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Doctor Who Season 10 Adds Matt Lucas To The Regular Cast

Matt Lucas as Nardole in Doctor Who - Doctor Who Season 10 Adds Matt Lucas To The Regular Cast

Matt Lucas Slated To Make Regular Appearances in Doctor Who Season 10

Next year, when Doctor Who Season 10 starts, Pete Capaldi won’t be the only familiar face returning. The BBC has just revealed that actor Matt Lucas will be joining the cast for Season 10, making regular appearances.

Lucas will, of course, be reprising his role as Nardole, River Song’s former assistant from the Doctor Who Christmas special that aired last year, The Husbands of River Song. This isn’t the first time a character has made the jump from appearing in the Christmas special to having a regular role in the series, as Catherine Tate, playing Donna Noble, did the same thing. She first appeared in the 2006 Christmas special The Runaway Bride and returned as the Tenth Doctor’s new companion in 2008.

Doctor Who and Nardole from The Husbands of River Song - Doctor Who Season 10 Adds Matt Lucas To The Regular CastWith the return of Nardole, there are also some questions that need to be answered.  Will he be remaining in the robot body of King Hydroflax, or will they find a way to return him to how own physical body? Perhaps this will be the subject of one of the upcoming Season 10 episodes.

I’m chuffed to bits that Nardole is returning to the Tardis for some more adventures,” Lucas said.

Lucas will be returning to the role of Nardole in the opening episode of Doctor Who Season 10, which will start filming this coming Monday the 20th,

Executive producer, and showrunner for previous seasons, Steven Moffat said that he was “delighted and slightly amazed to be welcoming Matt Lucas back on to the Tardis – and this time, it’s not just for Christmas, he’s sticking around.

The BBC’s announcement didn’t reveal many details about exactly how he’s going to work into the plot, but we’re excited to see him return.

What do you think about Lucas joining the show on a more regular basis for this upcoming season?

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