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The DOOM Launch Trailer Lands, Promises Epic Carnage

Image from the DOOM launch trailer

DOOM, or Doom 4 As It Was Known, Has Been Cooking For Eight Years

The original Doom was one of the most popular games of its day, and one of the earliest first-person shooters when it arrived on the scene back in 1993. Doom 2 came out the following year, but then developer id Software took a decade-long break before dropping Doom 3. Turns out, that wasn’t a fluke, and twelve years later (though they’ve only been officially working on DOOM since 2008, when it was announced as Doom 4) we’re finally getting the next dose of DOOM. The game has had a long, tortured production history, much of which was detailed in an expose from Kotaku a few years back, but it finally looks like the necessary people have gotten their act together.  Now, finally, with the street date for DOOM only a handful of days away (May 13th), they’ve dropped the DOOM launch trailer, and it definitely looks like the carnage will be plentiful and epic.

Look’s promising, right? Maybe the developers will manage to return the game to its former glory. Certainly one of the things that saved Doom 3 was that, after the decade-long wait, it was actually a great game. The trailer shows some interesting things, and older fans will surely feel nostalgic at seeing some of the elements found in the previous games. At the beginning of the trailer, we see an android chuckling at seeing the protagonist, saying “you’ve returned”. This may mean that the hero of this game is perhaps the same unnamed Doomguy, the space marine from the original series.

Doom’s single player has been described as having “badass demons, big effing guns, and moving really fast,” and you can clearly see that in the DOOM launch trailer. And we have to say, it looks awesome. You’ll also see some enemies from the original games, such as Revenant, Mancubus, and Cyberdemon.

For all of you out there who have been waiting for years for this day to come, the DOOM launch trailer is sure to bring the memories flooding back, especially as the action kicks off with the industrial remix of the iconic E1M1 music.

If you have picked up a copy of the game, head over to Amazon, where you can still snag a collector’s edition with an awesome statue, or just the game itself on the PC, PS4, and X-Box One.

Image: Bethesda / id Software

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