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Civil War 2 Comic Books Starting in June

Promo image for the Civil War 2 comic books

Will You Be Following the Civil War 2 Comic Books?

While movie fans are sharing the Captain America: Civil War trailer and proudly choosing hashtags #teamcap and #teamironman, comic book enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Civil War 2 comic books, one of the next big comic events over at Marvel Comics. The event deals with the possibility of knowing when crimes will occur in the future, and how to approach that. Captain Marvel and her side want to use the information on future crimes to prevent them from happening while Iron Man’s camp believes that the punishment can’t come before the crime. The writers, obviously inspired by Philip K. Dick and Minority Report, will be trying to create a tale about determinism and free will, and hope to present valid arguments on both sides.

Teasers and details are being released on a daily basis and posters with teams and participants have finally been revealed. Standing with Captain Marvel, under the slogan “Change the Future” are Spectrum, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Blue Marvel, Medusa, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Vision, War Machine and Spider-Man. On Iron Man’s side, under the slogan “Protect the Future”, are Black Widow, Deadpool, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Hulk, Hercules, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Thor, Miss America, Star-Lord and Daredevil.

Civil War: X-Men cover for issue 1This, of course, does not mean that these are the only participants or that they will stay with their original side as changing sides did take place in the first Civil War comics. There are definitely some interesting matchups with just these lineups, such as Captain America (Steve Rogers) versus Captain America (Sam Wilson), War Machine versus Iron Man, or Hulk versus She-Hulk.

The event will begin on May 7th, with a”free comic book day.” The Civil War 2 comic books will be written by Brian Michael Bendis, a veteran writer highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Also of note is that there will be a tie-in miniseries with the X-Men called Civil War 2: X-Men consisting of 4 chapters also written by Bendis.

Images: Marvel

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