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UPDATE: Hotel Artemis Gains New Cast Member, First Plot Details Shared

Artwork of a near future city - Near future thriller Hotel Artemis cast grows

Drew Pearce will make his directorial debut with his original near-future crime thriller Hotel Artemis.

Finally, about two and a half months after we heard news of Drew Pearce’s directorial debut, the near future crime thriller Hotel Artemis, Deadline has supplied some more news about a new cast member, and some plot details.

First up, wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista is joining the movie’s cast, though details on his role haven’t been revealed. Speaking from the Berlin Film Festival, Pearce said that “Mr. Bautista is a force to be reckoned with — a powerful presence who’s equal parts strength and soulfulness. I’m a true fan, and it’s a privilege to have him in the world of Hotel Artemis.” Between this, and his role in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Bautista is starting to build himself a solid sci-fi resume.

And though details of his role are being kept under wraps, the plot will revolve around Foster’s character, who is a nurse that runs an underground hospital for “Los Angeles’ most sinister criminals.” And, of course, things get more complicated when she finds out that one of her patients is actually there to assassinate another patient. If I had to guess, I’d say there’s a decent chance Bautista is playing the assassin.

Now that we have some details to go on, I’m definitely interested in hearing more on this project.

Original Post 11-30-16: Near Future Crime Thriller Hotel Artemis Adds Oscar Winner to Cast

Deadline has revealed that Drew Pearce (Shane Black’s co-writer on Iron Man 3) has gained Jodie Foster as part of the cast for his upcoming movie Hotel Artemis.

We must go deeper! More details!

Earlier this year, Pearce announced the crime thriller story which Variety said is drawing comparisons to dark, edgy movies like Drive and near future sci-fi films such as Ex Machina and Looper. Jodie Foster (Oscar-winner for Silence of the Lambs and The Accused) will be playing a character called only The Nurse, one of the inhabitants of the grim, near-future crime universe Hotel Artemis will build for us. Foster’s been recently building some sci-fi street cred, starring in the gritty Neill Blomkamp sci-fi, Elysium, and writing an upcoming episode of the TV show Black Mirror (it’s so hot right now!).

Information for Movie People

The film has no official release or production dates as of right now, and the plot details are being kept pretty tightly under wraps.

Simon and Stephen Cornwell, producers of the mini-series “The Night Manager” will produce the upcoming Hotel Artemis though The Ink Factory, their company, while Pearce is going to executive produce with his new label, Point of No Return.

Regarding working with Pearce, Stephen Cornwell said  “Drew is one of the most talented screenwriters in town and has created yet another vibrant and captivating world, peopled with the most fantastic characters. We are thrilled to be supporting his directorial debut with this terrific project.”

Final Thoughts?

Are you excited for another gritty, near-future crime movie? They seem to be all over the place as of late! Is it just me, or is it thinly veiled social criticism…? Between all of the Batman movies (what’s grittier than Gotham City?) and miscellaneous post-apocalyptic movies, Hollywood is not exactly inspiring hope for the future.

Let me hear your thoughts! What do you think about Jodie Foster? Drew Pearce? Comment below!

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