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Paging Dr. Mirage: I’ve Got The CW on Line 1

Art for the Death Defying Dr. Mirage - The CW is Working on a Dr. Mirage TV Series

The CW is in talks to develop a Dr. Mirage TV series, based on the Valiant Comics character.

OK, I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed with all the comic book and graphic novel adaptations being lined up. It’s like somebody finally realized that, you know, people actually care about these things. Just in the past few days, Marvel and ABC revealed they’re working on an Inhumans TV series, FX picked a showrunner for their Y: The Last Man adaptation, the Green Hornet’s getting a new movie, and Painkiller Jane’s coming to the big screen as well. And in a Valiant effort not to be left out, Deadline is reporting that Valiant Comics is finally set to make their first journey into the realm of television with a Dr. Mirage TV series on The CW.

Well, maybe. A couple of hours after the news broke, Comic Book Resources said thata source close to the story” is telling them Deadline jumped the gun, and “the project is still in preliminary talks, with no firm commitment in place.” And at roughly the same time, Umberto Gonzalez (reporter for The Wrap and founder of Heroic Hollywood) tweeted something similar, which Valiant’s official twitter account retweeted, so I’m going to say it looks like Deadline was a little premature.

(Come to think of it, CBR and Gonzalez’ wording is very similar. Perhaps he’s the source for CBR?)

What’s Dr. Mirage About?

I’m not familiar with this comic, so I’m relying on the Internet to give me some help here. Deadline describes it as centering on Dr. Mirage, “a female paranormal investigator who can communicate with dead souls except the one she most wants to reach – the love of her life.” Which, according to CBR, sounds more like the more recent reboot than the original series.

Which, after a little digging, seems correct. From what I can tell, the original series focused on a pair of married parapsychologists, Hwen and Carmen Mirage, who are brought in to investigate some re-animated corpses. They find the corpses are the work of Master Darque, a necromantic sorcerer. Eventually, Hwen himself becomes transformed into a necromantic being and is unable to make physical contact with normal people, such as his wife, and wacky antics ensued additional storylines developed from there. The Second Life of Dr. Mirage, co-created by the insanely talented Bob Layton and Bernard Chang, ran for 18 issues from 1993-95.

If you visited an alien world, what kind of souvenir would you bring back to Earth? If it were me, I’d probably grab a rock or an extraterrestrial flower or maybe just some epic selfies (basically, anything that wouldn’t get me thrown in alien prison), but if you’re Aric of Dacia, 5th century warrior prince, you’d obviously choose the aliens’ most powerful weapon, which also happens to double as their most esteemed relic. In his defense, Aric was already imprisoned, and all he wanted was to go back home, kick some Roman butt, and chill out with a goblet of wine. [Click here to read more…]

Then, in September of 2014, Valiant relaunched the series as The Death Defying Dr. Mirage under writer Jen Van Meter and artist Roberto De La Torre. In the update, Doctor Mirage is Shan Fong, a semi-retired paranormal investigator who can talk to the dead, and uses her power to solve homicides and bring peace to the recently bereaved. However, much to her torment, she has never been able to contact or find her late husband Hwen. But all of that may change when she gets a new job and discovers a lead that may show her how to find and rescue Hwen from the realms of the underworld.


Check Out the New Doc on Valiant, or on Amazon


Check Out the Classic Doc on Amazon

OK, Back to The Possible Dr. Mirage TV Series

So, Deadline’s reporting that Gary Dauberman, who wrote the 2014 horror movie Annabelle, will be writing the TV adaptation of Dr. Mirage, as well as executive producing. Which, well, as the talks appear to still be in the very early stages, let’s hope they progress in a positive manner, and the series moves forward because this all sounds like a pretty interesting show to me. It would definitely be a welcome addition to the CW’s super-powered superhero lineup.

Featured Image: Valiant Comics, The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage

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