Here’s the exact quote:

James Cameron, who regains certain rights to his prized creation The Terminator in 2019, is godfathering a new iteration of the film that might finally get it right in drawing a close in the battle between humans and Skynet. Sources said that Cameron, whose copyright reversion happens 35 years after the release of the 1984 classic, is in early talks with Deadpool director and VFX wiz Tim Miller to direct a reboot and conclusion of one of cinema’s great science fiction tales. David Ellison, whose Skydance co-financed Terminator Genisys, is bankrolling an exploratory effort that includes engaging some top-flight science fiction authors to find the movie creatively.

So, What About Those Terminator Rights?

The Deadline piece follows the Terminator rights saga in more detail, but here’s a stripped down version:

  • Cameron sold the rights to the project to producer Gale Ann Hurd for $1, with the condition that he couldn’t be fired as the director. (Sidenote: he’d only directed Pirahna 2 previously, and had a very “interesting” experience he didn’t want to repeat.)
  • After T2, Cameron told producers Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna he was planned to buy back the rights after Carolco, the current owner, went bankrupt. They apparently bought the rights first, thinking he’d still want to be involved, but he instead walked away.
  • The rights then eventually went to Pacificor, who sold them to Megan Ellison and Annapurna Pictures, who then sold them in 2013 to her brother David Ellison, and his company, Skydance, who “still holds many Terminator rights,” which I suppose is why he and Cameron are teaming up.

Any Other Details Yet?

Not yet. The Deadline piece adds that they don’t know anything more, including whether they’re rebooting the entire story, or picking up after the events in T2.

So, quick recap: Cameron is producing a new Terminator movie (or movies), Tim Miller will potentially be directing, and no writers have been chosen yet, but the plan is to engage top-flight sci-fi authors in the writing effort. Well, that sounds like a good start. Now the just need to bring Brad Fiedel back to do the music.

Featured Image: The Terminator – Orion Pictures / James Cameron / David Ellison

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