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Bobby and Rufus Return to Supernatural Episode Safe House

Supernatural Episode Safe House image of Bobby

Supernatural Episode Safe House is a Hit With Fans

Sam and Dean Winchester’s spiritual father Bobby and his hunter partner Rufus have returned for one more Supernatural Episode, Safe House. Although they return through a series of flashbacks, and not as living and breathing humans, it was still refreshing and quite touching to see them on the show once more.

Safe House shows Sam and Dean working on a case in Michigan, a repeat of a case that Bobby and Rufus had finished a couple of years before, during season 4. The whole episode shows differences and similarities between what happened to the older pair of hunters and what is happening in the present moment to the brothers during their case. Bobby helped Rufus solve the case, in spite of the upcoming apocalypse and working on finding a way to destroy Lilith and Lucifer for good. In the same manner, Sam and Dean take a detour from the whole Amara business and saving their angel friend Castiel (who happens to be sharing the same vessel with the aforementioned king of Hell), and head off to solve that same case.

There’s a house in Michigan that seems to be haunted – a child and his mother have been attacked and put into coma. Both pairs of hunters believe that it is ghost business, given that there are cold spots and light flickering in the house. However, they soon find out that the whole crime is the doing of a so-called Soul Eater, who happens to be impossible to kill, albeit it can be sealed. While Rufus/Sam are drawing a Celtic sigil, thought to be the only way to seal the Soul Eater, Bobby/Dean are trapped in its nest where they are about to have their souls devoured. Ultimately, they manage to finish the sigil and seal the monster, and everyone wakes up from their comas.

This was a great episode, especially getting to see Bobby and Rufus again with their witty and grumpy banter. Hopefully, the show will find more ways to bring them back.

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