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Constantine Will Be Returning to the CW in a Different Form

Constantine from the NBC series

The CW is planning a new animated Constantine series for the upcoming 2017-2018 season.

Despite only lasting for thirteen episodes spread over one season on NBC, Matt Ryan made an impression playing the DC Comics character Constantine. So much so that after it was announced that the series was being canceled by NBC, Warner Bros. reportedly started shopping it to other networks almost immediately. And though no one bit on continuing the series, Constantine was brought back for a crossover episode with CW’s The Arrow, and Ryan lent his voice to Constantine as part of the upcoming animated Justice League Dark movie. Well, the CW must have received good feedback from the crossover, because they’ve announced (thanks to THR for reporting this as part of their TCA winter press tour coverage) that they’ll be bringing the character, and Ryan, back for a new animated Constantine series on the CW.

More Details on the CW’s Animated Constantine Series

In addition to Ryan returning as Constantine, David Goyer (who served as a producer on the original series) will be returning as an executive producer for the animated series. And for good measure, the CW is having Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter (who work on all the current CW superhero properties) sign on as executive producers as well.

Poster for the new animated Constantine series set to come out on the CW

Image: courtesy of The CW

Right now, the animated Constantine series is set to debut with five or six 10 minute episodes that will premiere during the 2017-2018 TV season, with the exact date to be locked down. It will be joining fellow DC animated series Vixen on CW Seed, which launched a second season this past October. CW Seed is also currently streaming the 13 episodes of the live-action first season.

Will We See More Live-Action Constantine?

During a TCA panel, CW President Mark Pedowitz was asked about the possibility of another Constantine/Arrow crossover episode, to which he replied that they currently had no plans for another one, but added that he’d love to bring Ryan back.

Here’s to hoping both that the animated Constantine series finds a strong fan base, and we see more of Ryan in live-action form.

Featured Image: NBC / Constantine Series

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