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Have They Already Cast Herr Starr In Preacher Season 2?

Image of Herr Starr in Preacher Season 1 - Who will play Herr Starr in Preacher Season 2?

In the season 1 finale for Preacher, God reveals himself to the residents of Annville. Rather, an imposter does, who then also reveals that God is missing. But as the town’s residents attempt to reconcile themselves with the information, the town is wiped off the map by a literal shit-storm when the electro-methane plant that powers the town explodes. Producer Sam Catlin recently sat down with Deadline to discuss the finale, and also confirmed the appearance of Herr Starr in Preacher season 2. And though no one’s saying anything official yet, Herr Starr may already have been cast.

Catlin on the Preacher Season 1 Finale

According to Catlin, almost every character we came to know during the first season is gone. This includes Preacher Jesse Custer’s nemesis Odin Quincannon and his right-hand man Donnie, Custer’s church-organizer / helper Emily, and Sherriff Root (though Root’s son Eugene, “Arseface,” will continue to figure in as he’s still trapped in Hell).

In the end, we had to clear the deck, there’s so many great characters from the comic to come,” says Catlin. This is in line with the plan Catlin and executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg had for the first season of Preacher, intending it to be a prequel of sorts for the comic series, which sets up Custer, Cassidy and Tulip hitting the road in search of God. And when they find him, if He “wants our help, we’ll help him … but if he doesn’t, we’ll kick his ass.

The episode ends with the arrival of The Killer of Saints, who has been recruited by angels Fiore and DeBlanc to hunt down the Preacher and kill him.

Herr Starr in Preacher Season 2

In addition, Catlin revealed that Custer will also be facing another classic villain from the comics, Herr Starr. He confirmed that a figure seen briefly in the third episode of Season One, “The Possibilities,” (referred to as The Man in the White Suit) was none other than Starr.

Herr Starr in Preacher Season 1 Cameo

For those unfamiliar with the Preacher comics, Starr is the second in command for Grail, a secret organization that is tied into all the world’s governments and wields unmatched power. They’re also protecting the bloodline of Jesus, who didn’t die, and had children.

Herr Starr in Preacher ComicsSo, who’s playing Herr Starr? Well, according to a few different sites, the role hasn’t been officially cast. However, AMC did cast someone to play the role of Herr Starr / The Man in the White Suit in his episode 3 cameo, and that someone was Morse Bicknell. And though they may have cast Bicknell simply for the cameo, there’s a chance he could play the role in Season 2. Bicknell has a look that could fit in with Herr Starr’s look (especially given the superior make-up work already displayed on the show) and appeared previously in AMC’s Breaking Bad in a small role as Declan’s driver.

Of course, given that Starr is a big player, and a potentially crazy / juicy role, it would also make sense to bring in a big name. Names like John Malkovich and Terry O’Quinn have been brought up in episodes of “dream-casting,” though I’d personally love to see someone a little unexpected, like Stanley Tucci, cut loose with a truly insane villain. Hey, this is dream casting, right?

Other Preacher Villains Coming to the Show

Catlin also revealed that other villainous characters, such as the serial killer Reaver Cleaver and Jesse’s redneck family, including his nasty Grandmother and her bodyguard Jody, would be showing up at some point during the series.

So, there you go. Herr Starr’s in Preacher Season 2. If it turns out the role hasn’t been cast, who would you like to see tap into their inner crazed villain?

Featured Image: AMC / Lewis Jacobs

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