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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Promise Has Been Made

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Promise Has Been Made

After years of speculation, Square Enix finally delivered some big news to hardcore Final Fantasy fans: A Final Fantasy 7 remake. Originally released in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 is commonly viewed as one of the greatest video games of all time. The characters and storyline have drawn fans from all video game genres, and is no doubt a timeless classic. However, some fans feel the graphics and gameplay have begun to feel completely outdated nearly two decades after its release. Fans have been clamoring for a remake, and on June 15, Square Enix delivered.

During their E3 announcement, Square Enix dropped the news that a Final Fantasy 7 remake has been in the works for over a year. Fans of the original immediately began to speculate on what may or may not be included in the update. But here’s what we know for sure. Game director Tetsuya Nomura has stated that the game will not be a “simple remake,” but rather a bigger product than the original. Nomura has also stated that new story content will be added on to the original storyline to make theFinal Fantasy 7 remake stand-alone from its predecessor.

Another big change fans should expect in the remake is break from the classic turn-based battle system, which Nomura believes to be outdated. However, fans should not expect the game to take on the same feel as a shooter like the 2006 spinoff Dirge of Cerberus. Nomura would not disclose what these changes were because Square Enix is still testing out different styles and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses. However, he said despite some changes, the system should still feel similar to the original.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake needs an updated battle system

Because the Final Fantasy 7 remake was announced back in June, there really is not much more information at this point. However, there has been heavy fan speculation surrounding the game. Because the remake will be released on the PlayStation 4, many fans believe that a multiplayer system will be inevitable. The other big Final Fantasy product currently in development, Final Fantasy 15, has a confirmed multiplayer mode. While the systems on the two games may not end up being very similar, Square Enix will most likely want to keep some aspects between the two fairly consistent.

Another big area for speculation is whether or not the map will be the open world style many new games are embracing. Currently, In addition to Final Fantasy 15, Nomura is working on Kingdom Hearts III. Both of these highly anticipated games have been confirmed to have a massive open world. The original Final Fantasy 7 was made up of a series of smaller areas, so an update to an open world would completely change the style of the game. This change would also remove the original Final Fantasy 7’s fixed camera, something which some fans would be glad to bid adieu to.

A fairly smart move by the game makers was asking the fans what they would like to see changed or added in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. A surprising amount were supportive of adding an optional scenario where Aeris, one of the game’s main characters, lives. Aeris famously died during a cut-scene in the original which rattled fans of the series. Another addition fans are hoping for is a greater diversity of mini-games. The Gold Saucer was a destination in the original Final Fantasy 7 which was packed with mini-games where the player could win money or items.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Aeris's fallSome fans also asked for more scenes to be added of Yuffie, the clumsy female ninja. She, along with Vincent Valentine, was an optional party member in the original. This caused her story to not be as fleshed out as other characters. Unlike Vincent however, she was not featured in a spinoff like Dirge of Cerberus. Aside from these, fans are hoping for complete voice acting during the games cut scenes. The original was stuffed full of scenes to reveal information vital to the plot. A complete voiceover in the Final Fantasy 7 remake would be huge while adding depth to the final product.

One mystery to fans is why it took Square Enix so long to greenlight the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Spinoffs of the popular Final Fantasy iteration have been ubiquitous, and with each new release, fans expected an announcement of a full remake to follow. The remake has long been considered an obvious way to boost revenue. After the announcement of the remake, Square Enix’s stock rose almost 3%, it’s highest value since November of 2008.

As of now,Square Enix has not given a timeline on when the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be completed. Because of the scope of the project, combined with Square Enix’s notoriously slow production time, fans are speculating that we won’t see the product until 2017. Considering that Nomura is still wrapping up Final Fantasy 15 and the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, it seems likely 2017  the soonest we could expect the Final Fantasy 7 remake to be released.

Aside from all the fan speculation, there is not much concrete evidence surrounding the game. No gameplay has been released yet, so fans can only guess as to what engine the game is being built on. Another speculation is that the game will only be released on PlayStation 4 and not the Xbox One. Nomura has promised that more details, and maybe even some gameplay footage, will be revealed in the near future, so we will just have to wait to find out what else the Final Fantasy 7 remake has in store for us.

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