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Captain America: Steve Rogers Issue 1, Is The Captain a Traitor?

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Captain America: Steve Rogers Issue 1 Reveals a Major Twist For the Cap

If you are a fan of Captain America comic books, and especially the old Cap, Steve Rogers, you were probably very excited to hear he was back and would be getting a new comic titled Captain America: Steve Rogers. Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, has been doing a great job filling in, but it’s hard to beat Steve Rogers. Oh, and before we continue, here there be **SPOILERS**. You have been warned.

And, after actually reading theCaptain America: Steve Rogers Issue 1, you’d be forgiven for thinking “What the Hell?” You maybe were hoping to see good ol’ Cap fighting the bad guys, but what you’re getting instead are some major revelations about his character. This is a MAJOR turning point in Captain America history, as they have just revealed that Steve Rogers is actually a double agent, and has apparently been working for HYDRA for a long time, possibly since the beginning. This has certainly come as a shock to countless Cap fans all over the world, finding out that this beloved superhero has been working for the Red Skull’s evil organization. At one point, he even repeats the infamous motto – Hail HYDRA.

Panel from Captain America: Steve Rogers Issue 1 in which the Cap says Hail HyrdraDuring an interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer Nick Spenser confirmed this is the actual Rogers, and not a “clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve.” He added that the next issue would fill in some of the missing details:

Rick Remender, who was the previous writer on Captain America, had been building towards this story of Hydra having infiltrated various institutions of government and various super teams. I thought that sounded like too big of a story. I drilled it down and thought, what if there’s just one very valuable Hydra plant? What if they’re looking for 100 people, but there’s just one? So I started asking, who’s the worst person it could possibly be? It was really obvious straight away that there’s nobody who could do more damage and nobody that could be a more valuable Hydra plant than Steve Rogers. That was really the genesis. It sprang pretty organically from story ideas that were already on the table.”

Some fans love it, some are shocked, and some are absolutely against it, taking to twitter and using the #SayNoToHydra hashtag.

Also, if you’re interested in what Chris Evans thinks about this twist, he took to Twitter shortly after finding out:

“Hydra?!?!? #sayitaintso”

So how do you feel about this twist in Captain America: Steve Rogers Issue 1? Which side are you on?

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2 Responses

  1. Phil

    Due to how and why Steve Rogers became Captain America as well as serving during World War 2 and all of the continuity of the comics I have to say No! The writer or writers who came off with this idea have lazy minds and are scraping from the bottom of the sewage barrel. This is a sad use of Shock in hopes of drawing in more readers. Gaining more readers is fine and increases the bottom line but Rogers as a Hydra agent is completely out of character and would require alot of retooling of History to make it work…but why turn a Lion into a jackal or a Steak into Bologna?

    1. Christopher Stewart

      I tend to agree. I can’t help but feel like this kind of stunt is beneath Marvel and I hope they have found a way to make this work.

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