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Tom Hiddleston May Be Preparing to Get ‘Hard Boiled’

Nixon, the main character from the Hard Boiled graphic novel - Warner Bros to make a Hard Boiled movie adaptation

The Father of Sin City and The Dark Knight Returns is in Negotiations with Warner Bros. for Hard Boiled comic rights.

The Hard Boiled comic, a 3-issue miniseries written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Geof Darrow, two gods among men, may soon be coming to you in movie form starring Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the MCU) in the main role. Warner Bros. intends to have Ben Wheatley (Doctor Who episodes, Kill List, Free Fire), who’s worked with Hiddleston previously with the movie High-Rise, to adapt and direct a film adaptation as soon as they acquire the rights. Deadline is reporting that the deals are in place, but it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. Other than Wheatley and Hiddleston, there are no big names confirmed, but the Hard Boiled movie adaptation will  be a co-production between Solipsist Films (Sin City) and Hollywood Gang (300).

What is the comic book miniseries about?

The comic book miniseries brings out the big guns with the dystopic, dark themes that both Miller and Darrow are amazing at creating. The series follows Carl Seltz, a married-with-kids insurance investigator as his somewhat normal life crumbles away and he slowly begins to suspect that he is actually a homicidal cyborg tax collector (code-named Nixon) who is the last bastion of defense for an enslaved race of robots. Corporate espionage and corruption run rampant through the streets of the futuristic LA Carl and his family call home. When the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place, Carl realizes there’s more to the story than anyone realizes.

Check out Hard Boiled on Amazon and on Dark Horse

Check out Hard Boiled on Amazon and on Dark Horse

Could Hard Boiled be adapted into a TV series?

Because it’s only a three issue miniseries, I think it’s safe to assume Warner Bros. is anticipating a film, as opposed to a long-running TV adaptation, but who knows? Given the state of the industry, they may try and eke out a blockbuster trilogy from the collective 128 pages. Also, they could do a televised miniseries and roll with the current online production trend set up by Netflix and Amazon.

What do you think? Can Hollywood make us proud with a Hard Boiled movie adaptation? Have you read Hard Boiled yet?

Featured Image: Hard Boiled Comic / Dark Horse / Geof Darrow

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