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Female Lead Cast for Syfy Series Krypton, More Plot Details Shared

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Thanks to Deadline, we now know who the female lead for Syfy’s upcoming series Krypton is, and a few additional details. It’s nice to see some more movement on the project, in development since 2014, though a projected release date still hasn’t been shared yet.

Synopsis for Syfy Series Krypton

To really quickly recap the plot for the series, Krypton takes place two generations before the destruction of Superman’s home planet. It follows the story of his grandfather¬†Seg-El, whose House of El has been osstracized¬†and shamed. Seg-El fights both to restore his family’s honor and save his world from chaos and destruction.

Casting Details on Krypton

British actress Georgina Campbell will be taking on the lead female role of Lyta Zod, a member of Krypton’s military caste and the daughter of a general, Alura Zod. Lyta Zod is currently serving as a cadet in the military, while at the same time carrying on a forbidden romance with Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather. The role of Seg-El has not yet been cast.

OK, so shades of Romeo and Juliet. Also, could this be a hint towards a new backstory in which the Man of Steel is born of both the House of El and House of Zod? (If this is already established and I look silly asking that question, please feel free to point and laugh.)

Additional Details on Syfy Series Krypton

Logo for Syfy series KryptonAs mentioned, there’s no release date set for the series, yet. However, we do know that in addition to series creator and pilot episode co-writer David S. Goyer (with Ian Goldberg), Damian Kindler will be serving as the showrunner, Colm McCarthy will be directing the pilot, and filming for the pilot will be taking place in Serbia.


So, what do you think? Are you ready for some sweet House of El on House of Zod action?

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