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UPDATE: Deadpool 2 Has a Handful of Potential Release Dates

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Could Deadpool 2 be arriving in March 2018?

Just before the holiday break, Deadline reported a series of date shifts Fox was making for upcoming movies, including bumping Alien: Covenant up a few months. Also in those moves was adding dates for a pair of untitled Marvel / Fox movies, while removing another one. This brings the total date slots for untitled Marvel / Fox movies to 4. The date removed was October 6, 2017, so here are the four available slots:

  • March 2, 2018
  • June 29, 2018
  • November 2, 2018
  • February 14, 2019

So what does this mean for Deadpool 2? Well, it’s widely believed that one of these four slots belongs to the sequel and that production will be starting soon, especially now that they’ve nailed down a director. And while many seem to be thinking it’s one of the later slots, Collider is saying it could be the previously announced March 2, 2018, slot. That makes sense, as it also lines up with what GQ said in a recent interview with Ryan Reynolds, that “Deadpool 2 reportedly comes out in March 2018.

So while it’s not official yet, it’s looking like the Merc with the Mouth will be returning to the big screen on March 2, 2018.

Deadpool 2 Movie News Update 11-18-16 : It’s Official, David Leitch Will Be Guiding the Deadpool 2 Mayhem

Well, it’s official. THR is reporting that David Leitch has the job all locked down. Other names were apparently considered, but THR is saying that fairly soon after Miller’s exit, Leitch met with star Ryan Reynolds in New York and was offered the job.

All in all, Leitch seems like a great choice to continue the Deadpool movies.

Deadpool 2 Movie News Update 10-22-16: Deadpool 2 will be embracing a small budget aesthetic.

Actor Ryan Reynolds and writer Paul Wernick (who co-wrote Deadpool with Rhett Reese) recently took part in a special Deadpool screening and Q&A at the Fox Studios in LA this weekend, and thanks to the Playlist, we’re getting a look at some of the interesting bits of information from the screening. But before we get to that, Reynolds also sat down for a talk with GQ, in which he made his first public statement about Tim Miller leaving the sequel.

All I can really add is that I’m sad to see him off the film. Tim’s brilliant and nobody worked harder on Deadpool than he did.

So, there you have it. Also, the GQ article says that Deadpool 2reportedly comes out in March 2018,” which is the first I’ve heard regarding a potential release date. OK, now back to the screening.

Will There Be More X-Men in Deadpool 2?

Most likely, no. While talking to the crows, Reynolds discussed the budget limitations they dealt with on the original Deadpool, saying “we replaced intense action or large spectacle with character. And in doing that, we learned a pretty valuable lesson as well: that you can entertain an audience more so with character, which is much more memorable than humongous action set pieces.” He also mentioned the budget restrictions leading to quips like the one about them only being able to afford two X-Men (which Reynolds apparently ad-libbed.)

Wernick, however, says that actually worked in their favor, as they never wanted to fill Deadpool with X-Men. “They’re two separate franchises, and I think had we done that, we would have been making a mistake. Even if we did have the budget.” He added that even with a potentially larger budget for the sequel, fans shouldn’t expect to see additional X-Men. “Going into the sequel, we are embracing this idea that it’s a small budget movie. And we’re not gonna populate it with the entire X-Men cast.

So Why Negasonic Teenage Warhead?

According to Wernick, they were reviewing a lost of the roughly 400 (!) X-Men characters that Fox owns the rights to, “and NTW jumped out and we were like, ‘yes!’ I don’t care what her powers are. She’s gonna be in the movie.” Now, in the comics, NTW is apparently a psychic versus literally a teenage warhead, but Wernick and Reese wanted to make adjustments to the character and her powers to better fit the world of Deadpool. But in order to do that, Fox had to get approval from Marvel. And here’s where it gets interesting.

According to Wernick, Marvel said OK, as long as Fox was willing to swap them the rights to the character of Ego, the Living Planet (which, who knows why Fox has those rights…) so he could appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Fox said OK, and the swap was made.

Any Word on a New Deadpool 2 Director Yet?

Nothing official, though most sources are still saying John Wick’s David Leitch still has the inside track.

Deadpool 2 Movie News Update 11-10-16: While Deadpool 2 continues the search for a director, Deadpool 3 will apparently be featuring X-Force.

OK, so, I guess Fox and Marvel aren’t really worried about Deadpool 2 at the moment, as apparently, they’re already planning Deadpool 3. According to a report from THR, they’re looking to involve X-Force with the budding Deadpool franchise in the third movie. This has been rumored for a while, but if they’re going to do it, they’ll have to finally decide on who they’re casting as Cable.

Deadpool 2 Movie News Update: 11-3-16 Deadpool 2 Loses Composer Tom Holkenborg

In solidarity with departing friend Tim Miller, Deadpool’s composer Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) took to Twitter to reveal that he too will be leaving the project.

We wish Holkenborg good luck on his future projects!

Deadpool 2 Movie News Update 10-28-16: At Least 3 Names In the Mix as Deadpool 2 Directors

According to Mashable, John Wick director David Leitch is the current frontrunner to take on directing duties for Deadpool 2. They added that Fox hasn’t responded yet to their inquiries, but sources say that Reynolds repping creative agency, who also represents Leitch, is pushing for their client.

Mashable makes a solid case for Leitch, also point out that he was the action coordinator for the regrettable X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and has already worked with Fox, Marvel and Reynolds. They add that he also did stunt work for Blade and Daredevil, so he’s definitely got experience in his favor.

However, according to Deadline, they have sources saying that no decisions have been made, and though there are reports that Leitch is in the lead position, there are actually more names in the mix: Leitch is under consideration, but so are Drew Goddard (the co-writer/director of Cabin in the Woods, and adapter of The Martian) and TV director Magnus Martens (who’s done episodes of, among other shows, Luke Cage and Banshee.) as well as some ‘other’ names that Deadline doesn’t specify.

Deadpool 2 Movie News Update 10-22-16 The parting of ways between original Deadpool director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds is described as ‘amicable.’

According to a report from Deadline, Deadpool director Tim Miller will not be directing Deadpool 2 and has left the project over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds. The parting of ways is said to have happened late last night, and though ‘creative differences’ tends to be a catch-all to cover just about any circumstance, the parting of ways is being described as ‘amicable’ and mutual. So far, it appears that the original writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are still onboard.

Apparently, the studio is pleased with Miller and still has big plans for him, including directing Influx, an adaptation of the cyber-thriller from David Suarez (scripted by Mark Bomback), which the studio has hopes will launch a trilogy.

UPDATE: Apparently, according to a few different sites, insiders are saying that Reynolds was given more creative control on the project, and clashed with Miller over casting issues, among other things. Other sources are claiming that Miller wanted a more big-budget affair, while Reynolds was looking to keep it more focused on the character and the humor, like the first movie. This info, of course, isn’t verified, so keep that in mind.

Domino in Deadpool 2?

This all comes amid a casting shortlist for Domino being floated around, though she hasn’t even been officially confirmed as appearing in the movie yet. (In fact, Miller’s exit might be the first official piece of Deadpool 2 movie news.) Domino’s actually been rumored as appearing for a while, and actresses Keira Knightley and Mackenzie Davis have been the names floated until now. But this latest batch includes Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella, Stephanie Sigman, and Sylvia Hoeks.

Cable is also thought to be in the mix, though again, that hasn’t been confirmed. Original Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld floated Jon Hamm as his dream choice to play Cable, and Stephen Lang though his hat in the ring back in February. After the success of the first Deadpool, it appears that everyone is pretty excited to take part in Deadpool 2.

Speaking of Cable, it looks like he’s going to be a part of Deadpool 2. We don’t have many details beyond that, but what we do have is three actors who are making it known that they’re gunning for the role of Cable.

For Stephen Lang, it seems to have started in earnest after Rob Liefield let it be known that Jon Hamm was his dream choice for the role.In response, someone suggested Stephen Lang, [Click here to read more…]

Anyone have any ideas for who Fox should tap as the new director? Is Rian Johnson busy right now? Oh, that’s right, Star Wars Episode IX.

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