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Captain America: Civil War Part 1 – Comics and Trailers

Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Comic and Trailer Binge!

Soooo, one thing comic book fans like myself complain about is constantly being asked; “Who is that?” or “What does that mean?”. . .  Actually, we love it! Or at least I do! And with Captain America: Civil War coming out on May 6th, comic book fans everywhere gearing up for what might be the greatest comic book movie made so far. With that being said, this three-part article will attempt to explain things you should know from the comics, clips, trailers, and compare the movie to the comics after its release.

The Comics

Captain America: Civil WarThe first thing I think everyone should know, before reading this is that there could very well be SPOILERS ahead. I have no idea what they took from the comics so you have been warned! With that being said, let’s begin with the details. This will not be as detailed as it could be but I will be covering a lot so if you know the comics then scroll past this section.

The “Civil War” starts largely because of the Superhuman Registration Act. We will call it the SRA for short. The SRA was a legislative bill that requires the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with superpowers. This act came to be because of the deaths and consequences of several superhuman related events, including Nick Fury’s Secret War and when the Hulk took to rampaging through Las Vegas. The big event that pushed the SRA through was an incident in Connecticut where Nitro, a supervillain capable of causing massive explosions, fought the New Warriors. This was a big deal because the New Warriors were currently being filmed in a reality TV series when Nitro decided to blow an elementary school and the surrounding several blocks into smoke and ashes. More than 600 people died, 60 of which were children. And after something that terrible happened, support for the bill began to climb.

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, became the figurehead for pro-registration while Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America, became the leader of the anti-registration group calling themselves the Secret Avengers. Now, that may confuse some of you. Captain America is leading a team fighting against. . . America? Well, yeah. Captain America believed that if superheroes started registering their identities with the government it would only put their personal lives at risk. This means their families would be at risk, they could be attacked while not prepared, and even something as simple as losing their jobs. Tony’s position might confuse some people as well. He previously was trying to put a halt on the legislation. But Tony became convinced that it was perfectly rational for the government to want superheroes to have training and regulation.

Spider-man played what some would say was a huge part in the war. Iron Man convinced the wall-crawler to reveal his true identity to the world. This is a big deal as he is one of the most recognizable superheroes alive and had worked hard to keep his identity a secret. This did a lot to push public support toward pro-registration. Meanwhile, the government started building a negative zone prison, called project 42, to hold captured superhumans who refuse to register. Shortly after Peter revealed his identity, the Secret Avengers were ambushed by Iron Man and the pro-registration heroes. After a brief, peaceful conversation, Iron Man and Captain America shook hands. At that moment, Captain America activated a device in his hand that shut down Tony’s armor and then Cap punched him in the face. Go team Cap. This resulted in the first big fight of Civil War.

Death of GoliathOne thing I should mention is that Thor was not present. In fact, everybody was pretty much convinced he was dead. He wasn’t. . . Because it’s a comic book. Mr. Fantastic had built a clone of Thor that was fighting on the side of the pro-registration heroes. During this first big fight, he started “malfunctioning” and blew a hole through Goliath’s chest resulting in his death. While the pro-registration heroes were trying to reign in Thor, the Secret Avengers fled.

*deep breath*

After this first battle, there is a lot of inner turmoil on both sides. Mr. Fantastic, having made the clone of Thor, was in a particularly bad place. The next big fight happens when a convoy of captured unregistered superhumans is ambushed by the Secret Avengers. Spider-Man, having been at the head of the convoy, ends up chasing Captain America. After a short fight, Spider-man decides that even if he wins, he could never bring in Captain America.

While Spider-man was in support of the SRA, his support was shaky at best for several very good reasons, not the least of which was finding out that Tony was monitoring Peter through the “Iron Spider” suit he gave him. The last straw for Peter was when Tony took him to see the Negative Zone prison. Peter was shocked at the conditions of the prisoners. some of which were even put into a virtual reality to help keep them from trying to escape. When Peter was left alone with Reed Richards, Iron Man listened into their conversation, hearing Peter admit to not being happy with his situation. When they returned to Stark Tower, Peter rushed to MJ and Aunt May who were there for protection. Iron Man then confronts and fights Spider-Man.Captain America: Civil War Unfortunately, Peter was still wearing the Iron Spider suit that Tony gave him and Iron Man activates a failsafe in the suit. Although Spider-man was able to overcome it, he was ultimately forced to flee into the sewers and was captured by the Thunderbolts. Punisher, having only gotten involved due to the thunderbolts involvement, saved Peter and brought him to the Secret Avengers hide-out.

In the most aggressive and massive assault yet, Captain America sends the Hulkling disguised as Hank Pym to take down and replace Hank. Since Hank has full access to the Negative Zone prison, Hulking was able to set free all the captured heroes and villains. This results in the largest battle of the Civil War and Negative Zone officers attempt to close the portal so that all the heroes and villains would be stuck until things could be sorted out. This quickly becomes irrelevant as Cloak uses everything he has to teleport the whole confrontation to the skies above New York. Once the heroes hit the ground the fight continues until Tony takes aim at Captain America with the Intent of taking him out of the fight. However, under orders from Cap, Vison from the Young Avengers phases inside of Tony’s armor and quickly takes out his arsenal. Severely handicapped, Iron Man gets his ass kicked by Cap until Captain America raises his shield to deliver the final blow. It is at this moment that the common people of New York have had enough and tackle Cap to the ground. It is in this humbling moment that Steve Rogers sees the devastation that the war has caused and surrenders after ordering his team to stand down thus ending the Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War Trailers, TV spots, and Clips

Befoe we get started let me say that I will follow up each trailer with one or two things I noticed in the trailer and a couple of theories/opinions I have. If I missed something, I can now successfully hide behind the “oh I just didn’t mention that one” line. With that being said, here we go!

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 1

So right from the start, it is clear that this movie is focusing on the Winter Soldier in a big way. When Cap says you’re a wanted man at 21 sec, I can’t help but feel like it is hinting that Bucky is being framed for something. Perhaps it is the explosion you see at 23 sec. In that scene, you can see what looks like a UN logo on the podium. The next scene is Cross Bones and some soldiers storming onto the scene at 27 sec and if you look later in the trailer, 1 min 43 sec, you can see that Cap shows up to the same place and there is a logo on the door. Captain America: Civil WarThe logo is for the Insitute for Infectious Diseases. Now I don’t know if that means that Cross Bones is graduating into a bioterrorist or what but it does hint at some awesome things.

My theory is that Black Panther is upset about he UN meeting that gets bombed, maybe with a chemical weapon stolen by Cross Bones. Maybe it’s because Wakanda officials were there or something simple but I think it will be something bigger. The Russos confirmed that Black Panther has a very personal reason for being involved. My guess, and it’s a stretch, is that Black Panthers father will die at the UN bombing. King T’Chaka will be in the movie and he will be played by John Kani. There is nothing to support his father being killed in the movie but I am taking a blind shot and sticking to it! Bucky then gets framed for the explosion and boom, Black Panther gets involved for some good old fashion revenge. Whether that is true or not, I am very excited to see Black Panther show off in this movie.

After that, we see General Ross is back and he is telling the New Avengers about registration. You can see at  57 sec what looks like Scarlet Witch being handed the cinematic version of the superhuman registration act. You can read “Sokovia Accords, Framework for the Registration and Deployment of Enhanced Individuals” on the stack handed to her. This implies that this is not going to be a United States legislative bill but instead it will be coming from the United Nations. Global Law if you will. Then you see a bunch of scenes that confirm the obvious. Captian America disagrees with the accords. In fact, at 1 min 9 sec, you can see Black Widow standing near a Fire Truck and what is almost certainly a UN peacekeeper.

Iron Man with a black eye, in Captain America: Civil War trailer

At 1 min 15 seconds, you see Iron Man forcing an elevator open and confronting a suspicious Captain America. You can see that his helmet has had some upgrades so it completely reveals his whole head. You can also see a pretty messed up looking black eye. At 1 min 30 sec, you can see he doesn’t have the black eye so I’m thinking that some serious shit goes down before

At around 1 min 22 sec, you can see Cap and Falcon are turning in their gear. In this scene, you can also see both Sharron Carter and Martin Freemans character, whoever that may be. One thing I was left wondering is whether or not we will see Maria Hill? She played a big role in the comics so I am curious as to why we haven’t seen her at all.

At 1 min 57 seconds, you can see the heroes are at an airport. You can see some writing on a truck in the airport that is german. that, on top of the German police force we saw earlier in the trailer, guarantees that a large part of this movie will be taking place in Germany. Considering both Crossbones and The Winter Soldier have worked for Hydra, This has to be significant in some way.

This last thing is less something you could have missed and more something awesome. The scene where Captain America says “He’s my friend” and Iron man says “So was I” was ridiculously sad. I was always on team Iron Man even though in the comics Tony is a complete ass-wipe. I just feel that registration is the lesser of two evils. But when Toney says that, any chance I had of joining team Cap was destroyed in a tidal wave of fanboy tears!

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

Right off the bat at 3 seconds you see a Russian army patch then at 6 seconds you see a Hydra logo after the doors open a little. It is hard to see but it is definitely there. At 8 sec we see The Winter Soldier coming out of what looks like a cryo unit wearing his face mask. This is most likely, in my opinion, a flashback of some kind. Maybe we will get a detailed explanation as to what happened to bucky while he was working for Hydra, maybe he will be having small flashbacks. Hell, I don’t know but I am pretty excited.

At 20 sec we begin seeing footage of NewYork, Washington DC, and Sokovia. (Had to look up how to spell that one!) The coolest part of this is a tie between when General Ross comes on screen at 37 seconds and just before that when Captain America sees Scarlet Witch getting upset at the footage of Sokovia and says “that’s enough.” I mean come on. Captain America first became the hero he is, he would follow most orders given to him. He was respectful and a good soldier. Now I am not saying that is gone. But he just told the now Secretary of State Thunderbolt Ross that’s enough. Cap has changed since the super soldier program.

UN Explosion in Captain America: Civil War trailer

At 39 seconds you the UN explosion again but this time you see T’Challa in a suit (suit and tie not the Balck panther suit) and looking like his dad just died. . . eh. see. I am now convinced that this is the case. Even if his father doesn’t die, I am sure he will be seriously injured.

The next scene was some creative editing. At 42 sec, you hear Tony saying that’s why I’m here. That makes people assume that Tony is at the meeting with Thunderbolt Ross. But if you look carefully you can see a fridge and cabinets in the background. There is a clip of that scene called the right to choose. in that scene you can see that same background behind Toney but Cap is sitting in a different chair than he was in the meeting. This is less significant and more just me pointing out a misleading edit.

You see what I am assuming is taking the place of the negative zone prison at 53 sec. While it is most likely The Raft, a supervillain prison close to Ryker’s Island, I want to put down how everybody is saying it looks just like it. The only thing that is similar between the look of the comic book Raft prison and the scene we see in the trailer is that they both have metal and water.

The next scene shows what looks like prison cells inside of the prison and Tony looking pretty torn up about it. This is the first scene where you see him with a sling for his arm and a pretty messed up eye.

At 1 min and 3 seconds, you see Captain America chasing Black Panther through a tunnel. After that, you see Black Panther jump onto a car then jump off of it. It almost looks like they used an effect to make it look like he is going faster but I am pretty sure that is actually a glare from the cars headlight. After that, they use some creative editing to make it look like he jumped off the car and hit the rear tire of the Winter Soldiers motorcycle but you can see that when he hits the bike there is a lot of destruction behind him and no vehicle. It is possible that the vehicle is buried under the rubble but I would be willing to put money on it just being creative editing.

The scene directly after that shows Toney pulling his watch into an Iron Man gauntlet. He then is shown fighting with the Winter Soldier during which he placing the armored hand over the pistols muscle seconds before Buck fires it. The look of shock on Tonys face  makes me believe that until that point he wasn’t convinced that Bucky was the enemy. Maybe, and this is a guess, Buck is the one who breaks his arm and gives him that epic shiner. That would surely help to convince Tony that Bucky is the bad guy and push him toward fighting to pass the Sokovia Accord.

War Machine gets hit with an energy blast, in Captain America: Civil War trailer

At 1 min 15 sec we see Bucky lift up an assault rifle then the next scene is War Machine getting knocked out of the sky by getting a beam of energy shot through his arc reactor. This is, once again, probably just creative editing. But that leaves us with one question. What or who shot down War Machine? I have heard lots of people say it was a blast from Vison or more specifically the Infinity Stone. I do not think this is the case. Vision is on Tony’s side and I do not think he would use an Infinity Stone to shoot down an Avenger.  There have been many rumors of somebody switching sides but I believe it is more likely that Spider-Man, Black Widow, or Black Panther will change sides. We then hear Tony’s voice at 1 min 22 sec saying “I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you.” Everybody seems to think that he is talking to Captain America here but we really don’t know that. While there are really only two options for who he is talking to, Captain America or the Winter Soldier, he could very well be talking to a barista at the local Starbucks that burnt his espresso or a Papa Johns delivery boy delivering his pizza an hour late. Okay, maybe not but I don’t think it will be Captain America. The whole world was wrong about you comment just doesn’t seem to fit with him considering that he works for the US and, barring the occasional world threat, he generally also works in the US. Whereas the Winter Soldier, being wanted for blowing up the UN and all of the other assassinations across the world, seems to fit that better.

At 1 min 31 sec we see Crossbones’ men piling out of a truck with him close behind and then Black Widow laying some of them down. This is significant because the next scene is Tony saying “they’re coming for you” and Black Widow replying with “I am not the one that needs to watch their back” and walking away. This only makes me feel like Black Widow is going to change sides more. We know she is wanting to run away from her scenes in Age of Ultron and we know her and Cap could possibly hook up so she seems like the most likely choice.

The next little treat is at 1 min 42 seconds and it is the person sitting in the chamber. A lot of people feel like it is the Winter Soldier but that is wrong because if you frame by frame the video you can see him behind Iron Man raising a gun. Maybe it is Baron Zemo or a captured superhero that Cap and Bucky are trying to free. Really it could be anybody.

At 1 min 49 sec, we see Balck Panther getting hit by bullets and not even getting knocked back. This is due to his suit having the “Rare” metal Vibrainium in it. It would not only stop the bullets but absorb the impact as well leaving him unharmed much like Captain America’s shield would. Then at 1 min 50 sec, we see Black Widow watching the airport get blown to hell. If you look closely at one of the trucks, you can see german writing on it so we know that at least one major action scene and one other scene will take place there.Captain America: Civil War

The next scene is by far my favorite at 1 min 51 sec. We see Scarlet Witch using her power to force Vison to his knees. This is a very big deal considering that he has the Infinity Stone. Not to mention that in the comics Vison and Scarlet Witch fall in love. This could be a sign that they will be having a love story between Vison and Scarlet Witch which, as a huge Vison fan, would be awesome! Now you can see somebody on the ground at Scarlet Witch’s feet but I am not sure if it is just a guard or if it is somebody more important like Hawkeye. You can also see an Avengers A in the background so we now this is taking place at the Avengers facility.

At 1 min 53 sec, we see Ant-Man jumping off what looks like the head of an arrow that has been shot at Ironman. I say what looks like because you can’t see the shaft of the arrow so it could be a weapon of Black Panther’s or Black Widow’s but seeing as it was fired at Iron Man, I seriously doubt it.

Captain America: Civil War

2 min in and you see Captain America bloody and tired. He repeats the line “I could do this all day” from Captain America the First Avenger. Then we see him put the smack down on Iron Man before at 2 min 6 sec we both teams running toward each other. Scarlet Witch takes flight in this scene but it isn’t the first time we have seen her use her powers this way. At the end of Age of Ultron, we saw her land in the “New Avengers scene.”  Still though it’s a pretty cool scene!

Then, at 2 min and 14 sec you see Tony call out, “Underoos” and spiderman webs Cap’s hands while stealing his shield. He then lands and says ” Hey everyone.” So if you slow down his entrance you can see several things. One, He has his web shooters, two, He has the classic Spiderman symbol on his back, and three, his mask can narrow his eyes. Now if you pump your zoom you can see that his eyes have layers and focuses like a camera. This makes me believe that Tony may have helped him design this suit. I do not think we are going to get a scene where Tony uses that suit to spy on Spidey but it is possible.

Captain America: Civil War

After watching these two trailers, I have pretty high hopes for Captain America: Civil War. With so many heroes showing up in one movie it really feels more like another Avengers movie. One of my big questions is whether or not they will be tieing in the Infinity wars or if this movie will concentrate solely on the Civil war. I am hoping for the latter. Either way, you should hit the theaters on May 6th to see The Avengers 3: Civil War Captain America: Civil War. And don’t forget to check out Part two for my review of all the Clips and Featurettes as well as part three after the movie comes out for my comparison of the movie to the comics.

Images: Marvel

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