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Doctor Who Adds Some Class To Spinoff’s Teaser Trailer Debut

Image from the Class teaser trailer

The Class teaser trailer hints at some epic stories and a slightly sinister Doctor.

OK. I’m now officially very sad that I can’t be at New York Comic Con this year. Among the things I’ve missed so far are the War for the Planet of the Apes panel, the first episode of BBC America’s new Dirk Gently series, and now, the debut of the Class teaser trailer and panel for the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff. Thankfully, the BBC must feel my pain, because though Fox isn’t releasing any of the War for the Planet of the Apes footage, at least the BBC is sharing the Class teaser trailer.

The Class Teaser Trailer

A Few Additional Class-y Details

However, the sadness returned a little once I heard that the Comic Con crowd got to see a longer trailer for the series, which introduced the characters, and the school itself. Executive producer Brian Minchin said that the Doctor is in episode 1 of the series, but based off his slightly ominous appearance and words in the teaser, he’s probably not coming back anytime soon.

When asked if some of the classic monsters and villains from the Dcotor Who TV series would be showing up in Class, series writer Patrick Ness (best known for his book A Monster Calls, making his TV writing debut), got a big laugh by responding that “Cameos are like penises: When they are in a scene, they are all you look at.” Which while it isn’t a no, probably indicates that they’re more interested in pursuing new villains…

What’s that? BBC America just shared the full trailer as well?

The Full Class Teaser Trailer

Well, OK. All is right with the world again, for a moment. The eight-part series Class debuts in the UK on October 22nd, 2016, before making its way to BBC America in 2017… oh. Dang. Well, there’s the sadness again. Still, as an ardent fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood, I can’t wait for ClassDW (as it’s being called for us Yanks) next year.

Featured Image: BBC America

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