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Full Westworld Trailer: It’s High Noon For Man and Machine

Anthony Hopkins in the Westworld Trailer

In a little more than a month, we’ll all finally be able to see the premiere for HBO’s upcoming sci-fi western series Westworld. And in order to keep the series fresh in our mind, and keep the excitement level high, HBO has just released the first full trailer for the series (after the original teaser last year, and an expanded “teaser trailer” a couple of months ago). And if you were interested, but not totally sold, and were maybe teetering on the edge, looking for that last little nudge, this latest Westworld trailer may just do it for you.

A Quick Synopsis of the Series

For those of you who are just joining us, and / or aren’t familiar with the series, here’s a very quick setup. In the near future, a scientist (Anthony Hopkins) has created a western themed amusement park, where people can visit and explore any fantasy or indulge any behavior they desire, no matter how dark or terrible. And he’s populated this world with realistic, human robots to help the theme-park attendees explore their desires. However, as they often do in setups like this, things go bad, in the form of The Man in Black (Ed Harris), a robot who’s gone rogue, and aims to free the robots from their human captors one bullet at a time.

In addition to Hopkins and Harris, you’ve got Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright and a whole host of other talented actors. Also, it’s worth noting that this is an adaptation of sci-fi master Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name.

The Full Westworld Trailer

Wait, that says “Mature Version.” That’s right, there’s also a garden variety, non-mature version if that’s more your speed.

What’s the Difference Between the Mature And Non-Mature Version of the Westworld Trailer?

The series has been receiving some press about the violent and sexual content, so you might expect some big differences between the two trailers. But, well, there’s not much difference at all. I know because I took the hit (for you, the readers!) and watched them both side by side.

At about :43 in the “Mature” version, you see a brief clip of prostitutes kissing, which is not in the normal version.

Ed Harris in the Westworld TrailerFrom 1:01 to 1:06, in the “Mature Version,” you see Ed Harris gun down a couple of guys, a gang of gunman approaching menacingly, a close up of a revolver being fired, and a robot drinking what appears to be milk, which is then running out through bullet holes in his body. In the regular version, you see the gang approach menacingly, and then Rodrigo Santoro takes a drink of whiskey.

At 1:27, you see a brief shot of a distressed Thandie Newton in the “Mature Version,” which is not in the regular one.

And, finally, during the action finale from 1:30 – 1:41, in the “Mature Version,” you see two clips not in the regular one, where Ed Harris blows a guy away at close range and another of a person firing a rifle as a man is being dragged off by a horse. And, in a surprise twist, the regular version ends the action climax of the trailer with a shot of Anthony Hopkins standing in front of a row of head models that’s not in the “Mature Version.”

When Does Westworld Arrive?

HBO debuts Westworld on October 2nd, at 9 PM. So, what do you think? Are you ready to saddle up come October?

Featured Image: HBO

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