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Winter Tide: Upcoming Lovecraftian Lore Sci-Fi Novel

Author of Lovecraft Mythos Short Story, “The Litany of Earth,” Prepares to Release Anxiously Awaited Continuation of Aphra Marsh’s Tragic Tale in Winter Tide

In 2014, Ruthanna Emrys made a big splash on the sci-fi scene with the publication of her short story (or novelette) “The Litany of Earth,” a brand-new take on the Lovecraft mythos. In this story, which is just about 12,000 words, Emrys introduces us to her character Aphra Marsh, the descendant of a human who mated with a Deep One, a Lovecraftian race of fish-like humanoid ocean dwellers. This story was remarkable in that it made a Lovecraftian monster the protagonist, and a very likable and intelligent one at that. Scanning through the comments on the story, published on Tor.com, there are a ton of passionate fans clamoring for more of Aphra Marsh’s adventures. And well, their wish has been granted, in the form of Winter Tide. Coming April 4, 2017, Ruthanna Emrys’s debut novel Winter Tide will be available to the public on Amazon and Tor.

About the Author

winter tide

Check out Ruthanna Emrys’s stories in The New Mammoth Book of Cthulhu!

Emrys has authored and co-authored many articles on Lovecraftian lore, as part of the Lovecraft Reread series on Tor, as well as quite a few short stories published online and in The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu, the ultimate anthology of stories in the Lovecraft mythos. She currently lives in a manor outside of Washington DC with her wife and “large, strange family.”

The first five chapters of Winter Tide are available to read for free right now on Tor.com (click here to read Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, and Chapter Five), and the reviews have been absolutely glowing.

Plot Info for Winter Tide

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Click here to pre-order Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys.

Winter Tide provides more backstory for Aphra Marsh and her family, including her only surviving relative, Caleb, her brother. Her family was captured in a violent raid of the city of Innsmouth in 1928 after Devil’s Reef (the location of a Deep One city) was destroyed by the U.S. government. The people of Innsmouth, part human and part Deep One, were taken and imprisoned in a desert internment camp, destroying their culture and religion. In these camps, the people of Innsmouth suffered terribly, and were denied their magic, their god Cthulhu, and the water that gives them life.

Now, after the events of “The Litany of Earth,” the FBI agent Ron Spector has recruited the unwilling Aphra to aid the government that destroyed her life and kept her imprisoned for almost two decades. The government believes that Communist spies have stolen secrets about ritual magic learned from the Aeonists and people of Innsmouth that could bring about the end of life as they know it, as well as the end of the human race. Aphra must now go home to Innsmouth and dig through the rubble of her family’s history to find some way to save humanity from itself.

Click here to read more from the author of Winter Tide, and stay tuned! We will hopefully be interviewing Ruthanna Emrys and reviewing Winter Tide when it comes out this April.

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