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Gamestop Leak Confirms Injustice 2 Is Happening

Injustice 2 is On The Way From Nether Realm Studios

This year, Batman took on Superman, Team Cap took on Team Iron Man, and the X-Men took on Apocalypse. But a leaked promotional poster from game retailer GameStop have just confirmed that we’ll be getting another superhero throwdown soon, in the form of Injustice 2, a sequel to DC Comics hit fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The leaked poster was provided to gaming review and news site Polygon by an anonymous source, who also provided a letter to GameStop managers from corporate saying that the poster would be included as a pre-order bonus for gamers once the pre-orders officially start.

Not much else is known about Injustice 2, except that it’s in development and was expected to see a possible spring release next year. One expects that the game will be offered on both the XBox and Playstation platforms, as the last game was, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

The original game, developed by NetherRealm studios (responsible for the 2011 reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise), allowed players to suit up as DC Comic’s most epic heroes and villains and commence with the laying down of the smack. The game turned out to be so popular that the alternate reality version of the characters in the game spawned a companion comic series.

Leaked poster for Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon jumped on twitter to humorously voice his opinion on the leak:

Other folks, perhaps thinking Mr. Boon was serious, suggested that Polygon be removed from the guest list as well, as they reported the leak. To which Boon responded:

Clearly, though it’s never acceptable to leak privileged information, NetherRealm is rolling with the punches.  Here’s to hoping Injustice 2 lives up to the awesome first installment.

Editors Note:

Check out the new Injustice 2 trailer!


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