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Is Fox Giving Us An X-Files Season 11?

Roswell UFO Crash on Season 10 of X-Files - Is Fox Giving Us The X-Files Season 11?

All The Principal Cast and Crew Are Onboard For X-Files Season 11

There weren’t many people who didn’t watch the X-Files in the 90s. It was one of the premiere shows of that era, and week after week, audiences tuned in to follow Scully and Mulder on their extraterrestrial-related investigations. So naturally, when the show ended in 2002 after 9 seasons, fans were ecstatic when it returned to TV 14 years later, with the cast and primary creative crew largely intact, for a 6 episode revival. The mini 10th season of the show, despite a mixed critical reception, did well in the ratings and seemed generally well received by fans. But is it enough to greenlight an X-Files season 11? Well, as it turns out, maybe.

During a recent conference call with members of the press, Fox CEO and chairman Dana Walden discussed the channel’s upcoming 2016-17 schedule. And though the X-Files season 11 was not part of the schedule, Walden did take some questions regarding the show. She said that there have been conversations between her, Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson about the possibility of more X-Files.

I believe everyone is on board to do another installment of the show.  Hopefully, this time next year we will have more news.

This supported what Chris Carter had said about the future of the X-Files in a separate interview earlier this year:

I can’t imagine, with the ratings that we’ve got and the way we ended this season, that there won’t be more X-Files.  They will find a way to get that done. Because I spoke about it briefly with Dana Walden… so there’s an appetite there and… a chance certainly to find how we’re gonna get ourselves off this precipice.

So, with any luck, maybe we’ll be preparing for X-Files season 11 around this time next year. And  maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally find the truth that’s out there.

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    I hope there will be a season 11 or more episodes add to season 10. One of the best shows ever .please make more episodes fox.

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