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Fox and Paul Feig are ‘Turned On’ by New Sci-Fi Comedy Series

A Cyborg or robot eye - Fox and Paul Feig scoop up New Sci-Fi Comedy Series Turned On

There’s currently no release date set for sci-fi comedy series Turned On.

The next couple of years are shaping up to be (potentially) pretty great for new sci-fi TV shows. There’s an adaptation of The Last Policeman planned, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Bill Lawrence, and Seth MacFarlane all have competing sci-fi work comedies coming out, MTV’s working on an adaptation of War of the Worlds, James Frey is working on an adaptation for the Canadian sci-fi series Time Out called Elements, Margaret Atwood has a pair of adaptations (The Handmaid’s Tail with Hulu and The Heart Goes Last with MGM), Syfy’s moving ahead with a pilot for a series based on the British sci-fi thriller ‘The Machine,’ and, well, you get the point.

And just because that’s not enough of a line-up, THR has revealed that Fox is picking up a new sci-fi comedy series Turned On, and director Paul Feig (the recent Ghostbusters reboot, Spy) will be producing. The spec script was written by Charlie Kesslering, currently working as an assistant to James Corden, the host of ‘The Late Late Show.’

According to THR, Feig and Fox liked the script as they felt that it was inventive, but also provided  “a showcase and a great leading role for a funny woman.

So What’s Turned On About?

A brilliant, but awkward engineer creates an android in order to take her place in life’s more “difficult” situations. However, as things often do, the situation starts spiraling out of control when the robot self-actualizes.

OK. So, Paul Feig + a great leading role for a funny woman? I’m guessing there’s at least a chance Melissa McCarthy is going to be involved, though no other information (casting, release date, possible debut, etc) has been revealed regarding the series.

So, What do you think? Would you be interested in giving sci-fi comedy series Turned On a try?

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