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An Elder Scrolls and Fallout Movie Have One Big Thing in Common

Image from the Fallout 4 video game - Bethesda not interested in Elder Scrolls or Fallout movie, according to VP

And that would be Elder Scrolls and Fallout Movies Aren’t Likely To Happen

Video game movies have had a pretty checkered past. Let me put it this way, if you were the parents of a teenage girl, you definitely wouldn’t want Video Game Movies dating your daughter. Or anywhere near her, really. More often than not, movie adaptations of video games end up flawed, at best. Or, worst case scenario, in the hands of Uwe Boll. And though some franchises have found ways to continue milking their movies for money (*coughResidentEvilcough*), or have found success overseas, even decent video game movies (like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within) can tank hard, having serious ripple effects like killing the studio (Square Pictures) behind them. Well, if you’re a fan of the Fallout and Skyrim / Elder Scrolls video games, this is all something you won’t have to worry about. According to Bethesda VP Pete Hines, an Elder Scrolls or Fallout movie aren’t very likely.

Bethesda VP on Elder Scrolls / Fallout Movie

Here’s what Hines had to say during a recent interview with Finder when they asked him if Bethesda had any interest in turning their franchises into movies:

We get asked to all the time, but the short version is; we make games.”

Which is a very respectable position. Not everything has to be spread across multiple formats. He goes on to add a little more clarity:

And this conversation usually falls into the camp of; are we going to let some other person do their own interpretation of what Fallout is, or Elder Scrolls is, or Dishonored is? Or are we going to hold onto it and let the developers be the only ones that are able to say, “this is what Fallout is, or Elder Scrolls, or Wolfenstein, or whatever?” So we want our developers to decide what our franchises are about and not a movie director, or producer or studio.

The One Man Allowed to Make An Elder Scrolls Movie

Finder pressed a little bit more, asking what it would take to get some Bethesda video game movies, to which Hines jokingly replied, “I think if Peter Jackson [Lord of the Rings director] turned up at Todd Howard’s office and said, “I want to do Elder Scrolls,” well that would be a pretty serious conversation you would have to listen to.

He also said that while they aren’t looking to do movies at the present, if they ever wanted to get into the movie business, it wouldn’t be hard. “…if you look at our board of directors, we have Hollywood heavyweights like Jerry Bruckheimer, Leslie Moonves, and Harry Sloan, so it’s not like we don’t know where to go if we want to get a film or TV show made. It’s more about, “is this something we really want to do? What are we getting out of it? What kind of distraction is it going to create?”

So, there you have it. And while a Fallout movie (or series) could be pretty awesome, the games absolutely speak for themselves. They also provide the sort of rich world that doesn’t always translate well to other formats. Personally, I’m fine not seeing a Fallout or Elder Scrolls movie. What do you guys think? Do you think Bethesda making the right move? Or, like Ubisoft, should they be pursuing movies?

Featured Image: Bethesda

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