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UPDATE: Iron Fist Kicks and Punches Into Action In Brand New Trailer

Artwork for Iron Fist - Iron Fist Netflix Series Release Date Revealed

The Iron Fist Netflix series debuts on March 17, 2017.

A brand new trailer for the Iron Fist Netflix series has just gone up, providing an intense look at the upcoming action. Iron First, which debuts the first season on Netflix in a little over a month, is merely the first of three related series the streaming giant has planned for release this year. The Defenders and Punisher are also set for first season releases, though Netflix hasn’t set specific dates for either of those two series yet.

The trailer definitely showcases another high-quality series, with what looks like some great action choreography. St. Patrick will have to make room for Iron Fist on March 17th, though I’m sure many people will feel just fine combining the two into some form of Iron Fist drinking game.

Also, Finn Jones seems to be taking to the role quite well.

UPDATE 10-4-16: Iron Fist Punches His Way Into Your Netflix Queue In March Next Year

There’s a lot going on right now for fans of Netflix different Marvel series. Luke Cage dropped this past Friday, September 30th (apparently taking down the Netflix servers as everyone logged in to enjoy some Cage-y action), the Punisher Netflix series has started filming, and we now know the Netflix Iron Fist series release date and even have been provided a look at the first on-set photo. [Click to read more…]

UPDATE: 7-23-16 Iron Fist Netflix Series Teaser Debuts at Comic-Con

Netflix has been all over Comic-Con, sharing a teaser for The Defenders Netflix series and dropping a Luke Cage trailer.  And if you thought they’d forgot about Iron Fist, it turns out they didn’t. The teaser definitely has a little more substance than The Defenders teaser, though it’s not quite as action packed as the Luke Cage one. Still, it’s nice to get a glimpse of how things are coming along. Take a look, and let us know what you think about the Iron Fist Netflix series in the comments below!

Original Post 3-2-16: Do You Agree With the Casting for Marvel’s Iron Fist?

Netflix has gone into Westeros to cast the main role for their upcoming series centered around Marvel’s Iron Fist. This Marvel superhero will be played by British actor Finn Jones, most known for his role in Game of Thrones where he plays Loras Tyrell, King Renly’s secret lover, and Queen Margaery Tyrell’s brother. The new series is based on the comics, which are centered around Danny Rand, a practitioner of martial arts and the wielder of the Iron Fist which allows him to summon and focus his chi (or life force, basically). Jones will play Rand, who moves from New York to K’un L’un, a magical city, and trains to become a superhero. He will eventually appear in the planned Netflix show The Defenders, along with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, but little is currently known about that show.

Iron Fist will have Scott Buck as a showrunner, best known for his work on Dexter. The show will debut after Luke Cage, which is set to air sometime near the end of this year. At this point, not much additional information is known about Iron Fist and its cast, because neither Marvel nor Netflix have said anything about the topic.

Iron Fist Netflix Series Casting Controversy?

However, there has been some controversy regarding the casting. Namely, the comic book Iron Fist has many Asian influences, so it was thought by many that the main character in the show might be filled by an Asian actor. The character is Caucasian in the comic books, many fans expressed an interest in more diversity and not just another white character. Marvel and Netflix seem committed to the casting, and Jones could bring something special to the role.

Hopefully, the show will be able to live up to the expectations and be both as successful and well made as Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Check back more news on the Iron Fist Netflix series as we get closer to the series debut.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Uncanny Knack

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