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Deadpool Trailer: This is a Must See

Comic book character Deadpool on a rug in front of a fireplace, sporting the costume seen in the Deadpool trailer.

Deadpool Trailer

GREEN Deadpool Trailer — Safe Content:

Deadpool Trailer

RED Deadpool Trailer — Adult Content:


The new, exciting movie Deadpool is Scheduled for release on the 12th of February 2016, courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios.


For those who are not familiar with the Deadpool story, let’s have a quick recap.

Deadpool’s Origin

Deadpool, a foul motor-mouthed mercenary anti-hero, first appeared in February 1991 in issue #98 of Marvel Comics “The New Mutants.” The character, real name Wade Winston Wilson, was hired by super villain Mister Tolliver (later known as Genesis) to take out Cable and the “New Mutants.”  After moonlighting as a recurring threat in a variety of titles, such as “The Avengers,” “Daredevil,” and “Heroes for Hire,” Deadpool finally got his very own pair of comic mini-series in 1993 and 1994. He finally landed his own title in 1997. Over the years, he’s continued both headlining his own series and guest starring in countless other comics.

Before he became Deadpool, Wade Wilson had a brief stint in the military before leaving to pursue mercenary activities.  As a mercenary, Wilson was proficient in multiple martial arts, as well as an expert swordsmen, and deadly marksmen.  After a time, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and sought help from Department K, a branch of the Canadian government responsible for special weapons development.  They enrolled Wilson in the “Weapon X” program, which resulted in him gaining a healing factor. This healing factor was derived from fellow “Weapon X” project mate Wolverine’s natural mutant healing factor.

Deadpool as he appears in 1997, very similar to his appearance in the Deadpool trailer.

Because of this, Deadpool’s tissue heals at such an advanced rate that he is virtually immune to poison, disease, a large degree of physical damage, aging (in fact he appears to the new X-Force 800 years in the future) and even getting drunk.  He can regenerate severed limbs and has ever recovered from multiple decapitations and having his head crushed by the Hulk.  However, when the healing power was infused it his body, it also combined with the cancer cells, rendering them unable to be destroyed.  This is in part responsible for Deadpool’s unhinged and unstable nature, and is directly responsible for his horrifying appearance, leading him to wear a mask.

It should also be stated that Deadpool’s real identity and origins are a subject of much debate. Another character (T-Ray, Deadpool issue #33) claims to be the real Wade Wilson and that Deadpool stole his identity. At one point, supervillain Loki even claimed to be his father. Of course, with Deadpool being labeled an Assassin, Mercenary, Special Forces Operative, International Agent and more, it’s possible all the mystery surrounding him is part of the whole antihero thing that makes him so distinctive from the more mainstream Marvel Comics characters.

It’s assumed in the upcoming movie that the Deadpool we are gonna see is the more… good-guy version of this much beloved character, though fans are bound to riot if he isn’t “the bad good guy,” if you follow.

The Deadpool Film Cast

Ryan Reynolds – Ryan Reynolds is a self-professed Deadpool fan, and has been involved in trying to get a movie off the ground for longer than most people realize.  In February 2004, he began working with writer/director David S. Goyer on an adaptation with New Line Cinema.  This project was ultimately put into turnaround, but Fox Studios stepped in, expressing interest in the Deadpool character. They decided to give the character a supporting role in the 2009 superhero movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” keeping Ryan Reynolds cast in the role.  Though this movie was a financial success, many fans were unhappy with it, and Ryan Reynolds expressed deep dissatisfaction with how it turned out.

In 2010, producer Lauren Schuler Donner decided she wanted to reboot the character in his own movie. She also decided to ignore the X-Men Origins movie completely.  With Reynolds again onboard, the film went through countless changes and shifts.  But Reynolds, putting up some of his own money and stepping into a role as a producer, stayed the course. He was committed to giving fans a Deadpool movie worth seeing.

Reynolds appears to be uniquely suited to play Deadpool.  In addition to his personal passion for the project, he has both extensive previous experience honing his comic chops, and an already strong super hero movie resume. Besides his experience in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” Reynolds also portrayed vampire hunter Hannibal King in Blade:Trinity, alongside Wesley Snipes, and took on the mantle of DC Comics superhero Green Lantern.

Morena Baccarin – You could hardly find a more nerd friendly female lead to start opposite Ryan Reynolds than fan favorite Morena Baccarin.  She exploded onto the scene early in her career with a leading role in Joss Whedon’s cult classic TV series Firefly. Baccarin has also voiced characters for the animated Justice League and TV series and multiple Batman animated TV movies, had a recurring role in the Stargate SG1 TV series, and provided the stunning human face for diabolical alien invaders in the recent TV reboot of “V.” Most recently, she landed a recurring role as young police chief Jim Gordon’s love interest in hit Fox series “Gotham,” about the early days of Gotham before Batman showed up on the scene.

T.J. Miller – After cracking up audiences as the camera-man in surprise January hit Cloverfield in 2008, Miller has gone on to prove this performance was no fluke.  In Deadpool, he serves as “Weasel,” a sidekick / right hand man to the titular anti-hero.

Ed Skrein – In the Deadpool movie, Skrein, a relatively unknown actor, plays the role of Ajax, Deadpool’s nemesis.

Gina Carano – Former MMA fighter Carano join’s Deadpool’s cast, playing the role of “Angel Dust,” the right hand woman for main villain Ajax.

Andre Tricoteux – Actor and stuntman Tricoteux will be taking over the role of Colossus for actor Daniel Cudmore, who played the role in X:2, X-Men: Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of the Future Past.  Cudmore was offered the role in Deadpool, but passed.

The Deadpool Film Crew

Tim Miller – Directing a movie is no small task, especially a superhero movie loaded with special effects. And after a few people came and went, Fox Studios finally decided on visual effects artist Tim Miller.  He’ll be making his directing debut with this movie, but strong effects work in Scott Pilgrim vs the World points toward him being a solid choice.

Rhett Rheese, Paul Warnick – With movies like Zombieland and GI Joe: Retaliation on their resumes, this definitely seems like a movie in these writer’s wheelhouse.  Snappy banter is a key component of this movie, and judging from the trailer, Rheese and Warnick are making a strong showing.

Lauren Schuler Donner, Ryan Reynolds and Simon Kinberg – As mentioned above, Donner and Reynolds have been involved with the film for some time, and are committed to bringing fans a satisfying Deadpool movie.  Joining them is multi-talented Simon Kinberg, who has written and produced for a long list of previous hit movies, including X-Men: Last Stand, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of the Future Past, Guy Ritchies’ Sherlock Holmes reboot, and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.

In Conclusion

All of this leaves me struggling with where to land on expectations for the film.  I have never really been a huge fan of Deadpool’s, personally, but for some reason I feel this deep need for the movie to be a success.  I wonder if this myserious need I feel to be blown away in the theater is the same inexplicable drive that the Deadpool fans have regarding this antihero…  some part of us just loves a good redemption story.  Or maybe we just love bad guys and want to see them win too.  Either way, I am gonna be there opening weekend along with many others, crossing my fingers that this isn’t another Fantastic Four.

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