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Ghost in the What the Hell? Paramount’s 5 Teasers Hint at a Worthy Movie

Image from Ghost in the Shell movie teasers

Ghost in the Shell Movie Teasers Get It Right

Paramount Pictures has released a series of 5 Ghost in the Shell movie teasers for their upcoming live-action take on the popular anime and manga series. And before I watched them, I made sure to go through a few sets of ocular exercises to make sure I didn’t strain my eyes from the impending and all but guaranteed eye-rolling. But then, well, something happened. The teasers were actually compelling and presented a movie that not only might not be the flaming train wreck one would expect but might actually be an interesting sci-fi movie.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

The First Ghost in the Shell Movie Teasers

Now, as we have all learned the hard way in the past, effective teasers and trailers are not always an indicator of a good movie. Sometimes, they’re just an indicator of clever and skilled editing that hides a pile of steaming bantha poo-doo.

That being said, I like that they’re trying something a little different with these teasers. Rather than simply revealing all the plot details, they’re providing cryptic glimpses of what’s coming. Now, the true test will be if they can continue the intrigue and mystery once they drop the first full trailer.

The movie’s facing an uphill battle, especially with the controversy surrounding casting Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, and the intense expectations from fans of the source material. Let’s hope that these Ghost in the Shell movie teasers are indicative of the filmmakers actually working to support producer Steve Paul’s optimism (“I think we’ve done the manga comic great honor. As I said, the fans will be very happy, because there’s a great respect that’s been paid to the manga.“) and not, well, just masking the smell.

Ghost in the Shell comes out March 31st, 2017.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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  1. In this case, the controversy is kinda funny, ´cause when “Ghost in the Shell” creator Mamoru Oshi directed his live action movie in 2001 “AVALON” he casted a very white polish actress (Małgorzata Foremniak) to play a character very visually similar to Motoko chan.

    So, when the virtual reality hits the fan, he went full blonde girl.

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