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UPDATE: Series Creators Offer New Clues About Westworld Season 2

Image from the Westworld TV series - HBO Officially confirms Westworld Season 2

Though Westworld Season 2 is on the way, it might not arrive until 2018.

[DEFINITE SPOILERS for Season 1 of Westworld. You’ve been warned.] It’s been a few days since the violent and (depending on who you ask) shocking or somewhat expected season finale of Westworld Season 1. And though there’s plenty to discuss about what it all means, we’re here to discuss the many, new small details that have been leaking out about Westworld season 2.  So, let’s get started.

Will Jimmi Simpson Be Back for Westworld Season 2?

After the revealed that Jimmi Simpson was playing a young version of Ed Harris’ ‘Man in Black’ character, it was assumed he probably wouldn’t be coming back. THR recently asked him about that in an interview, to which Simpson replied “Well, you know. Nothing’s permanent. I’m not contracted to go back, but I’m sure there’s a possibility.” So, not likely, but possible.

What’s All This About Samurai World?

Well, during the finale, when Maeve is attempting to escape with Felix, they go through a section of the Mesa previously unseen and accessed through a door marked SW, and come across a group of Samurai host practicing swordplay. When she asks what the area is, Felix tells her ‘It’s complicated.” So, based on the “SW”, it’s been dubbed Samurai World, and it looks like it will be part of the future series, much like (or possibly in place of) Roman and Medieval World in the original Crichton movie.

I say it’s been dubbed “Samurai World,” because in multiple interviews, co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan has been unwilling to verify what SW means, calling both ‘Samurai World’ and ‘Shogun World’ good guesses.

THR asked Evan Rachel Wood about Samurai World, and she replied that she has no idea what will happen there. However, she added that “when I met with [co-creator Lisa Joy] and Jonah for the first time, I said, “This is great, because if there’s any action on the show, I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.” And Lisa’s eyebrows perked right up. She looked over at Jonah and said: “Mm! That might come in handy!“”

Co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan, in another interview with THR, opened up about the possibility of other parks. “One of the aspects of the original film that we loved is the idea that this is a place you can go where you can engage in whatever fantasy you want. Along the lines of asking if Westworld would be a great experience for women. There are aspects of going to the park that would appeal to everyone I think, regardless of gender or background. But there are other places here. This park contains multitudes. We hope to explore that in the seasons going forward.” So Samurai World may not be the only cool new park we see.

How Far Along is Westworld Season 2? Why the Long Gap Between Seasons?

In an interview with Variety, Lisa Joy and Nolan discussed where they were with the series. Joy said that “We’ve started working on scripts and outlines. It’s looking good. It’s looking very ambitious,” adding that there were definitely surprises for the fans in store.

Nolan said that the complexity of the show is necessitating longer production times, adding that they really began to realize this, and they started discussing it with the network as they began filming the second episode of Season 1. “So we’re not going to follow the annual year-on-year tradition of television. Television’s changing. And the ambition of the project is such that we’re going to take our time to get the second season right.

So, will Anthony Hopkins Ever Return to the Show?

After Ford is gunned down by Dolores, many fans wondered if that were it, or if he might find his way back at some point. When EW posed this question to Nolan, he replied, “We were very lucky to have one amazing season with Anthony Hopkins. We loved working with him. As for the show, where it goes, the characters — we’ve well established we’re playing in a more advanced ruleset in terms of death and resurrection than other [projects] I’ve worked on. So I would say: Assume nothing.” So again, though it might not be likely, it’s a possibility.

What Can Fans Expect From Westworld Season 2?

When Nolan and Joy were asked to briefly describe what to expect from season 2, Nolan said ‘total f**king mayhem,’ while Joy said ‘madness and transcendence.’

Finally, in a fun bit of playfulness with the fans, both the Westworld tour site and the Delos company sites have started glitching and malfunctioning.

Original Post 11-14-16: It’s Official: HBO’s Bringing Us Westworld Season 2

Looks like HBO will be bringing us more amazing Western framed sci-fi action, and thanks to THR, we’ve got some details on Westworld Season 2. So, rather than listen to me blather about how great the show is, and how you should be watching it (it is, and you should), let’s get into the details,

When is Season 2 of Westworld Coming Out?

And, of course, let’s start with the most important question first: When? Either Fall 2017 or 2018. This comes from HBO Programming President Casey Bloys, speaking to THR.  “Westworld is such a big, ambitious show. I don’t know if it will be fall of 2017 or into ’18. That will depend as we get up and running.” He added that because Westworld’s production is “such a big endeavor,” they’re not sure about an exact release date, and he can’t speculate further than “it’ll either be ’17 or ’18.” However, he did further clarify that it would be “probably more like ’18” but that it’s a year away, so they’d see where it ends up.

How Many Episodes Will Westworld Season 2 Have?

Like the first season, the second will also have 10 episodes.

Who’s Coming Back For Westworld Season 2?

If Bloys knows, he isn’t saying. “I don’t want to speculate about cast because there’s still three episodes left to air,” he said. Apparently, Harris is said to have a two-year deal, but otherwise, there aren’t many other details regarding the cast for season 2.

How Has Westworld Season 1 Been Doing in the Ratings?

The series so far is averaging a gross audience of 11.7 million total viewers, which is higher than either Game of Thrones or True Detective during their comparable first season time frames. According to Bloys, they’re very pleased with the viewership so far and feel like Westworld will be a key building block for the network, especially when paired with other upcoming series like The Young Pope, Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects. “When you look at the breadth of our programming, the ongoing drama series is what the media have all been documenting, trying to get an ongoing drama series going. This is a really big deal for us.

Featured Image: HBO

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