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Battlefront Lost the Battle, But Can Battlefront 2 Still Win the War?

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Star Wars Battlefront 2, if done right, could put the franchise back on track.

(ED: to avoid confusion, the original Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will have the colon, while the new games will not. Carry on!)

Despite being a commercial success, the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront didn’t receive the level of praise from critics as it did in cash. We could go into great depth about its flaws, but doing so would be beating a dead bantha.

Even with its amazing graphics and sound, they simply didn’t make up for the game’s lack of depth — the main gripe among gamers. Making matters worse was the fact that we had to fork over extra cash for DLC in order to add some semblance of improvement.

While Star Wars: Battlefront certainly has its moments, the game doesn’t come close to matching the gameplay of its predecessors. But I knew that going in, which is why I bought it at a huge discount on Origin during the Black Friday riots.

If one thing’s true, however, it’s that a sequel is a huge opportunity for some franchises to achieve redemption (or spiral deeper into failure). So when EA announced Star Wars Battlefront 2 for release in the fall of this year, a new hope (no pun intended) flooded into the gaming community.

So this begs the question: can EA pull it off? They’re not exactly known for hitting the nail on the head, but maybe — just maybe — this time it’ll be different.

Could the EA Empire Strike Back?

Unlike many game developers, Electronic Arts doesn’t do a very good job of listening to its fan base, which was painfully displayed in Star Wars: Battlefront. But it seems that they’ve heard our cries and want to fix things with Battlefront 2.

According to a November 30, 2016 article in Gamespot, EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, announced a plan to truly address Battlefront’s weak points during its triumphant return this fall.

Jorgensen admits that “If there was criticism, they just wanted more…So we’re taking that criticism to heart as we build the next game and trying to address any of the issues that they had.” He tops it off with a promise that the sequel will be “a much bigger, much more exciting Battlefront.”

Sounds noble right? Well, don’t get all warm and fuzzy just yet, though. Jorgensen is pretty forthcoming about EA’s motives. Although he’s referring to Battlefield in this next statement, it’s safe to say that it rings true for anything they produce, including Battlefront. After first saying that it’s not about the money, but about engagement, he then reveals that engaging titles mean “they [the games] may monetize more over time.” Well, maybe the ends have to justify the means here.

What We Need to See in Star Wars Battlefront 2

If EA is willing to actually put its money where its mouth is and deliver on their CFO’s promises, there are specific essential things that need to be addressed and — hopefully — added in.

Campaign Mode

Not only was this a major complaint from fans of Battlefront, it was also a huge slap in the face. EA fully intended to put a campaign mode in Battlefront, but opted to scrap it due to time constraints. Once again, this proved EA’s dedication to its shareholders rather than the consumers who keep them afloat. It’s safe to say that we’d rather see the release pushed back a bit if it means adding in this feature, but let’s see if EA doesn’t let its greed trump its performance this time. May the Force be with them on that one.

Space Battles

An awesome feature in the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was its introduction of space battles. For the first time, players could fight to land in an enemy capital ship or defend their landing crafts against enemy fighters. It was pure gold, and something we seriously hoped to see in 2015. Although we got something fairly decent with a real Rogue Squadron feel, you’d thing that spaceships would, you know, be in space as well. EA, don’t let us down.

Vehicle Accessibility

For some reason, EA decided to scrap the more realistic vehicle obtainment method from previous iterations of the franchise. Instead of actually approaching a vehicle or fighter to claim it, we instead have to run around and look for tokens that magically transport us into a ground vehicle or the skies. Nothing’s more frustrating than taking cover in a Hoth hangar and seeing a perfectly good X-Wing sitting there, with some dumb A-Wing token floating below it. This also kills some level of strategy, since blowing up vehicles before they can be used is an effective way to cripple the enemy. Let’s hope we see this too.

Prequel Inclusion

Fortunately, this is one thing that CFO Jorgensen did promise, according to Gamespot. But again, we were also under the impression that Battlefront would include a campaign mode. Regardless, there was mention of adding elements from other Star Wars films, so hopefully this covers campaigns, battles and units from other movies.

More of Everything

Until the DLC came along, maps and game modes were limited. Frankly, they still are. If we’re going to drop another $79.99 (or whatever insane price EA wants for the base game), then we need some serious choice. A plethora of maps and game modes that made the previous Battlefront games great are essential if the franchise wants to achieve redemption. Without it, the game gets old. Fast.

With the Renaissance of Star Wars games in the ’90s and 2000s, the franchise introduced us to some fantastic, innovative titles. From classic space sims like the X-Wing series, FPS blockbusters like Dark Forces and even underrated games such as Rebellion, Lucasarts made it clear that they were — for the most part — on the right track. Sure, we had a few flops here and there, but you can’t hit the nail on the head every time [Click to read more…]

Final Thoughts for Star Wars Battlefront 2

It’s no secret that, with a few exceptions, EA really needs to step up its game. Their focus on shareholders over gamers is a great way to rake in cash, but a terrible way to rake in fans. The above requests might come across as entitled if the game were cheaper, but the insane price should follow the “you get what you pay for” rule. If EA wants to give us another watered down version of Battlefront, then they’d better water down the cost as well.

Featured Image: EA Games

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