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Interested in an Deadpool and X-Men Crossover Movie?

Deadpool movie still - Deadpool and X-Men crossover movie?

No Deadpool and X-men Crossover Movie is Planned In the Near Future

The Deadpool movie has been extremely successful both with the critics and the fans, raking in piles of filthy lucre worldwide at the box office, causing many fans to speculate on a Deadpool and X-Men crossover movie. But, sadly, the directors have put an end to such speculation, stating that there will be no Deadpool/X-men movie anytime soon. Well, not until there is at least one more Deadpool movie. “If you look at the ‘Iron Man’ model they had two ‘Iron Man’ [movies] before they had an ‘Avengers,’ and if left up to us, I think that would be a very prudent path,” Deadpool co-writer Rhett Reese explained. But given that the sequel is already in the making, maybe it’ll happen within a few years time.

Another problem with this combination of superhero movies is the chronology – the timelines of these two franchises don’t cleanly meet at the moment. The X-men movies are currently set in the 80s, whereas Deadpool is in the present day. But they might touch at one point – “”It’s a timeline that will eventually catch up I would imagine. But Simon [Kingberg’s] more the keeper of that universe and maybe we’ll see more X-Men playing in Deadpool’s sandbox and probably Deadpool playing in their sandbox at some point,” Deadpool co-writer Paul Wernick added.

There is also the issue regarding the general atmosphere of the movies – although Kinberg states “[I’d] love to see them in a movie together because it would be funny. But the tones are very different.” The X-men are more serious and dramatic, and Deadpool is, of course, anything but. After all, it is all the humor and that appeals to its audience the most. But, although there isn’t a crossover of this kind in the foreseeable future, all hope is not lost, and both sides sound interested in exploring something down the road.

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