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UPDATE: Fox Officially Orders Pilot For Paranormal Comedy Series Ghosted

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There is no information on a production start date or airdate for the Ghosted TV series yet.

Variety is saying that Fox has now officially ordered the pilot for the Ghosted TV series, which they initially signed a production deal for last August. This is welcome news, as the combo of the shorthand description, X-Files as a comedy, and the primary duo, Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, sounds like at least silver, and possibly gold. And, playing a little against type, Robinson is the cynical skeptic, and Scott is the “true believer” in the paranormal.

No word yet on additional cast members, or a possible production start date, but this is one I’m looking forward to.

Original Post 8-31-16: Fox Hopes to Scare Up Laughs With Paranormal Comedy Series Ghosted

Perhaps as a way to kill time while waiting for Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny to coordinate a return to more X-Files, Fox has made a pilot production commitment to the Ghosted TV series, which is being described as a comedic take on The X-Files formula. According to Deadline, competition was intense for the new series from up-and-coming writer/director Tom Gormican, best known for That Awkward Moment a couple of years ago (… the Zac Effron movie, not some universal awkward moment we all experienced.)

What’s the Ghosted TV Series About?

The comedy series centers around a pair of characters, a skeptic and a believer who are called on to investigate paranormal activity (hence the comparison to The X-Files). The “cynical, hilarious skeptic” Leroy Wright will be played by Craig Robinson, and the “genius true believer” will be played by Adam Scott. The pair are hired not by the government, but an Underground Investigative Service, who wants them to look into recent “unexplained” activity happening all over Los Angeles. Which, of course, all happens to be part of a larger mystery that once uncovered, could threaten our very existence.

Craig Robinson and Adam Scott in Hot Tub Time Machine 2. The pair has been reunited for the Ghosted TV series.

Image: Paramount

This sort of thing is old hat for Robinson, who can wring laughs out of even thin material, and Scott has plenty of experience playing the comedic straight man (think the early days of Parks and Rec and Party Down), so the casting seems pretty solid so far. (This also marks a reunion for the duo who shared the screen together in Hot Tub Time Machine 2.)

I think the danger here is that they’ll go too broad and too spoofy with the material, ala the Scary Movie franchise, rather than dialing it back a bit and letting the series exist as its own entity, which also happens to be an affectionate homage to things like The X-Files. More like what Galaxy Quest was to Star Trek.

Here’s hoping the series is more like the original Ghostbusters than the recent Ghostbusters remake.

Featured Image: Courtesy of JoeRoberts.co.uk

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